Paul Campaign: “We’ll buy Manitoba with all our money if we don’t win”

Last night at supper, I prayed Hard to God for guidance and His Glorious Wisdom and Holy peacefulness.

And through the Sacrament of Revelation through Prayer, Our Lord has revealed through me, as a volunteer agent for the Rep. Tom Tancredo campaign, that Dr. Rep Ron Paul intends to use his ‘campaign’ donations not to win the Presidency of Our Dominion that is in fact the God-Given right of Rep. Tom Tancredo, but to purchase the Canadian province of Manitoba in which he will establish a break away republic and seek to engage in War and associated border skirmishes against the United States of America.

I sought Solace from the Lord in prayer because I had been reading disturbing reports all day long about the vast sums of money the Dr. Rep. Ron Paul campaign had been able to extort from people who could do much better Works for the Lord had they given that money to Christian Churches, if not for Dr. Rep. Ron Paul’s deceptions and trickeries.

I was a scared and imagined the real threat this fundraising and Dr. Rep. Ron Paul poses to Our Dominion in terms of Cultural Mongrelization of America by atheistic European special interest groups, the moving from the dollar to the euro currency standard, and the ultimate realization of Dr. Rep. Ron Paul’s proposals to rename the Dakota’s North Bavariastan and South Bavariastan if elected President as in kind payback to the Bavarians for their support of his campaign.

Since I have personally accepted the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ the Lord as my personal Savior, I have a Personal Relationship with His Almighty and all Knowing Father, God, who is Beneficial in his Revelations to me.

In his revelation during my night time visions, God explained that the many supporters of Dr. Rep. Ron Paul, though few in numbers, really, really, really, really want just to live in a country that is being led by Dr. Rep. Ron Paul, and they don’t really care what or where that country is just so long as Dr. Rep. Ron Paul is its President.

But four of these supporters have a sense of pragmatics and reality not shared by the others, and actually realize there is NO POSSIBLE WAY Dr. Rep. Ron Paul can win since the only thing he’s barely won during the campaign up to this point is a mexican-language debate-— that nobody could understand– held in el Miamia between himself and 14 empty podiums.

God has revealed to me that these foursupporters, with the full authority and knowledge of Dr. Rep. Ron Paul, have entered into a secret option contract with the Central Canadian government to consummate the purchase Manitoba by the second week of November, 2008–using funds donated to the Dr. Rep. Ron Paul campaign–in the event that Dr. Rep. Ron Paul fails to win the election.

Which is a mathematically certainty just so long as Rep. Tom Tancredo is a candidate.

49 Responses to “Paul Campaign: “We’ll buy Manitoba with all our money if we don’t win””

  1. Shannon Sparks Says:

    Um. Wow. My personal opinion is that those revelations of yours are actually mental health concerns. Lucky for you, even crazy people are allowed to vote and make websites. Hooray America!!

    For the record Sister, my mental health status has been court-certified and thus a matter of public knowledge.

  2. Brother Yancy, USN Ret. Says:

    Dearest Rev Hipple:

    I rejoice in your revelation! Glory to God in the Highest! All of us at Republican Faith Ministries are so pleased with the recognition you are finally, finally given, after so many years of labor.

    Together we will bring this Nation back to Christ, screaming and kicking if need be, but certainly washed in the blood of the Lamb.

    Yours in Christ

    Brother Yancy

  3. Metatron Says:

    Sayeth the lord, “that it the single greatest **deleted perversion** ever attributed to the divine grace of YHVH. Thou shalt desist from poisoning the minds of My creations. Also, **deleted perversion** Tancredo.”

  4. Shirley Ulrich Says:

    This is hilarious!

  5. Sister Silkstockings Says:

    Dear Reverend Hipple,

    Keep fighting the good fight! Your words are blessed by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! Remember, the Blessed United States of America is the greatest nation in the world and we need great spiritual leaders like Representative Tom Tancredo to lead the way! Thank you for your heart-felt sentiments.


