About the Rev. Paul T. “Preacher Griz” Hipple

My Name is The Rev. Paul T. Hipple.   I am the Original Preacher Griz.  I serve the Lord and the good people of The 2nd Dominion Church of Jesus in America.  We are Non-Relational Arminianists and believe that the United States of America is a Republic that is Divinely inspired by a Christian God.

What are Non-Relationalists? In other words, we do not believe One has a choice in the matter: One must accept Jesus the Christ as One’s Lord and Savior. One does not have the free will to reject Jesus the Lord. One only has free will to fornicate and what not (and will pay dearly for such sins if Jesus Christ Our Lord and God does not forgive such fornication).

What is Arminianism? We reject and abhor Calvinism and the Synod of Dort. Eternal Salvation is not Predestined, but is a fate that can be earned, or Lost, through one’s corporal actions here on this earth.

Through prayer and Diligence, and through the medium of nightime visions, GOD calls me to join the Interwebs to Save The United States of America by proselytizing and Solicitizing your Prayers to God and His baby Son Jesus.  I will try to post an interblog every day that I am on parole.

God sees the Muslims overbreeding in Europe, and cries tears of Holy Sorrow that the Mexicans will overbreed the Republic of the United States and then invite all the muslims to Our Republic unless we do something about our Immigration Problem.

God gave Rep. Tom Tancredo this vision, and he sees this too. We MUST save our Republic from bilingualization, and of all the Presidential Candidates, only Rep. Tom Tancredo can do this!

53 Responses to “About the Rev. Paul T. “Preacher Griz” Hipple”

  1. GOD Says:

    You, my sad little talking ape, are fucking insane.

  2. Hipple, Rev. Paul T. Says:

    I know you are not God. I prayed to God and asked Him if He said these things to me on my interweb. You are using God’s name in vain, and must cease and desist.

    He did mention that YOU, and your hateful and sinful attitude are causing tears to fall down the cheeks of the loving Baby Jesus His Son Christ.

  3. J-Dog Says:

    Baptist’s For Brownbeck has put you on their Going To Hell list. Please comment, and be specific.

  4. Heather Says:

    I have read so many holy books in my short life it’s amazing. My only conclusion is that God is love and that God’s word has been corrupted by man. Humans think they can manipulate everything. Every religion has been accusing others of being wrong and needlessly murdering eachother since time began. It’s ridiculus that you would preach such hatred about everyone other than those who follow you when Jesus says to love one another in the Lutheran, Catholic, Baptist, Non-denominational, etc Christian religions. Why do you take it upon yourself to try and instill hatred in others about something you possibly don’t understand like Muslims or Europe? Why not leave that up to God’s judgement, the only one who actually has the right to judge. I came to your site out of curiosity, not to bad mouth your opinions, but I couldn’t help but tell you that it sounds like you are preaching the opposite of what Jesus would do while claiming to do his work, or encourage belief in him and God.

  5. Hipple, Rev. Paul T. Says:

    Sister Heather-Maybe you haven’t been reading the correct holy books?

  6. Rick Says:

    Rev. Hipple – You are *deleted unholy comment*. You really need to *deleted persecution attacking a Christian for his belief in Our Lord and Savior*

  7. questioning Says:

    Well good rev. I was wondering what books you would recomend? I happen to agree with Heather. I cannot find any books that lead me to believe in anything you might call god. I dont mind if you say I am going to burn in hell either, and even if I do, I am sure I will see you there.

  8. Tennessee Conservative Says:

    Rep. Tancredo is a wonderful man and a true patriot.

  9. "Silly" papist Says:

    Rev. perhaps the holy books Heather refers to include the Gospel of Mark (12:31)

    ‘Love your neighbor as yourself’

    Perhaps she remembers reading that Christ consorted with prostitutes, lepers and all sorts of undesirable and unclean people. Perhaps she remembers that Christ extols the virtue of humility and says that those who care for the poor and outcast will be exalted in heaven.

    I missed the part of the Gospels where Christ says “love thy neighbor as long as they speak Aramaic and don’t come from south of Judea”

    Now being unlucky enough to be “represented” by Tom Tancredo I can say that he doesn’t give a rip about the poor or loving his neighbors. And humility from the man who swore he would only serve 2 terms as a Congressman (now on his 4th term)? Good thing he missed the 8th (or 9th depending on your bible) commandment. You know the one about not bearing false witness?

