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Dr. Rep. Ron Paul’s Mt. Rushmore bust complete; plans for secession of Dakotas crystalize

February 28, 2008

ron-paul-mt-rushmore-bw.jpgRenegade presidential fund raiser and False Prophet Dr. Rep. Ron Paul has instructed his Believers to prepare to invade North and South Dakota, where they will establish a break away republic.
I have received word of these plans in a series of horrific but highly detailed Night Time Holy Visions.

God Himself has chosen me as His humble servant to Reveal the machinations of this deeply disturbed congressman and former abortionist.  My understanding of the Lord’s Visions are that He views Dr. Rep. Ron Paul is the single greatest threat to the Presidential Candidacy of Rep. Tom Tancredo and therefore to His Dominion on Earth.

Rep. Tom Tancredo, in contrast, will build a strong border wall and then build it again if it means saving the Dominion.

Dr. Rep. Ron Paul has instructed his Disciples to gather the billions of dollars they have pilfered from unsuspecting intertubers and stash them in hermetically-sealed jars.  These jars will be shipped inauspiciously via ground delivery to secret hiding spots in former nuclear missle silos throughout North and South Dakota.

Operating on the clever ruse that he was running as a Presidential Candidate, philanderer Dr. Rep. Ron Paul has had plans, all along, to raise money to create a break-away Republic.  The first wave of filthy immigrants into this republic will be his European benefactors, who are led by legions of WWII era Nazi descendants currently residing in Bavaria.  The breakaway Republic will be named Bavariastan and will be run as a tax- and war-free Constitutional haven whose economy will be based upon bushmeat exports –thereby explaining the Mason jar hoarding– and casino gambling.

Military operations associated with the invasion will be led by retired Maj Gen Jerry Curry, an experienced self-flagellating veteran of the Indian Wars and frequent subject of rumors that he may enter the Presidential Race to displace the moribund Capt. Sen. John McCain candidacy.

GA Law Expands Gun Owners Rights to Arm Themselves in Churches

February 19, 2008

guns-in-church.jpgEmboldened by the Presidential candidacy of Rep. Tom Tancredo, the Good Republican (Christian) legislature in Georgia has finally taken a bold but necessary step to stop unChristian persecution of Christians.

And not a moment too soon.

Important legislation, now on the fast track, allows for Christians to defend themselves from unChristian Persecution by removing prohibitions against Our Christian and Constitutional Right to Bear Arms in public places.

From a Christian perspective,  what is most important and welcome about this Law is that congregates and other Christian church goers can now legally bring their firearms into Church Services.  Until now, many such Holy Christians have been torn between breaking the Laws of this Great Dominion, and doing what is necessary to protect the safety of their families, who are exposed to enormous risk each and every time they enter a House of Christian Worship.

With this new Law, they can Converse with the Lord in the great Peace that comes from knowing they can defend themselves and their loved ones with lethal force if necessary from unChristian persecution that comes in the form of attacks on the premises by atheists, crazed homicidal maniacs, or roaming packs of illegal mexican immigrant rape squads desperate for a food handout and willing to do anything until they get one.

This legislation has been widely applauded throughout the State of Georgia.  Astute Political and Religious Commentators appear to understand how the persecution of Christians, and especially handcuffing them from defending themselves, erodes our Culture.

Keeping score in the War on Arab Treachery

February 7, 2008

waterboard terrorists

When I am on the Intertube interblogging with other Interbloggers, I am often asked questions like this one from commentator and interblogger Brother or Sister mw, at The Cynic’s Party interblog:

“If this is a sport, what is the score?”

That is SUCH a great question!!

Of course, so that they can keep their focus and Sharpshooters on the real targets, the U. S. Military is not counting or keeping track of the number of islamofascists we are killing in the War Against Islamic Terror.

Besides, since we are killing so many of these Arabs, it is pretty pointless to count them anyway, since it would make it look like the game is rigged, and they might stop wanting to play us.

So we don’t use the killed ones in the Score, unless we kill them by Just Execution.

Furthermore, renegade elements in the CIA, agents who are suspected of being democrat traitors or having democrat sympathies, are destroying all evidence, video and otherwise of Great Moments in Rendition and Torture which we could otherwise be used to keep Score.

But there are many ways to know the Score without keeping score.

Right now, we are 0-0-2 in terms of islamofascist countries delivered to the Lord. But you got to remember those two ties are still being played right now. They should go to the win column once Rep. Tom Tancredo becomes Commander And Chief, but I’ll just keep them as ties right now.

Another way to keep score is to count up all the islamofascits who have been tried and convicted in Courts of Justice for their crimes. I don’t have my notes handy, but I believe we’re 4-2-1 on that one.

Then you have to add all the wins we are awarded, based on rule technicalities, for all the islamofascists who we’ve captured in 2005 or earlier, but have not faced a trial up to now. They probably won’t ever go to trial because they have been Renditioned and Tortured.

But those count as wins because a good Rendition and Torture is as close as you can get to the Gates of Hell and still come back. And because they were definitely guilty, or else why would be have had them Renditioned and Tortured.

And we get 10 bonus wins for not bringing Khaled Sheikh Mohammed to trial because Torturing him probably saved the Entire world from a nuclear holocaust that we didn’t start by shooting first.

Finally, we get points for the public execution of former Despotic Dictators of Iraq by collaborators in that now free and democratic country who we trained to carry out Just and Dignified executions of criminals, as per the American Way.

So according to my calculations, the score right now is 587-2-3. Which is not bad considering Rep. Tom Tancredo hasn’t even been put into the game yet!

And with any Divine Guidance, we could very well see all those ties go to the win column before its over.

