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What Soul Food Pizza could do for truck stop Pizza Mogul Herman Cain

October 6, 2011

Selling Soul Food Pizza could help truck stop Pizza Mogul Herman Cain win the negro vote

The candidacy of truck stop Pizza Mogul Herman Cain is gaining renewed energy because of his recent promises to deliver all  “but the hopelessly brainwashed” negro voter to support Conservative Christian Republican candidates.

This brazen political promise raises a couple of important questions.

First, are there even any negroes out there who have not been hopelessly brainwashed by generations of cradle to grave govt handouts from socialistic democrat administrations?

Second, even if a few conservative Christian negroes actually do exist, does truck stop Pizza Mogul Herman Cain have a record he can point to that demonstrates his attempts to cultivate the favor of his fellow negroes?

For example, has truck stop Pizza Mogul Herman Cain ever sold pizzas with toppings that might attract negro customers?  One would suspect the negro, whether brainwashed or Conservative Christian, would find it difficult to resist pizza topped with delicious items like fried okra, collared greens, fried chicken, turnips or chitlins.

If truck stop Pizza Mogul Herman Cain has any chance of winning the White House, he needs to corner the market on the negro vote because he is going to have a hard time with the Heritage vote. Selling  soul food pizza is the sort of innovative campaign strategy that can earn him the hearts and minds and stomachs and votes of the brainwashed American negro.

And what is even better, this will break their vicious cycle of govt entitlement because truck stop Pizza Mogul Herman Cain will be selling his soul food pizza for profit!  He is too much of a committed Christian Conservative to even think about giving it away.

Just a Quick thought: Can Slavery solve our immigration crisis?

September 14, 2010

Screen depictions such as this of hard working, self-motivated slaves overstate their work ethic. Especially for mexicans.

The more I pray to God for Guidance about it, the more convinced I become that reinstituting slavery for mexicans can be the most effective deterrent weapon we have in our anti-immigration crisis arsenal.

Perhaps a better weapon than the effective border dog and border mine field programs instituted under the loving presidency of Gov Pres George W Bush.

You see, I have repeatedly asked the intergoogles the following question, and have yet to get an answer because there probably ain’t none:

What is the name of a single negro buck who snuck across our borders and into Our Dominion prior to when the 13th Amendment was passed?

Besides our Beautiful White Christian Women, the only thing that attracts the mexican to Our Dominion is compensated work. But nobody except God and I are thinking about what would happen if we didn’t compensate them?  Because they are lazy and shiftless, they certainly wouldn’t work as hard.

If we ever want this festering flood to ever stop, then what we need is for our government to get off the backs of the Free Enterprisers  and allow them to use mexican slaves in their small businesses as they see fit.

It seems to me that all we need is the political will to enslave illegal aliens.  Fortunately, we have several emerging leaders sweeping into government office who are sympathetic to they idea of using an effective slavery deterrent in the War on our Borders and that day is coming soon!

A simple proposal to stop islamo-fascist acts of air sky extremism

January 10, 2010

Shocking evidence of muslims hired to be TSA agents!!!

The Christmas Day terrorism event proves two things: 1) Hussein Obama is completely out of his league in terms of protecting or Dominion from evil-doers, 2) Nobody would have attacked the United States if the Tancredo/Palin Administration were in Charge, and 3) Muslims continue their unbroken string of being the only “people” throughout the history of flight committing air sky atrocities and acts of islamofascist airplane terror.

Despite all evidence to the contraryflying in commercial airliners has become the most dangerous mode of transportation imaginable for American Citizens, all because of these false-prophet-worshiping  freaks.   So dangerous, in fact, that even Prayer to God is now thought to be of little use to prevent calamity and disaster on an unimaginable scale.

Government bureaucrats and their liberal coddlers are now debating what measures can be taken to shore up the woefully inadequate safeguards.  Rather than allowing Christian’s to bear arms on their flights and thereby protecting themselves from jihadi militants who seek to destroy the Religion of God and all of us who Believe in Him, liberals are wringing their hands wondering if they would violate the rules of political correctness by actually putting muslims on notice that they ARE NOT WELCOME ON OUR JETLINERS!