  6. Army Brat Says:

    bavarians for ron paul? hahaha bavaria isn’t sovereign and cant contribute to ron paul in any way, and secondly thats a blog (it’s run by some clown like you).
    you ought to spend more time in church, and out of politics

  7. Brother Yancy, USN Ret. Says:

    Oh, I wish I had editing privs on this site. Poor Rev. Hipple is being besmirched here with all sorts of un-Christian filth, especially from that Meta person

  8. Hipple, Rev. Paul T. Says:

    Thank you Brother Yancy,

    I’ve been up and down on the roof of my trailer all day trying to get my satellite signal. At supper prayers, I’ll ask the Lord for Guidance with respect to the Interweb editing function. I just hope no youth have witnessed the perversions.

  9. Brother WhoDat Glory Pines Ministry Says:

    It is so nice to have you back from your time spent ministering to prisoners. You have vision my friend. Dr Ron Paul is a danger to Christians (republican Baptists) everywhere and apparently even in Canada (they do have Christians up there don’t they?).


  10. Hipple, Rev. Paul T. Says:

    Brother’s WhoDat and Yancy, Sister Silkstocking

    I have left prayers for y’all. I am so grateful for your kind words and support. I feel as if I have kicked over a yellow jacket nest, what with all these Ron Paul supporters a buzzing about and a stinging.

    They are an energetic bunch. God would be fortunate to have them as His soldiers, but alas, they have aligned themselves with the Dark Spirit.

  11. Jeff Ventura Says:

    This is the best post ever. I mean that. So massively kick**edited perversion** that it hurts my fingers to type this.

  12. mokawi Says:

    I’m amazed at how much credentials you give to this voice. I used to listen to this voice when I was a kid, and it would say stuff like that—i.e., inner fears and what I wished to hear. But see, I was a kid. Please, grow up.

  13. jeremy Says:

    There is no Central Government of Canada, firstly. Secondly, Canada runs on a Parliamentary system. And the government of Canada is not moving to sell, rent or annex off any of its provinces to any person, conglomerate or Political party or Representative.

    If Canada had ever entered into said purchase, this would have to be approved by provincial government, and voted and passed through the Houses of Parliament. Not to mention the people who live in Manitoba.

    I don’t know if many Americans could stand the extreme winters that Manitoba has yearly!!

    Me thinks you are full of something more than spiritual revelation. And it stinks too!! Stay out of our Canada.


  14. Hipple, Rev. Paul T. Says:

    Brother Jeremy-

    I’ve had other Visions where God Our Father has indicated the winters in Manitoba won’t be all that cold for much longer owing to a natural climate cycle that He operates.

    I’m not sure you’d necessarily want to use this information when choosing your wardrobe for the coming winter season, but you may want to at least pause and think about it when looking at the really expensive winter coats.



  15. Hipple, Rev. Paul T. Says:

    Brother or Sister Mokawi

    I see that your blog is written not in English, which is the language of Our Lord, but in some other obviously indo-european dialect, most likely pagan in origin.

    Maybe if you went back to speaking English, like when you were a child, the Voice of God will return to your Visions?

    Just a suggestion.


  16. mokawi Says:

    Rev. Paul T.,

    I’m amazed. You really thought God only spoke English? I mean, I thought you’d have read the Bible. It’s originally written in Greek and Hebrew. And there’s a passage where Jesus or the Holy Spirit speaks, and everyone understands in their own language.
    Yet, it reminds me of the story of King Frederick of Sicilia, one of the most important rulers of the Middle Age. Frederick thought that there was an original language from which all others evolved, just like in the Babel tower story. He decided to have children raised without ever learning a single word from the outside world to see which language they would spontaneously adopt. Frederick, of course, didn’t think they would choose English, because English didn’t exist at the time; he expected Hebrew, Greek or Latin, which was the language of the church at the time.
    Well, we won’t know which language was the original one, because the kids died, and the story says it’s out of loneliness. Anyway, in the last centuries, some stories managed to shed light on the mystery: kids don’t learn Hebrew spontaneously, they invent their own language if we don’t teach them any.