    Doesn’t matter I guess because I’m going to burn in hell for being Catholic (I’m not even Christian, am I Reverend?)

  10. Hipple, Rev. Paul T. Says:

    No, you are a member of a cult of idolatry and you are not a true Christian. Lord Almighty how your Faith has been perverted!!

    Rep. Tom Tancredo’s job as President of these United States Under God is Stewardship over the Dominion. If the Dominion is well-preserved, the poor issue will take care of itself.

  11. "Silly" papist Says:

    I’m not sure why people like you believe Catholics are idolaters. I’ve never worshiped a crucifix or images. They are there to focus ones thoughts on pray or to remind us of the pain, suffering and sacrifice that the Lord went through for atonement of mankind’s sins.

    I guess it might have something to do with people never truly looking at doctrine or theology. It’s easier to cast aspersions when you don’t know what you are talking about, but then again if you don’t like a teaching it’s just easier to start your own branch of Christianity. Me on the other hand I will take my 2000 years of teaching, pray and meditations over the latest “I’m right your wrong” cult anyday.

    I truly hope that Tancrepo gets the Republican nod. He would waste his money on a campaign guarantied to lose and it would open the door for me to be represented by a true Republican.

  12. Hipple, Rev. Paul T. Says:

    If one has the Direct Word of God in His Holy Scripture sitting on his lap, of what use does one have for ‘theology’ or ‘doctrine’, and does not the Word of God trump tradition??!!!

    Your faith must be weak or The Lord has given up on you if you need pagan tools to ‘focus’ your prayer.

  13. "Silly" papist Says:

    So I assume you read Aramaic, Ancient Hebrew, and Greek? If not you are reading a translator’s interpretations of scripture. As a Dominionist and a learned teacher of the Faith I would assume you realize that Genesis was not written in English (or any other modern language for that matter). You also only proclaim the Word, but don’t preach correct? If not you are using your own theological view and interpretation when presenting the Word to your flock. Also if there is no dogma or tradition then how were you ordained? Did God come to you and you then declared your reverence or did he proclaim it to a large group that you were called to proclaim his Word? I am not trying to be flippant, but only trying to understand your point of view (something you don’t seem to care to reciprocate.) I understand how it works in the Catholic, Orthodox and mainline protestant churches, but you reject anything but Scripture and after reading the Bible several times I have never seen a passage that says “Paul Hipple is proclaimed as the messenger of Christ and woe to all others who cannot read the scripture written in him soul” or is that your protoplasm?

    Also remember that us Catholics have so little faith the our monks and priests kept copying the scriptures for 1500 years so that you could be divinely inspired by Holy Scripture. Also don’t forget that much of what you hold true is based on reflections of doctors of the Church. Do you think Martin Luther, John Calvin, and other Protestant leaders brought nothing from the Catholic Faith? As far as I can tell you are relying on the teachings of others and since they are not wholly your own thoughts then you are using tradition to support you ministry.

    As for being idolaters why would you use the image of Our Lord on your posts. That is a graven image and should be anathema to you. No where in scripture is there any statement about what our Lord looked like so you are using a traditional interpretation of what Christ would look like. Should you not just have an image of Genesis 1:28 instead?

  14. seafaringstranger Says:

    I never said that God was imaginary. Don’t put words in my mouth.

  15. JRSofty Says:

    Ah another fine website advocating bigotry, and ignorance just what the internet (not interweb) needs.

  16. Hipple, Rev. Paul T. Says:

    Brother or Sister JRSofty-

    That is a rather high minded sentiment, especially coming from someone with an Interweb site leading a discussion on the Top 10 Ugliest People.


    The Beautiful Thing about Christianity is that people can always Embrace Our Savior as Their Savior, whereas there is scant little one can do if one is ugly (or mexican).

    I’ll pray for your dark Soul but the truth of the matter is my efforts are likely to prove futile.

  17. JRSofty Says:

    My discussion on the Top 10 Ugliest People has nothing to do with outward appearance. Beauty is only skin deep, ugliness goes to the core.

    I find it interesting that you associate Ugly and Mexican. I’m guessing your skin is as white as new fallen snow. However, by the comments you make you display your true self to the rest of the world. A person who is nothing more than a bully wrapping himself in the holy scripture and declaring anyone who disagrees with him as false. I don’t recall the Lord’s command to “Love thy neighbor” to say “Love thy neighbor unless he is Mexican or of a different nationality or if he disagrees with you”.