Therefore, I offer a truely common sense solution.  Below is a convenient list of names of people who, when they show up at an airport to take a flight, can either be offered a refund for their ticket and directions to the nearest bus station, or they can be issued a boarding pass immediately after receiving a complementary but thorough full cavity search by an ENGLISH speaking CHRISTIAN TSA agent:

Abbas, Abd al-Haqq, Abd-al-Allah, Abd-al-Ati, Abd-al-Aziz, Abd-al-Fattah, Abd-al-Hadi Abd-al-Hakim Abd-al-Halim Abd-al-Hamid Abd-al-Jawwad Abd-al-Karim Abd-al-Latif Abd-al-Malik Abd-al-Mu’ti Abd-al-Qadir Abd-al-Rahim Abd-al-Rahman Abd-al-Raziq Abd-al-Razzaq Abd-al-Salam Abd-al-Wahab Abdullah Abir Abu Firuz Abu Zeid Abu-Bakr Adil Adnan AhmadAla Ahmed Akram Al Nedjari Al-Afdil Al-Kamil Al-Nasr Ali Amal Amin Amir Amjad Amr Anwar As’ad Ashraf Asim Aslam/n Atif Ayman Ayub Aziz Azizah Azizudeen Badr Baha Bahjat Bakr Basim Bouid Dawud Diya Fadi Fadil Fadl Fahd Faiz Fakhr-al-din Fakhri Farag Faraj Farid Faruq Fathi Fawzi Fayiz Faysal Fihr Fikri Fu’ad Ghalib Ghassan Ghayth Habib Hadi Hafiz Hakim Hamdi Hamet Hamid Hamza Hani Harith Hasan Hashim Hasim Hatim Haytham Hikmat Hisein Hisham Hosni Husam Husayn Huseyn Husni Hussain Ibrahim Ihab Ihsan Imam Isam Ishaq Ismail Ismat Izz-al-Din Jabir Jabr Jafar Jalal Jamal Jamil Jawdat Jhanda Jinan Kamal Kamil Karam Karim Khalid Khalifa Khalil Khayrat Khayri Ma’mun Mahir Mahmud Majdi Majid Makram Malik Mamduh Manal Manar Mangal Mansur Mas’ud Mazin Mu’tasim Mu’tazz Mubarak Muhammad Muhannad Muhsin Mukhtar Mun’im Munir Mus’ad Musa Mushtaq Mustafa Muzzammil Na’il Na’im Nabil Nadim Nadir Nahim Naji Najib Nasir Nasr Nizar Nur Qasim Qusay Ra’d Ra’fat Ra’uf Radwan Rafiq Raghid Raisul Rajab Ramadan Rashad Rashid Rida Rushdi Sa’d Sa’id Sabir Sabri Sadiq Sajid Sakhr Salah Salih Salim Salman Sami Samir Sarwat Sayyid Selim Sha’ban Shadi Shafiq Shakir Sharif Shukri Suhayl Sulayman Taha Tahir Talal Tamir Tariq Tawfiq Omar Osama Osman Uthman Wa’il Wagih Wahib Wajih Walid Wasim Ya’qub Yahya Yasin Yasir Yusri Yusuf Zahir Zaid Zaki Zayd Ziyad A’isha Abir Abla Afaf Afra Ahlam Aisha Alya Am(i)na Amal Amani Amira Arub Arwa Asma Awatif Ayda Aziza Azza Badr Bahiga Bahija Bahiyya Basimah Basma Budur Busayna Buthayna Dalal Dalia Dima Du’a Duha Fadia Fadila Fakhriyya Fardoos Farida Faridah Fatima Fathiyya Fatin Fawziya Fayruz Fayza Fidda Fikriyya Fizza Ghada Ghadir Ghufran Habiba Hadil Hadya Hafsa Hagir Hajar Hala Hana Hanan Haniyya Hayfa Hiba Hikmat Hind Huda Ibtisam Ihab Ihsan Iman Inam Inas Ismat Isra Itidal Jalila Jamal Jamila Jathibiyya Jawahir Jinan Karam Karima Khadija Khalida Khayriyya Lamya Lawahiz Layla Lina Lubna Lujayn Madiha Maha Mahasin Majida Malak Malikah Manal Manar Marwa Maryam Maysa Mayy Mirvat Muhayya Muhsina Muna Munira Na’ila Na’ima Nabila Nada Nadira Nadra Nadya Nagat Nagiba Nagla Nagwa Nahida Nahla Najah Najat Najiba Najila Najwa Nawal Ni’mat Nibal Nihad Nihal Nuha Nur Nura Rabab Radwa Raga Raghda Raja Rajya Rana Randa Ranya Rashida Rawiya Rida Rim Ruqayya Sabah Safa Safinaz Safiyya Sahar Salha Saliha Salma Salwa Samar Samiha Samira Samya Sana Saniyya Sara Sarab Sawsan Shadya Shafiqa Shahira Shahrazad Shahrizad Sharifa Shatha Shukriya Siham Sonya Su’ad Suha Suhad Suhair Surayya Taghrid Tahiyya Tarub Thana Thara Thheiba Thuhayba Thurayya Um-Kalthum Umayma Umniya Uzma Wafa Wahiba Widad Yasmin Yusra Yusriyya Zahrah Zakiya Zaynab Zuhair

(x)Gov Mother Palin: Promote new bio as Walmart Greeter

September 30, 2009

Sarah Palin selling her book at Walmart

Sarah Palin selling her book at Walmart

I have just received Word from God in my night time visions, subsequently confirmed on the elite mainstream intergoogle media, that (x)Gov Mother Sarah Palin is having difficulty booking speaking engagments to promote her new book.

