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Liberals plan to Outlaw and Destroy Christian Church Steeples

December 1, 2009

Atheists burn down Christian Church Steeples wall pathetic liberals stand around and cheer.

Elements within the EuroAtheist liberal culture have succeeded in creating a law that will outlaw the construction of  special muslim church steeples called minarets in  someplace allegedly in or around europe called Swisserland.

Of course, this would be wonderful news that Christians everywhere would celebrate if it weren’t for the fact that Anti-Christian Democrat liberals in the United States of America Dominion have taken notice and intend to Destroy our Christian Culture here in much the same way.

Emboldened by the Usuper, B. Hussein Obama, they intend to unleash a wave of  Anti-Christian Persecution that will rival the hard times we struggled to survive through in the days of the Roman Empire.

In my Holy NightTime Visions, God has informed me directly and with a sense of great urgency that Obama, Pelosi, and their mainstream elitist democrat henchmen and henchwomen will soon enact legislation that not only Outlaws new construction of Christian Steeples, but will also roll back building codes to pagan times, and enact Laws and Regulations that ordinate the Destruction of existing Steeples in Christian Houses of Holy Worship!

This comes fast on the heels of the recently enacted Health Care Reform/Death Panel/Enforced Abortion that The Usurper will shortly sign into law.

Brothers and Sisters, as anybody who has been to a rally lately well knows, we are rapidly approaching the tipping point where if we do not invoke a Constitutional Crisis and install Rep Tom Tancredo as President and Gov Mother Sarah Palin as his loyal and attractive Vice President, this great Dominion will be lost for good, overrun by mexicans, the Jews who should be in Israel where they belong preparing for the End Times, homosexuals destroying the central family unit structure, and welfare-dependent negro/muslim/eurofascist elements and the Liberals who coddle them incessently and reflexively.


Obama wastes taxpayer dollars to install White House basketball court

October 12, 2009

We have uncovered fresh utubercle video evidence that  Spearchucker Sheik President Sen Nobelist Barry Soeterror Hussien Obama has no interest in restoring fiscal sanity to the White House, the House of Representatives, or any other House for that matter.  Watch the deeply disturbing video below which documents the new, state of the art $56.8 billion Negro-only basketball court that Obama has had built in the White House basement.

(x)Gov Mother Palin: Promote new bio as Walmart Greeter

September 30, 2009

Sarah Palin selling her book at Walmart

Sarah Palin selling her book at Walmart

I have just received Word from God in my night time visions, subsequently confirmed on the elite mainstream intergoogle media, that (x)Gov Mother Sarah Palin is having difficulty booking speaking engagments to promote her new book.

Apparently, the Czars and Socialist Liberals who run the  sort of venues that normally pay book authors and speakers $100,000 to visit and speak or read from their books  for 30 minuts or so are a balking and scheduling (x)Gov Mother Sarah Palin.

However, there is a better than good alternative.  (x)Gov Mother Sarah Palin could sell and sign her books by serving as a guest WalMart greeter every Saturday until all of them books are sold.  I’ve done the calculations.  If she sells just one of her books in every WalMart, she would be a best selling authoress!!!!

She would sell a lot there, I am sure, because the sort of folk who actually love (x)Gov Mother Sarah Palin are not exactly the type of people who would go to university and college lectures or to bookstores.

Rep. Tom Tancredo will put the Jay back in Jesus

November 15, 2007

jesus.jpgIt is no secret that our Dominion is being overwhelmed by illegal mexican immigrants and by roaming packs of mexican rape squads and the Islamic terrorists who hide among them, all of whom democrat liberals coddle in our Sanctuary Cities, which have become too dangerous for Christian Women and children to visit.

Liberal “Pundits” like to ask, “So what? Why does it matter if a larger and larger percentage of our population becomes hispanic?”

I have a one word answer for that one:

Preserving the Sanctity of Jesus!!

Most people don’t realize that many mexicans Fornicate the Name of God with all manner of blaspheme by naming their children Jesus. Is that wrong? Of course it is wrong. Because I’ll tell you that the last time you saw a White Christian (Republican) Male named Jesus was never!

Even Worse, do you know how mexicans pronounce Jesus? They mispronounce Jesus as ‘Hey, Zoos!”