    You may pray for my “dark Soul” if you wish however, I can promise you that my soul is doing just fine.

  18. Krzyzstof The Destroyer Says:

    Dear child-molesting Rev. Paul T. Hipple,

    Perhaps you should remove your head (which seems to have been buried so deeply) from your ass. It is quite apparent to me that you have never lived in reality, because the United States of America was founded by deists who openly criticized christianity. They saw **profanity** as **profanity** and took the necessary steps to separate the government from the lunatics who communicate with a non-existent entity.

    On the topic of your xenophobic ranting, I hope that you get **NSFWSC** by a large homosexual black-mexican feminist. You’re a filthy piece of **profanity** unworthy of the title of “human being,” and I will rejoice the day your ministry gets firebombed like the WBC.

  19. Hipple, Rev. Paul T. Says:

    Brother Krzyzstof-

    Your hatefulness rolls off my Being like water rolls off the back of a coon hound because I know that Jesus suffered far more Pain from Persecution than what you have inflicted upon me.


  20. Krzyzstof The Destroyer Says:

    This is quite possibly the funniest website I’ve been to in a while.

  21. Hipple, Rev. Paul T. Says:

    Not quite as funny as being born with two “z’s” in your name— clearly exposing you as a descendant of pagan gypsies, most likely of Ashkali Kosovoian ethnicity.

    Not exactly something most people would “shout’ about on the Interwebs.

  22. Krzyzstof The Destroyer Says:

    Polish, thank you very much. And what exactly did you descend from? Last time I checked, **unChristian term** wasn’t an ethnic background.

  23. Thedaysgoneby Says:

    Oh..i love those days when you just don’t have anything better to do than to
    search for random blogs trying to find something interesting to read. And i’m
    always lucky, today i found your blog and it brightened up my day to the MAX, looking forward to coming back for an evening read 🙂

  24. Chris Smith Says:

    Reverend Hipple- I must agree with god. You, my sad little talking ape, ARE fucking insane and racist, exactly like Jesus didn’t command you to. (Love your neighbor as yourself) When he says neighbor, he doesn’t just mean the people around you. He means all people of all cultures and races.

  25. Chris Smith Says:

    Reverend Hipple, I am starting to suspect that God has left you, seeing as he has not sent you a “vision” recently. Or maybe it was quitting the cocaine that did it. Honestly, your “visions” were complete crap anyway. They were just you imagining stuff.

  26. Wyld Card Says:

    As the proud placeholder on no less than three of your “watch” lists, I can finally say in all honesty that there is hope for America yet. Halle**fornication reference**lujah!

  27. Brother Robert L. Yates, Jr. Says:

    Wow, Rev. Hipple: You seem to attract psychotic anti-Christian Satan worshipers like I tend to attract godless young runaways in need of decent Christian instruction and correction. Look at this board, you have Mary-worshipers, Mexican-lovers, and all manner of filth ranting and raving their heresies and idiocies. Inevitably we the righteous will win the war against sin on the interwebs!

    Praise Jesus!


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  29. Autymn D. C. Says:

    Chris Brown, “Reverend Hipple- I must agree with god. You, my sad little talking ape, ARE fucking insane and racist, exactly like Jesus didn’t command you to. (Love your neighbor as yourself) When he says neighbor, he doesn’t just mean the people around you. He means all people of all cultures and races.”

    Rev. Hipple is of course a friend of Landover Baptist. Brown, if Krist means all cultures, was that why he insultd a Canqhani woman as a dog when she came to him, already faithfully, for her daughter’s sickness? Was that why he doomd the line of priests and mankind, and made distinction between good trees and bad trees and their fruit? Why don’t you look up “hate” and “sword” in the Gospels? You obviosely know lear than nothing about your belief.

    Raju: Everything you believe and believe in is wrong: http://google.com/groups?q=Autymn+fast-food+God.

  30. God's Love Says:

    I can only assume that this blog is one huge joke. There is no way you are following God’s Truth with the hatred you spew.

    Of course, it’s always hard to tell – there truly are people out there who twist God’s Word and use it for their own personal wants, desires, beliefs, racism and prejudices.

    Sad. So Sad. I’ll pray for whoever created this site. If Paul T. Hipple is a real minister than…woo, Lord, I am sorry that he has twisted Your Will for us so much!

  31. Somebody Says:

    Autymn D.C.,

    How is providing food, clothing, medicine, and education to starving people in South India wrong?