Apparently, the Czars and Socialist Liberals who run the  sort of venues that normally pay book authors and speakers $100,000 to visit and speak or read from their books  for 30 minuts or so are a balking and scheduling (x)Gov Mother Sarah Palin.

However, there is a better than good alternative.  (x)Gov Mother Sarah Palin could sell and sign her books by serving as a guest WalMart greeter every Saturday until all of them books are sold.  I’ve done the calculations.  If she sells just one of her books in every WalMart, she would be a best selling authoress!!!!

She would sell a lot there, I am sure, because the sort of folk who actually love (x)Gov Mother Sarah Palin are not exactly the type of people who would go to university and college lectures or to bookstores.

Paul Campaign: “We’ll buy Manitoba with all our money if we don’t win”

October 4, 2007

Last night at supper, I prayed Hard to God for guidance and His Glorious Wisdom and Holy peacefulness.

And through the Sacrament of Revelation through Prayer, Our Lord has revealed through me, as a volunteer agent for the Rep. Tom Tancredo campaign, that Dr. Rep Ron Paul intends to use his ‘campaign’ donations not to win the Presidency of Our Dominion that is in fact the God-Given right of Rep. Tom Tancredo, but to purchase the Canadian province of Manitoba in which he will establish a break away republic and seek to engage in War and associated border skirmishes against the United States of America.

I sought Solace from the Lord in prayer because I had been reading disturbing reports all day long about the vast sums of money the Dr. Rep. Ron Paul campaign had been able to extort from people who could do much better Works for the Lord had they given that money to Christian Churches, if not for Dr. Rep. Ron Paul’s deceptions and trickeries.

I was a scared and imagined the real threat this fundraising and Dr. Rep. Ron Paul poses to Our Dominion in terms of Cultural Mongrelization of America by atheistic European special interest groups, the moving from the dollar to the euro currency standard, and the ultimate realization of Dr. Rep. Ron Paul’s proposals to rename the Dakota’s North Bavariastan and South Bavariastan if elected President as in kind payback to the Bavarians for their support of his campaign.

Since I have personally accepted the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ the Lord as my personal Savior, I have a Personal Relationship with His Almighty and all Knowing Father, God, who is Beneficial in his Revelations to me.

In his revelation during my night time visions, God explained that the many supporters of Dr. Rep. Ron Paul, though few in numbers, really, really, really, really want just to live in a country that is being led by Dr. Rep. Ron Paul, and they don’t really care what or where that country is just so long as Dr. Rep. Ron Paul is its President.

But four of these supporters have a sense of pragmatics and reality not shared by the others, and actually realize there is NO POSSIBLE WAY Dr. Rep. Ron Paul can win since the only thing he’s barely won during the campaign up to this point is a mexican-language debate-— that nobody could understand– held in el Miamia between himself and 14 empty podiums.

God has revealed to me that these foursupporters, with the full authority and knowledge of Dr. Rep. Ron Paul, have entered into a secret option contract with the Central Canadian government to consummate the purchase Manitoba by the second week of November, 2008–using funds donated to the Dr. Rep. Ron Paul campaign–in the event that Dr. Rep. Ron Paul fails to win the election.

Which is a mathematically certainty just so long as Rep. Tom Tancredo is a candidate.

Euros for Ron Paul Just Don’t Seem to Get It

August 24, 2007

Some pretzel-munching Bavarian Ron Paul supporter and suspected Islamofascist terrorist wonders what we are all about here at Dominionists for Tancredo.

Now I ask you, what on earth could be considered more satirical:

A) A dead-in-the-water Ron Paul campaign courting votes in Bavaria and other continental european Dens of Iniquity, who needlessly and recklessly interfere in our God-given Right to Vote because those are the ONLY people in the world (outside of Arabia, Iran and Afghaministan who Ron Paul can trick into voting for him)

B) A paradigm-driving campaign by Rep Tom Tancredo that has EVERY OTHER REPUBLICAN candidate (except for Ron Paul) talking about getting tough on Illegal Aliens and all of the Europeans who want, once again, to be Illegal Aliens because they only now realize they didn’t destroy our Dominion when the first tried to take it over.



Satire is the European Demon atheists, papists and idolatrists who represent the single largest voting block Ron Paul has behind him. Satire is European’s, consumers of any dog religion that comes along, interfering in Our Republic Under God voting system.