They can’t even say the Lord’s name right, which is “Jays Us”, as in “Jays Us, Lord and God! Please forgive our former democrat politicians for their past transgressions of water resource mismanagement and make it rain in Georgia, again. It will take some time for our Republican (Christian) politicians that we are already electing in your name Jays Us to repair the resource mismanagement damage that has been done by Liberal Democrats going all the way back since the War of Northern Aggression.”

Rep. Tancredo proposes to use Johnston Atoll as Penal Colony

October 8, 2007

Rep. Tom Tancredo is the ONLY Republican (Christian) Presidential candidate offering novel solutions to the serious problems plaguing our Dominion.

One problem we face is what to do about all of the Muslim hordes our Brave Armed Soldiers have captured and imprisoned in Iraq. It won’t be enough to simply re-educate these terrorists by teaching them how to be Better Christians. We’ll also need to do something with them once they are pacified in this way, since we won’t need to torture them in their current prisons anymore.

Shortly after Rep. Tom Tancredo becomes President, we’ll also soon have a problem with packs of wild Illegal Immigrants roaming our prisons as his campaign to arrest Illegal Immigrants begins to take shape. We’ll run out of room in our prisons for all the Crack Addicts, Prostitutes and Homosexual pedophiliac philanderers that we’ll also need to round up.


My Visions last night began with a beautiful blue and white flag, waiving in a gentle tropical breeze. Then God Appeared and told me that Rep. Tom Tancredo will solve both problems by making better use of underutilized U.S. Territorial properties. God mercifully showed me how Rep. Tom Tancredo will shortly unveil His divinely inspired plan to House these Criminals and Societal Misfits on the Johnston Atoll in the Pacific Ocean.

The Johnston Atoll was once used as a staging area for the United States of America’s nuclear weapons program, but has fallen into disuse since the Russians tricked us into banning the testing of Thermonuclear Bombs. Still, it is a beautiful tropical paradise and one that Muslims, even Christianized Muslims, and Illegal Immigrants probably don’t really deserve.

Thompson Campaign staff falsely claim Sen. Fred on spiritual retreat in Purgatory

October 5, 2007

The Fred Thompson for President movement was at one time widely viewed as the only serious threat to the Presidential Aspirations and Candidacy of Rep. Tom Tancredo.

As a famous TV actor, Mr. Sen. Fred Thompson has honed the Skills of Satanic Seduction, as evidenced by the taking of multiple wives and probably bedding many, many more woman than that. He could be expected to use these demonic powers to draw heavily from the Women and Homosexual voting blocks, who lack the equipment to scrutinize Mr. Sen. Fred Thompson’s False Message to the degree White Christian Males are capable.

[As much as Rep. Tom Tancredo hates homosexuality and personally would NEVER commit or even think about committing a heinous act of homosexuality, whether at airports or department stores, he nonetheless welcomes the votes of heterosexual homosexuals. Heterosexual homosexuals are not sinners because they are powerless to resist their homosexual urges, which are being manipulated by Satanic Demons. They are also usually otherwise upstanding white Christian Republicans. On the other hand, Rep. Tom Tancredo does not welcome the vote of Gay Homosexuals-who ARE sinners because they openly parade and flaunt their decadent lifestyle before the Eyes of a Crying and Sorrowful Jesus-and would ask that such individuals vote for someone who probably could better use their help, like Sen. Sam Brownback or Dr. Rep. Ron Paul.]

In any event, this was all a concern until Fred Thompson actually announced his candidacy and began to Run for President, where his successful strategy of hiding from his campaign before actually entering the campaign is not working as well now that he has entered the campaign but is still hiding. He, in fact, promptly disappeared from the political landscape no sooner than immediately after he made his announcement that he was entering the political landscape. But not before leaving the Interwebs littered with despicable pornographic images of his busty wives, including his current wife, Mrs. Juggies Thompson, for whom he appears incapable of even bothering to hide his wanton lust.

At supper prayer last night, I asked God to Reveal the current whereabouts of Mr. Sen. Fred Thompson and I asked Jesus and His Father God whether Mr. Sen. Fred Thompson was actually still planning on Running for President, as I wished to assess the threat this poses to Rep. Tom Tancredo.

Later, during my night time visions, through Glorious Revelation, God told me–USING AMERICAN ENGLISH–that, since Mr. Sen. Fred Thompson is-and I quote-“Not a prayerful Christian,” he didn’t know where he was located.