  32. Wayne Robinson Says:

    I think that God is being a little harsh on the Reverend Paul T Hipple; he obviously isn’t “fucking insane”. His website is just a brilliant satire.
    I enjoy reading his articles; particularly the ones on “Expelled”. I loved his account of a special screening in which he notes “…Christian Souls are placed at great risk by the mere act of unwittingly sitting in a dark theater nearby a Dark-sided soul, such as that of an Atheist, Satanist or secular Biologist” (presumably Richard Dawkins). “Also, there are numerous reports coming in from the field that these uninvited characters are disrupting the screenings, by yelling out catcalls during objectionable scenes, arguing with the Discussion Leader, asking stupid questions, cursing, spitting, making loud farting sounds” (hopefully not Professor Dawkins?), “and worst of all, refusing to turn their cell phones off” (well, at least the Reverend has a sense of proportion).
    I loved his comment that PZ Myers and John Wilkins both admitted on April the FIRST that Darwin was directly and personally responsible not only for the Holocaust, and also all the persecution of the Jews for the previous 1600 years.
    I also loved it when he wrote: “Actor Ben Stein has been a leading Christian Figure lately…He is the star of the Hit Movie Expelled, where he plays the part of a Jew playing the part of a Christian…” (he is actually Jewish).
    I loved his comment on Google Translators, particularly the part about it allowing you to translate even “useless” languages such as Arabic in emails from Islamic terrorists, so that you can notify the authorities (assuming of course your computer has the right fonts, and the message isn’t displayed as #$$^%&**&%#@ (although I suspect most self-respecting terrorists don’t specifically announce that they’ll be coming around next Friday week, if that’s OK?…)
    Keep up the good work!

  33. RangerGordon Says:

    This is hilarious. Bravo, sir!

  34. joebob Says:

    praise Bob $$$$$$$$

    yours in slack


  35. StrictlyAtheist Says:

    It’s gona be a bad day for you tomorrow – we’re electing a Black Man to the Presidency!!!

    Hopefully you’ll be rescued by that figment of your imagination – God – and spirited away to the fictional Happy Place in the sky.

    You must be a miserable son of a bitch – bad childhood?

  36. A Free Man Says:

    Is this a joke? If so, well done.

    If not, then you are absolutely insane.

  37. Hipple, Rev. Paul T. Says:

    Brother A Free Man,

    Is this interblog a joke?

    The ‘joke’ is that Demon-inspired voters in the United States have chosen a carpetbagging Negro for President over the God’s Chosen Servant, Rep. Tom Tancredo.

    Is it a joke that Rep. Tom Tancredo hasn’t been spotted in more than 4 months and is presumed missing, captured or even dead?

    Is it a joke that terror-loving mexican rape squads are streaming over our southern, northern, eastern and western borders knowing we lack a government willing to take their illegal immigration activities to task?

    (award winning interblogger, multiple categories, multiple sanctions, multiple years)

  38. LOL Says:

    HAHAHAHA. OMG this si hilariuos, Rev. Nipple, you are freaking great! I personally think you need your own stand up on HBO or Comedy Central. “Interweb, Interblogger”, freaking awesome. Satire at its best I think, Personally, I will keep visiting this site just for the comedic value, but I do worry that to many of you guys are taking him seriously though. Relax people, its just a show.

  39. Englishman Says:

    I’m English. Is there any hope for me in your view of the world? I’m neither black or homo.

  40. Hipple, Rev. Paul T. Says:

    Dear Brother Englishman, if that is your real sexual orientation and name-

    Thank you for visiting my Award Winning Interblog.

    But is your question meant to be some sort of sick joke? The American Founding Father’s were Christians who escaped England because of the dominant Atheistic culture in England, which, among other problems, led directly to persecution of Christians, the premature liberal government mandated liquidation of English Negro slave properties, and the embracement and warm wet kisses for the EuroHomo’s and the atheistic EuroHomo agenda of its time.

    Good Grief! It is well known that Europe–including England–is a dark stain upon God’s Wonderful Creation. Which is exactly why Rep. Dr. Ron Paul sought campaign contributions from Europe. Of course there is no hope for you.

    Hope this helps.


  41. LOL also Says:

    OMG this is hilarious. I’ve read through most of your site, and after being outraged for a while, I slowly realized that this is all a terrific parody! You almost got me, I thought you were a REAL rightwingnutcase for a while. That pic of Jesus with the rifle is great! Only someone who’s making fun of the religious right could do it so well and so thoroughly! You’ve effectively skewered every one of their paranoid fantasies here. Great site! My only fear is that too many people will take you seriously… and agree with you!