In fact, maybe This is Irony, because these Euros for Paul know that the Christian Citizens of the United States of America would NEVER interfere in the political processes of other countries. Why would we? We have Everything we Need in our Dominion, One of the Greatest Gifts of God Ever (GGGE) to Humanity

Rudy: “NYC sanctuary policy my doing”

August 23, 2007

While all the Republican candidates are hurrying to Jump On Rep Tom Tancredo’s anti-illegal alien platform before it leaves the station fixed to a train car with heavy duty chains, let’s take a second to pause and look at their positions before Rep. Tom Tancredo’s leadership pointed out how mexican rape squads and islamofascist illegal aliens were roaming the streats of our sanctuary cities.

In this transcript from Fox News, one can CLEARLY see that Rudy Giuliani  actually worked as mayor of NYC to establish it as the First Sanctuary City in the country, giving rights and the whole kitchen sink away to illegal aliens and the fornicators who they are related to.

This is all public knowledge, people, confirmed by the good people at FOX.  Rudy wants to give Our Dominion away!

Where in the world is Sam Brownback?

August 23, 2007


I’ll tell you where he is.


Out of the picture.

Way far behind the real leaders of this Campaign.  Probably fornicating with a Gay Homosexual in some Interstate rest stop.

And who has replaced him?  None other than Rep. Tom Tancredo, the #1 choice of Dominionists for Our Next President.

ONLY Rep. Tom Tancredo has made an issue of illegal immigration in his campaign, and now all the other pansy Republican candidates are getting the picture that, yes, the voter is sick and tired of illegal immigration and the mexican rape squads it fosters!  We are sick and tired of sanctuary cities!  We are sick and tired of ordering our Wendy’s Supersized Value Meals from PEOPLE WHO DO NOT HAVE THE DECENCY TO SPEAK OUR LANGUAGE!!!

And who is leading God-fearing, Christian voters to this realization?  Not the follower Sam Brownback.   Has Sen Sam Brownback taken the lead on ANY issue in this campaign?  Of course not!   Not Ron Paul, who is little more than an instrument of European  muslim special interests whose ultimate goal is to defile our women and children and use our Great Country to conduct acts of perversion and fornication that they can’t do in their own countries or else they’d be executed.

People, God has called me trough night time visions and day time Prayer to Support Rep. Tom Tancredo on the Interwebs!  And now I can see the Power of His Plan and you should too.

Do NOT dismiss Rep Tom Tancredo.  He is a bulldog against illegal immigration and many other issues on his platform, including evolution and political correctness.

He is the answer to Strong Christian Prayer!!

Praise to Him!!

Signs of Cracks in Support from the Farmer Vote

August 16, 2007

It looks like our patriot farmers are becoming a bit nervous about Rep. Tom Tancredo’s proposals to plant land mines on our borders, reduce the numbers of roaming mexican rape squads, and protect Our Republic Dominion from cultural mongrelization.

The alarmist farmers are spreading false fears, complaining that any limitations on immigration could make it difficult for them to find and hire workers to harvest their crops, potentially leaving “vast fields of ripe tomatoes rotting on the vine.”

Oh, please!

These farmers are clearly just putting their own self-interest ahead of the best interests of the United States of America, sounding almost EXACTLY like cry baby liberals and secular progressivists.

The fact of the matter is this:  Some segments of our economy will experience some difficulties as we enact Rep. Tom Tancredo’s austere illegal immigration policies and hand this Great Country Back to the American Christians who were here first.  Rep. Tom Tancredo  has always been open and forthright about that much.

If this means that the people who grow and eat food are going to experience some economic discomfort, at least it is because of the Will of God.

Pakistani Terrorist Hit Squads Burn Tancredo, not Brownback, in Effigy

August 16, 2007

More proof that of all the Republican Candidates, Terrorists are most afraid of Rep. Tom Tancredo.

This just on the interwebs:  Just the other day, wild packs of Terrorist Death Squads roaming the streets of the backward nation of Pakistan burned Rep. Tom Tancredo in effigy in an attempt to scare voters in the United States of America Under Ground and dissuade them from voting for Rep. Tom Tancredo.

If anything, such despicable acts of violence Prove beyond a Shadow of a Doubt that of all the Republican Candidates, Terrorists are most afraid of Rep Tom Tancredo.

In fact, they are so unafraid of Sen. Mike Brownback that they didn’t even bother to burn him in efficacy.  Or any other candidates, including Huckabee or the mormon cultist Romney.

Maybe These Terrorists Know that after Rep. Tom Tancredo turns Mecca and Medina into a big pile of radioactive glass, that he’ll shift his target to Islamabad.

Which is Fine by me and every other supporter of Rep. Tom Tancredo

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