No more playing second fiddle to China’s Great Wall

We need a durable border wall. One that can be seen from outer space. At night time.

It has to have machine gun turrets, and razor wire and and flesh zinging electric voltages. It cannot be scaled with ladders. It cannot be penetrated. And it must have a foundation dug 5 miles deep so that no hun mexican or falafel-munching islam extremeist can tunnel under it.

Did I mention vicious guard dogs? Did I mention Navy Seal Snipers? Did I mention God-Given 2nd Amendment Constitutional rights?

A wall is not enough.

The China wall failed because the chinaman lacks the political will and Christian principles that are needed for a secure border. The chinaman also didn’t have Rep Tom Tancredo. When it comes to border walls, Rep Tom Tancredo puts the nasty in dynasty!




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