  42. mesila Says:

    I think the “dominionism” movement officially finally stopped scaring the crap out of me. Not even the wingnut right wingers are this insane!

    Omigawd…I finally got the joke–I guess I was boondoggled and hornswoggled for a moment there (get your mind outa the gutter! it means nothing sexual) and truly thought “wow, this proves the right-wing extremist nutjobs are so disjuncted now they’re basically gibbering to themselves to heal their pain.

    Then I realised I’d been had. There is no way in H. E. Double Toothpicks that you could possibly be real. Your name is “Hipple”? Suuure it is! Hahahaha haha ha ha ha.

    I can be slow on the uptake sometimes I guess–but hey, since I was busy enjoying some of the “herbs” that God commanded we “taketh of and use” for ourselves when running into this page, I guess it was to be expected.

  43. A witch (burn me, I dare you) Says:

    Even if your website is a fraud, I find it offensive on so many levels that I truly hope your Rapture comes and you are left here to face it.

    Congrats on showing your fellow Christians just how stupid their peers can truly get, and how misled.


  44. El mono mexicano Says:

    I bet Rev. Hipple wakes every morning and sits outside his porch with a nice cup of Jewish blend coffee while watching a Mexican mow his lawn.

  45. Zeus Says:

    Datagram, or flesh? Who knows? Who cares?

    Follow Tancredo here:

    Sincerely, Zeus

  46. Andrew Hart Says:

    So is this a joke then// I really hope it is. Otherwise we might have to kill off all Christians as well.. fooking hell!!

  47. hipplehater Says:

    I’m black, gay, and english.
    my superiorly large phallus pleases my man whereas yours wouldn’t even touch the sides of that choir boy’s rectum, whom you find so incredibly JUICY.
    i assume his name is ‘jimmy’ or something.
    oh, and god called and he wants his pedestal back.
    oh, and hitler stopped by and wants to have lunch at about 2pm tomorrow to discuss why you’re trying to copy him.
    and its called the INTERNET not the INTERWEB you disgusting, pea-brained, arrogant, ignorant, racist, delusional, HILARIOUS brown stain on the self-righteous underpants of society.
    and if you reply and call me ‘brother’ ill call my friend Ahmed and have him huff, puff, and blow your house to the sky.

    oh, and i’m white, straight and english, but i just wanted to see if you’d throw up or pray or something when you started reading this.
    see you in hell.

    • Hipple, Rev. Paul T. Says:

      Brother or Sister Hipplehater

      You seem to suffer from both gender conflict issues AND from race conflict issues. Which is very unusual and sad.

      I know for a fact that prayer can help you with the former.

      For the latter, I suggest using higher wattage light bulbs next to your bathroom mirror. In better light, you should be able to tell whether you are a negro or a normal person.


  48. Master Debater Says:

    I fell for the joke when I first visited the site. Rev. Hipple, this site is an excellent and well-crafted flame!

  49. Bukko Canukko Says:

    I had a feeling this blog was connected to Babtistas for Brownback. Thank G-d that Sam is out of that Demonicrat U.S. Senate and now governs the Holy State of Kansas, from which he will expel all the Lincoln-loving types who approve of the Missouri Compromise. And when Tancredo attains the governorship of Colorado — he finished an honest second, after all — by exposing the fraudulent birth certificate of the Demonicrat so-called “winner” Kansas and Colorado can dissolve their mutual border and make sweet state-love together!!!!

  50. Denise Says:

    OMG! This guy is SO funny! Is this theonion.com? Or a transcript of a Saturday Night Live skit? Oh…wait…. he’s for real? Time to up his meds docs.

  51. Jason Says:

    White Evangelical Right Racist scumbags should fuck themselves in the ass including you Rev. Hipple Fuck Face. You fucking piece of accumulated feces, go teabag yourself in the closet you fucking piece of shit. You want to repeal the 13th Amendment to remake slavery legal. Oh yeah right!!! I will count on your allies’ complete disaster and failure and yours too you fucking dipshit. Go commit suicide because you are an embarrassment to society and you are mentally ill. See you in hell you fucking cum dumpster….

  52. Sinti Says:

    George, is that you?? OMG LOL… that’s really rude humor, I feel guilty for laughing now.

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