Are Conservative Christian Republicans making a mistake by coddling the negro voter?

Democrat party terrorists subdue a frightened negro who futilely screams out for Conservative Christian Republicans to save him, but none are any where near.

In my Night Time Vision revelations last night, God asked me to write some caution words about the ongoing Conservative Christian campaign designed to create a wedge between the democrat apparatchik and the negro voter, who has been brainwashed to vote for democrats since the days of our Founding Fathers.

As His interblog emissary, God has reveled to me that great danger lurks by bringing the negro voter into the Conservative Christian (Republican) tent.  That we may be asking for more than we are willing to endure.

A key element of this ongoing campaign has Conservative Christians pointing out to the negro that it was, in point of Historical Fact, the democrat party who was responsible for enslaving the negro and for all of the trouble the negro has endured in his long, miserable history.

Furthermore, much like today when the Nobama administration has no control over the waves of mexxican rape squads streaming over our borders, back in the day it was also a democrat administration’s failure to keep people in their proper places which caused all the race rioting in Sanctuary City, illicit drug bedlams,  and the epidemic of woman deflowering that ensued in the 1960’s—all owing to the dissatisfaction of the negro with his plight.

Furthermore, it was democrat administrations that started a war against the Vietnam chinamen, and then conscripted the negro, got him all addicted on the heroin (which back in the day was like meth), and then sent the negro over there to kill the Vietnam chinamen in an intoxicated opiate fog.  If the negro soldier wasn’t killed, he was shipped back home for life long enslavement in the democrat entitlement culture.

Furthermore, it is a Historical Fact that the KKK was an elite offshoot of the democrat party, and was originally founded in order to terrorize Republican Christians.   Indeed, in order to become a member of the KKK, one had to swore blood oaths to the democrat party and also to a long list of liberal progressive democrat principles and causes including but not limited to socialism, the New Deal, Planned Parenthood, Govt Schools and Education, the EPA, Clean Air legislation, Entitlements, Reparations, subsidies for the Hollywood Porno Film Industry, NPR, Evolution, Sharia Law, the Global Warming Scam, Pornographic Homosexuality, the proliferation of non-Christian religions such as momonism and papism, and any other Proclivities of Weakness not mentioned explicitly here.

The democrats and the KKK were such a powerful political force back in the day that they enacted Jim Crow laws, separate and not equal schools and facilities, and harassed the negro mercilessly.

And so today’s Conservative Christian campaign is merely pointing all this out to the negro so that he can understand that the history of anti-negro hate is a democrat party problem, not a Conservative Christian Republican problem.

However, there is a problem with this campaign, and that problem is, What do we do if it is successful?  If we bring all the negroes under our tent, are we not obligated, as Christians, to share our loaves of bread and hunks of fish to feed them?  And what do we do if so many come under the tent and we run out of bread and fish? All those negroes are going to demand their share of food!

Well, it isn’t difficult to see where this is going.  We’d have to raise taxes on small businesses and the job makers.  And they wouldn’t be happy about that at all, because raising taxes will destroy our economy and take money out of our pockets and redistribute the wealth: Which is socialism!!

The Wisdom of God has warned me that to invite the negro under our Conservative Christian Republican tent is to invite a culture of entitlement and socialism, which could turn us from being a Conservative Christian Republican party into something more like democrat party.  Because to invite the negro into our party involves inviting centuries worth of problems that are associated with it. Should it be the role of Conservative Christian Republicans to clean up yet another mess that was created by the democrat party?

5 Responses to “Are Conservative Christian Republicans making a mistake by coddling the negro voter?”

  1. Nathan Gray Says:

    Question #1. How can you call yourself a Christian or an American? And get your facts straight, Black people traditionally voted republican as it was the party of Abraham Lincoln the change came with Roosevelt and the New Deal. Maybe you should read for yourself and don’t rely so much on second hand knowledge. People like you are destroying this country. Jesus wanted the business men out of the church ( Matthew 21:12-13) Now we need the church out of the business of this country (separation of church and state). America was established so we weren’t under the rule of tyrants who sought to impose their beliefs on others. Read your Bible and your history.

    • Hipple, Rev. Paul T. "Preacher Griz" Says:

      Dear Brother Nathan

      Thank you for commentating on my award winning interblog.

      To answer your question #1 I am a Conservative Christian…which means I am an Authentic American.

      For your information, The Business of God is the US of A Dominion. This is a Biblical Fact and beyond dispute. The way you know you are dealing with a low information person is if he disputes this fact.

      I completely agree with you that we need to get religion out of the business of this country. We can’t soon enough be rid of religious cults like papism, mormonism, muslimism, shindoism, buhddism, waashattism, atheism, hinduism, and yucatanism.

      As you know, this is a Conservative Christian country that can no longer tolerate the meddling interference of religons in our Ultra-Jeffersonian Constitutional way of life, which is structured by our founders on Conservative Christian principles.

      As for the negro, they vote democrat because they know the democrats are the ones who owe them the reparations they seek. If they thought Conservative Christians owed them reparations, they’d a be voting for us.

      But overall, the reparations issue is the #1 reason we cannot allow the democrats to control our govt. They’d just open up the vaults and throw it all away to the greedy reparation seekers and instead of paying for reparations FOR THERE OWN CRIMES themselfs, they want Conservative Christians to share the blame. HOW CRAZY IS SOCIALISM???!?!?!!??!?!

      GIL!! PTL!!

  2. Michael Maresca Says:

    what a bunch of bullshit

  3. Melody FreeClown Says:

    jesus says we are to love one another, live by the fruits of the spirit and we are not to judge. It is God who judges. It is a sin to do anything else. Jesus loved adulterers, sinners, lepers, liars, you name it there are many examples in the bible if you read it and we are to “try” to be like him, in him in his image. So what im saying is how can you be a christian with so much hate in your heart.

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