But God added that Mr. Sen. Fred Thompson has informed his campaign staff to answer all such inquiries, falsley, by stating, “Mr. Sen. Fred Thompson is on a spiritual retreat, taking a brief Holiday in Purgatory so that he can be nearer to God. In communion with God, Mr. Sen. Fred Thompson is both cleansing his Soul of his past sinfulness and contemplating the issues of Greatest Concern to Christian Republicans, so that he can better serve this constituency as President.


As any good Christian Republican can tell you, this despicable ploy to pander for the Christian Republican vote is laughable on its face. The deception and trickery and dirty campaign tactic will NOT work for one simple reason: Because THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS PURGATORY!!!

Purgatory is a concept that moronic Papists and the idolitrists who flock to the 1st-term aborted catholic ‘faith’ use so that they can lead Lives of Sin and Fornication, fooling themselves into believing there is a place to ‘Clean Their Souls’ after death and before Meeting the Glory of God.  As if there isn’t time enough on this Earth to prepare one’s Soul for All of Eternity!

What a joke! Does Sen. Fred Thompson really think that Christian Republicans are that stupid???!?!?!

I’ll tell you who respects the minds and intellects of Christian Republicans. Rep. Tom Tancredo!! The next President of Our Dominion, and the President after that, too!!!!

Declaring all mexicans as Nazis can solve illegal immigration problem quickly

October 3, 2007

When elected President of the United States of America, Rep. Tom Tancredo promises, in his first 100 days of office, to deport all illegal immigrants from our Great Dominion, not just the Nazi illegal immigrants.

A President Rep. Tom Tancredo won’t be selective about who is rounded up and who is shipped out. This is in contrast to our current administration, who can’t get around to deporting any illegal immigrants, unless they are nazi’s. Getting the deportations of illegal immigrants rolling will be an important first step on The Divine Pathway that will carry our Christian Nation back onto the Road of Righteousness, not to mention saving our women and children from roaming packs of mexican rape squads.

Nevertheless, Rep. Tom Tancredo is as wise and pragmatic as he is God-Fearing. He understands that the roots of our illegal immigration problem not only lie in the fertile soil of the inherent lawlessness of colored people, but also reflect a difficult political dimension.

It is interesting that just this week the current Federal Administration has discovered, living outside of Atlanta, an 85 year old man who’s only real crime is that he lied to gain entry into this country. Coincidentally, and by his own admission through no fault of his own, he also happens to be a former Nazi and SS guard stationed at WWII concentration camps in charge of using attack dogs against the prisoners held in the camps. The federal government has moved quickly to deport this illegal immigrant.

I spoke with Rep. Tom Tancredo during my nightly vision just last night. We were discussing how quickly the government moved to deport this quiet old German man. We concluded it could only have happened with the support of the almost rabid-like eagerness of the Jewish-Business-Banker-Israel Cartel, which has such a firm grip on governmental power.

And then, through the Power of Divine Revelation, we both, at the same time, saw a strategy that can as quickly get the Wheels of Justice rolling to rid our nation of the 20 million illegal immigrants, who for the most part are mexicans: We simply charge all illegal mexican immigrants to be former members of elite units of the Nazi Waffen SS who served as guards at notorious concentration camps and whatnot.

That should get the Jewish-Banker-Israeli coalition behind the total illegal immigration problem, not just behind the nazi german illegal immigration problem, which won’t be much of a problem soon since most of them will be dead in another couple of years. So this will give them something else to do.

College Professor/Evilutionist Publicly Humiliates Award WinningTeenagers

August 24, 2007

Rep. Tom Tancredo has a plan to implement his agenda within 100 days of taking office as President of our United States Under God.

Rep. Tom is on the record as not believing in evilution, and as President, in point of fact proposes to put an end to evilution on day 57.

There are many reasons to put an end to evilution once and for all, not the least of which is because evilution directly contradicts Biblical Knowledge, which is The Word of God, which is Perfect and True, thereby provoking a Cult of Atheism that is eroding Faith in Our Dominion and the strength of our military forces.

But if that is not reason enough for you, try this one on for size: A despicable public act of Horror and Humiliation upon young Christians committed by a notorious and admitted college professor, secularist and evilutionist from Godless northern California, for whom carefully collected evidence from sophisticated interweb research shows that he may very likely be the 4th generation progeny of an incestuous coupling between Charles Darwin and a mexican harlot maid by the name of Isabella working under Darwin’s employ.

