False and Despicable Rumors about Rep. Tom

In my morning prayers, I asked God about an ugly, false and despicable rumor, inspired by the Demon Beast and spread on the Interwebs that Rep. Tom Tancredo mistakenly deported Jesus the Christ. Jesus the Christ answered my prayers and said, that, no, Rep. Tom did (correctly) have is gardener deported, but his name is Jesus Gonzales, and is no relation to Jesus Christ.

4 Responses to “False and Despicable Rumors about Rep. Tom”

  1. Tancredo Watch Says:

    Thank you, Rev. Hipple, for clarifying that misunderstanding. It must have been one of those “he said/He said” things.

    Surely there are some other rumors out there fit to be debunked…?

  2. Hipple, Rev. Paul T. Says:

    Welcome to the Interwebs Mr. Tancredo Watch!!!

    Let’s put it this way: They bring it on themselves since far too many mexicans use the Lord’s name in Vain by naming their son’s Jesus.

    Any number of Jesus’ will be deported, and hopefully many, many more when Rep Tom Tancredo is elected President of Our Dominion.

    It is just a shame that the Lieberal media have to distort these deportations out of focus. They make a big deal out of one gardener, while mexican rape squads are roaming sanctuary cities.

    So I guess you can say, “Yeah, I’m a gonna debunk rumors and lieberal innuendo when I see it. That is EXACTLY why God called me to the Interwebs to work for Rep Tom Tancredo!!!

  3. Jake Says:

    Oh my G-D! Look at what Tom Tancredo said about Bill Richardson. The Demon Beast is alive and well on the nasty interweb. Rep Tom’s quote is here: http://noahlotmore.blogspot.com/2007/08/bill-richardson-new-mexican-willing-to.html

  4. Hipple, Rev. Paul T. Says:

    I don’t understand your point?

    Rep. Tom has his finger firmly on the pulse of the electorate, and they don’t want any mexicans, whether new, old or refried, taking any more American jobs, from gardeners up to and including the Presidency of Our Dominion.

    Nevertheless, this Richardsonzo character should be taken seriously. By declaring himself a New Mexican, he is clearly pandering to the voter fraud constituency element, the base of illegal aliens who have the numbers to steal this election by Deception and Trickery, unless Just and Righteous Picture Voter ID initiatives proposed by Rep. Tom Tancredo are adopted.

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