Signs of Cracks in Support from the Farmer Vote

It looks like our patriot farmers are becoming a bit nervous about Rep. Tom Tancredo’s proposals to plant land mines on our borders, reduce the numbers of roaming mexican rape squads, and protect Our Republic Dominion from cultural mongrelization.

The alarmist farmers are spreading false fears, complaining that any limitations on immigration could make it difficult for them to find and hire workers to harvest their crops, potentially leaving “vast fields of ripe tomatoes rotting on the vine.”

Oh, please!

These farmers are clearly just putting their own self-interest ahead of the best interests of the United States of America, sounding almost EXACTLY like cry baby liberals and secular progressivists.

The fact of the matter is this:  Some segments of our economy will experience some difficulties as we enact Rep. Tom Tancredo’s austere illegal immigration policies and hand this Great Country Back to the American Christians who were here first.  Rep. Tom Tancredo  has always been open and forthright about that much.

If this means that the people who grow and eat food are going to experience some economic discomfort, at least it is because of the Will of God.


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