  17. Brother Bear Says:

    Dearest Mokawi:

    Everyone knows that when God speaks to you he speaks in English. God just told me so in English right now.


  18. Only Three Notes Says:

    You have to be kidding me!

  19. Hipple, Rev. Paul T. Says:

    Brother or Sister Only Three Notes-

    Not at all.

    For example, go to Brother or Sister mokawi’s Interweb and try to read it. Unless you are an illegal alien, you won’t be able to understand a thing on it.

    Now, think back to the last time God spoke directly to you.

    You certainly understood that, I bet. Whether he was warning you to cease from self-fornication or condemning you for shoplifting or some other petty larceny, you certainly Understood what God was saying to you. Of that I’m sure.

    Therefore, God must of spoke to you in English.

    And the Holy Spirit speaks in English, too. That’s why everyone but illegal immigrants can understand the Holy Spirit.

    This is why it is important to vote for Rep. Tom Tancredo, who will make sure that English is the official–and only–language of our Dominion.


  20. Jessica Says:

    I don’t know what’s more hilarious, the post or the comments. Thanks, Tancretins, for absolutely making my Friday!

  21. Brother Bear Says:

    Dearest Rev. Hipple:

    I think you are giving the illegal aliens too much credit, I would think that very few could read any language including Mexican let alone God’s American English!

    I had to look at a map to realize that Canada even had States!

    Those Canadians are trying to pretend to be the great United States every day.

    I had no idea that part of Canada was for sale? Can’t be that expensive is it?


  22. The Right Honourable Stephen Harper Says:

    I had no idea that part of Canada was for sale? Can’t be that expensive is it?

    Well, we want a good price. But I think you’ll find our asking rate for Manitoba is very reasonable.

    Oh… and I encourage you to take another look at Quebec. Make us an offer. I think we should be able to work out a price you’ll find most attractive.

    Call me. We’ll talk.

  23. Hipple, Rev. Paul T. Says:

    Brother PM Harper-

    On behalf of Rep. Tom Tancredo I’d like to welcome you to this Interweb site.

    However, I’d like to point out that our Stringent Policy prohibiting bilingualization will be strictly enforced, even for Head’s of State such as yourself.

    We expect ALL of our visitors to speak American, even if from a Foreign Country.



  24. Shannon Sparks Says:

    THANKS FOR THE COMMENT CLEARING THINGS UP ON MY BLOG!!! This blog is the best thing since Landover Baptist. ‘Preciate it…

  25. mokawi Says:

    Rev Paul T,

    Explain me, why has God chosen to speak English all of a sudden? And why can’t God speak more than one language, like me?

  26. Brother Yancy, USN Ret. Says:

    Dear Rev. Hipple

    These filthy foreigners never stop. We deal with this at Republican Faith Ministries all the time. God speaks the English tongue. Specifically, American. Sites such as this and ours do not allow no foreign tongues whatsoever, because they tend to excite impressionable parishoners like Sister June Gordon. She gets aroused something fierce by foreign tongues. Rev., the next thing they’ll be saying (b/c they are SO predictable) was that Jesus was not a White man. They never change.

    Yours in Christ

    Brother Yancy

  27. seafaringstranger Says:

    Tower of Babel Genesis 11:1-9

    1 Corinthians 12:4-14 Spiritual Gifts including Speaking in Tongues and Interpreting Tongues

    1 Corinthians 12:27-30 Variety of Tongues

    Perhaps God spoke to you in English because English is what you speak and understand.

    What language did Jesus speak? Well, here’s an interesting article in case you’re interested:

  28. Hipple, Rev. Paul T. Says:

    Brother or Sister seafaringstranger-

    I’ve just about tolerated your disturbances for as long as I dare.

    If you have not noticed, this Interweb is devoted exclusively to promoting the Candidacy of Rep. Tom Tancredo for President of our AMERICAN-speaking Dominion.