The Demon of Hate burns my fingertips as I summarize his singular act of depravity.

It seems a good Christian organization that exists only to promote the Will of God and, specifically, a more clear scientific understanding, achieved through Prayer, of His Special Creation, has conducted an open, WORLDWIDE scholarship contest. In this contest, students were asked to submit detailed essays using God’s tools of Scientific Logic and Reasoning to discuss the Glory of His Creation: Life, the Universe, and Everything.

But this atheist college professor has now published an internet report in which he mercilessly skewers the honest and difficult intellectual effort of these high school age students, as if completely unaware that they have already survived a difficult and bruising evaluation of their work by internationally revered judges. This adult atheist college professor is pointing to any number of picky and minor details, to false flaws he thinks he sees in their essays, apparently unaware of their delicate nature and sensitive egos.

I can’t see how child pornography would be considered a more abominable act of Christian Persecution!!! Acid tears are flowing down the cheeks of Baby Jesus, who is Mortified by the pain of His children.

Praise Him and Ben Stein for Prayers Answered

August 22, 2007

My Dear Communicants!

We have prayed so hard over the years, beseeching our Lord to send someone who will put a stop to so, so many things that mongrelize the Culture of Our Dominion.

And God sent us Rep. Tom Tancredo.  Praise to Him!!!

And we said, “God, Rep. Tom Tancredo is doing such a superb job, even the good but criminally misguided brothers and sisters at Baptists for Brownback 2008 are afeared that he will pull votes away from their hopelessly criminal and misogynizing candidate.”

Now, God sent us Ben Stein, who was once a lieberal elitist from the pagan culture of Hollyweird, but who’s soul is now resurrected though YOUR prayer and Holy Diligence.

Now, Mr Stein, clearly operating under the Glory of God, has created a new movie in which he exposes Under the Most Intense Lumens of God’s Light all the secular progressive humanist college  professor darwinists, who seek to shove their “theories” of ape-like men down the throats of our children, violently choking them until they submit to a godless culture of depravity.  In this movie, Ben Stein will stand up and put an end to a culture that mocks our Good Christian Heritage, and those the Heritage of our Great Country!!  Finally, we have someon who is savvy and intelligent working on the Side of Our Lord.

Thank the Lord today for sending Ben Stein, and Praise to Him for forgiving Ben Stein’s many sins and Transgressions.

Can Prayer Alone save the Sanctuary Cities?

August 17, 2007

Sure, just as long as you Pray to Our Christian God and ask Him to tell All Voters and Patriots to vote for Rep. Tom Tancredo for President of the Republic of the United States of America Under God, who is the only one capable of doing something about Sanctuary Cities.

From Webster’s Dictionary:

sanctuary cities, n, pl– Communities and metropolitan areas, mostly comprised of progressive secularists, gay homosexuals and other elite liberals, to where murderous illegal aliens and other mexican death squads migrate, creating mayhem, destruction and mongrelization, because they know the liberal local authorities–in direct violation of US Federal, Constitutional and Biblical Law–won’t help to round them up and deport them.

This IS the major problem facing our Dominion!!!.

What can be done about this problem?

First of all, we need to recognize that we can’t stop the flooding masses of brown people from storming over our borders without first putting an end to the sites of their sanctuary. We need to recognize that putting an end to them stealing American jobs won’t do the trick, because the mongrels who are illegally entering This Great Land are here to conduct criminal activities, for the most part, NOT to work, as is commonly mistaken.

Rep. Tom Tancredo has 2 solutions to this problem, that He would enact if he became President of Our Republic Dominion.

1) He would cutoff all Federal Funding for the Sanctuary Cities unless and until they comply with Federal Law to round up and personally Deport all illegals.  No exceptions.

2) He would not hesitate to Send in Federal Military Forces to capture and/or destroy these illegal insurgents and the Liberals who give them aid and comfort.

3) A man who is not afraid to nuke Mecca and Medina CERTAINLY wouldn’t be shy about lobbing a nuclear-tipped missle into the heart of a place like San Francisco or Seattle or Austin TX.

Some people are born to tackle Tough Problems head on, and one of those some people is Rep. Tom Tancredo, YOUR next President of Our Dominion Under God.

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