    I will ask you for the first and last time to drop to your knees instantly, to seek Communion with Our Lord and God through Prayer, so that he may reveal to you–IN ENGLISH-our Interweb’s Terms of Service.

    You will Hear from Him–IN AMERICAN ENGLISH–that Response Leavers who visit this Interweb such as yourself agree not to promote seditious dialog or to commit acts of Sacrilege and Heresy on this Interweb as such acts represent a Violation of our Interweb Terms of Service.

    thank you for your prompt and full cooperation

  29. mokawi Says:

    I think we’re approaching the Godwin point. But before so, I would be obliged to you, Rev. Hipple, if you answered my question.

  30. Hipple, Rev. Paul T. Says:

    Brother or Sister mokawi-

    Yes indeed, when God wins, we all win and we certainly have reached that point.

    If you thirst for the Word of God, be prepared to hear it in English. American English.


  31. mokawi Says:

    Ok… I’ll take it to mean that the ways of the Lord are a mystery. But what about the Bible then? Should we discard it because it’s in the wrong language?

    Against my better judgment, I’ll leave this remark by this remark leaver so all can see it as evidence of the moral vacuum that envelops the non-American world…peoples who would just as soon throw away the Holy Bible. How much more sick and perverted can it get? I can’t imagine how Jesus does not cry to see this. If this isn’t a good reason to vote for Rep. Tom Tancredo, to tighten our borders, I don’t know many better ones.

  32. The Best Political Analysis We’ve Read All Year: God has revealed to me that these foursupporters, … » Political Debate Zone Says:

    […] God has revealed to me that these foursupporters, with the full authority and knowledge of Dr. Rep. Ron Paul, have entered into a secret option contract with the Central Canadian government to consummate the purchase Manitoba by the second week of November, 2008-using funds donated to the Dr. Rep. Ron Paul campaign-in the event that Dr. Rep. Ron Paul fails to win the election. [Dominionists for Tancredo 2008] […]

  33. Political Debate Zone » Says:

    […] God has revealed to me that these foursupporters, with the full authority and knowledge of Dr. Rep. Ron Paul, have entered into a secret option contract with the Central Canadian government to consummate the purchase Manitoba by the second week of November, 2008-using funds donated to the Dr. Rep. Ron Paul campaign-in the event that Dr. Rep. Ron Paul fails to win the election. [Dominionists for Tancredo 2008] […]

  34. Jessica Says:

    **Deleted Unpermitted use of Foreign, Non-American Language in Violation of Interweb Site TOS**

    Allow me to translate, since you’re too ignorant to a) learn another language, or b) use Google Translator:

    You all are the stupidest bunch of crazy idiots. No wonder everyone outside of America hates America — because of people like you! I was just talking to my good friend Jesus (in English, thanks) and he says he’s very sad that you are so misguided and keep spreading your filth in His name. He asked me to ask you to kindly shut the hell up.

    Mod Note: Against my better judgment, I’m going to leave this hateful message intact so that Non-believers can understand the threat and will get behind Rep. Tom Tancredo and jump on His bandwagon. The Salvation of Our Dominion is at stake

  35. mokawi Says:

    Hey, you suggested the Bible should be discarded, by suggesting God only speaks English. You made Jesus cry. Get a reality check, man, read the damn book. Like Jesus said to Augustinus (in latin, incidently): tolle, lege. Take it, read it.

  36. Hipple, Rev. Paul T. Says:

    Brother or Sister mokawi-

    Thank you for your Response Leaves. However, may I point out it is a large Interweb, one with many others you may enjoy stalking.

    Good luck with your English.


  37. mokawi Says:

    Rev. Hipple,

    The blogosphere might be large, but usually people on the web usually speak either out of knowledge or out of frustration. You are impervious to the first, and as hateful as your speech may be, I think it isn’t out of frustration but rather because you honestly think God asked you that you blog. Such a combo is very moving, because as immoral as it may make you, it has the purity of naivety.
    Then, of course, since it makes you look like a child, it gives me the illusion that you could some day open your eyes and come back on the right track.

  38. Fabio Says:

    Hello from Munich, capital city of the one and only Bavaria, Germany.
    Actually we can do something to support the good Doctor form over here.
    We attended this year`s Oktoberfest with T-Shirts, buttons and flyers and talked to as many American tourists as possible.
    They were ALL very pleased to meet friendly foreigners, after having been blamed for years for their stupid goverment. We have convinced at least 50 Americans to consider Dr. Paul.

    Fabio from

    Don`t worry about North and South-Dakota…

    PS 2:
    Check out to see how many international supporters the alleged “isolationist” has.

  39. Hipple, Rev. Paul T. Says:

    Brother Fabio-

    It is good to hear from you again. I’ve been thinking about you lately.

    When Dr. Rep. Ron Paul runs off with all the money you’ve raised for him to buy Manitoba and wall it off from the rest of the world, perhaps you’d be willing to throw your support behind Hellary Clinton? Beating her would be child’s play for Rep. Tom Tancredo once everyone see’s she is a tool of special foreign interests like yourselves.

    I mean, I just assume Bavarians, Ecuadoreans, Sudanese, Mondavians and Portuguese for Ron Paul won’t wish to move to Manitoba before the natural cycle of global warming warms it to a more habitable temperature?


  40. Proof that Dr. Rep. Ron Paul is actually a HOLOGRAPHIC image: His Virtual Campaign is Beholden to Interweb Special Interest « Dominionists for Tancredo 2008—If we build it, He will come Says:

    […] He’s raised billions of dollars from every state in the Dominion (except from God-fearing Christian (Republican) states whose people are wise to his deceptions and trickery) which our Sources tell us will be used to purchase Manitoba from the Central Canadian Government. […]

  41. Scott Bieser Says:

    Any knowledgeable person will tell you that the books of the New Testament were written in Greek, and the Old Testament in Hebrew. You might wish to contemplate this while you carry on bearing false witness.

  42. Extremely Urgent Update on the Dr. Rep. Ron Paul/Manitoba/UFO consipiracy « Dominionists for Tancredo 2008—If we build it, He will come Says:

    […] the campaign, as Revealed by the Ultimate Truth of God, is little more than an elaborate hoax to raise funds to purchase Manitoba from collaborators in the Central Canadian Government politburo, from where they intend to conduct […]

  43. 1i Says:

    A most illuminating discussion. As a Canadian, I find this insight into American politics very helpful, and I expect to use these new, I don’t know quite the word, perhaps paradigms is best, yes, paradigms in explaining how things work.

    By the way, Dr. Rep. Ron Paul should have been advised that global warming is not likely to make Manitoba more habitable. The politburo controlled CBC-Pravda frequently airs news stories about children up to the mid teens (less than 50 kilos) being carried off by the pestilential insects. Similar to our southern hemisphere commmonwealth peer, the cry is frequently heard “The mosquitoes stole my baby!”

  44. RossK Says:

    Listen to what 1i says, for they know of what they speak.

    And what’s worse – the winged kidnappers are bilingual and many, if not almost all, of the brutes are female.

    And just to finish up, does though not knowest that there are many, many secret cells of Margaret Atwood converts (ie. readers) in Manitoba?


  45. Josh Says:

    Great post. You may be interested in this too:

  46. Dr. Rep. Ron Paul reconnoits North Dakoda in preparation for post-election invasion « Dominionists for Tancredo 2008—If we build it, He will come Says:

    […] God has Revealed previously, if elected-and there is a very real possibility that can happen given the incredible possibility […]

  47. Lisbon Treaty Says:

    A schedule defends from chaos and whim. It is a net for catching days. It is a scaffolding on which a worker can stand and labor with both hands at sections of time.AnneDillardAnne Dillard

  48. Police State Says:

    in itself, something that makes one think not of any

  49. SPP Says:

    Not everything that can be counted, counts. And not everything that counts can be counted.AlbertEinsteinAlbert Einstein

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