Dr. Rep. Ron Paul reconnoits North Dakoda in preparation for post-election invasion

February 7, 2008


As God has Revealed previously, if elected-and there is a very real possibility that can happen given the incredible possibility that his campaign will build momentum before the primaries are over– it turns out that Dr. Rep. Ron Paul has no intention whatsoever to serve a single day as President of Our Dominion, the United States of America Under God.

So Conservative Christian (Republican) Patriots, instead of wasting your vote on Dr. Rep. Ron Paul, waste it on Rep. Tom Tancredo, who fully intends to serve not one, but two or more complete terms as President when elected.

Dr. Rep. Ron Paul is trying to keep the real plans underlying his campaign top secret. God sees everything, even secrets, and personally tells me, through the Medium of Night Time Visions, a LOT about what He sees.

God has revealed to me that the Dr. Rep. Ron Paul campaign is little more than a deceptive front for a dark and treacherous plan. The campaign is designed for the single purpose of raising money that will be used to buy Manitoba from Canada, where they will start up their own Godless Government, with their own Constitution, and televised Federal Reserve meetings. Perhaps most shockingly, they won’t even get involved in any of our global Wars against Arabs!

Believe you me, Manitobians welcome him with open arms, and are even communicating with the Dr. Rep. Ron Paul campaign using encryted interblog messages. For example, this interblog is actually sending a message that says:

begin message
Dear Dr. Rep. Ron Paul. stop We have finished implanting the tracking devices in all our sheep and alpacas as per your instructions stop We can’t wait until you are our leader stop still waiting on that truck load of popsicles you promised stop good luck on super Tuesday stop our calculations show you will win every state but New Mexico stop Are we still safe? stop
end of message

Once comfortably settled in Manitoba, Dr. Rep. Ron Paul intends, presumably by using an all volunteer army, to conduct cross border raids into North and South Dakota, ultimately taking the land from Our Blessed union of States, thereby weakening Our Dominion on Earth.

Once in control of the Dakotas, Dr. Rep. Ron Paul will rename them North Bavaristan and South Bavaristan, and at that point invite all of his Bavarian followers to settle, giving away free to each settler a 100,000 acre homestead complete with sewer and cable hookups, as reparations for American atrocities in Germany, and particularly in Bavaria, during World War II.

All Dr. Rep. Ron Paul followers currently living in the United States of American under God will either move to Manitoba, to operate dairy farms as a collective proletariat based upon Marxist Principles, in particular, endeavoring to abstain from commodity fetishims excepting such fetishims pertaining to personal electronic devices/video games.

All the others will move to Fargo, North Bavaristan to operate the network servers and to build and protect a Shrine to Paulistan’s completely unamended Constitution.

The Elks Club Conspiracy

Dr. Rep Ron Paul sited at North Dakota Elks Club. Additional Elks Club Conspiracy evidence.

UnChristian persecution of Christians: Ben Stein’s New Movie

February 5, 2008

martyrdom.jpgChristians have suffered at the hands of pagans, atheists, Jews, Romans, muslims and others –all are instruments of the Demon’s treachery–since the beginning of Creation.  And Good and holy Christians respond to this persecution through the lessons of Jesus.   We accept the horrible pain it causes us by remembering the Calm and quiet way that Christ accepted His Death by His persecutors.   Parenthetically, Islamofascists who we find it necessary to rendition and waterboard could take such a lesson themselves and maybe save themselves from the trouble they cause our Intelligence Community.

These same elements of atheism, communism, catholicism, liberalism  and darwinism are now attacking  and persecuting Christians again.  In this case, what I have uncovered is an obvious decrepit methodological naturalist posing undercover as a mainstream media movie reviewer who is attacking Ben Stein’s Historic new movie, Expelled

Expelled is am extremely Truthful and Trustworthy documentary that exposes how brilliant scientists who also happen to have a healthy Christian perspective are being persecuted at elite liberal colleges.  These men are being fired from their jobs, and are prohibited from teaching all sides of the Story of Creation, most especially the parts dealing with how God created everything.

As Good Christians and men of good Christian conscience, these men cannot stand by while these liberal elite institutions Forcibly force them to teach students petty, unprovable theories and only one side of the story at that.

As the movie rolls out in theaters everywhere, Ben Stein is going to take a lot of heat in the form of unChristian persecution of Christians.  Some will even attempt to sew Divisions among Christians, saying that Ben Stein is merely exploiting Christians for profit.  That is simply the typical sort of treachery one can expect from the mainstream media, so don’t you believe a word of it.

We have all said prayers to God to give Our good Christian Brother Stein the strength to rise above this brewing storm of inhumane criticism.  He will prove to be a Christlike Figure no less magnificent then some of history’s earliest and greatest Christlike figures, including Jesus Christ himself.

Rep. Tom Tancredo’s will stop evolution and the teaching of evolution

February 4, 2008

dinosaur.jpgWhen asked if they believe in evolution, most republican presidential candidates–at least the ones any smart Christian person would even consider voting for– Correctly answer, “No!”

But when asked what they intend to do about this evolution they don’t believe in, not a one of them Presidential Candidates–excepting Rep. Tom Tancredo–has any concrete plans.

Pastor Gov. Mike Huckabee talks a good game against evolution, appropriately stating that, “I didn’t come from no monkey,” or “it’s just a theory and not a very good one at that.” But he’s Preaching to the Choir with that stuff.

What are his plans to put an end to the pervasive errosion of our Christian Culture by European darwinist cults and the dangerous ideas that they espouse?

Indeed, as a Campaigner, we see that Pastor Gov. Mike Huckabee is persistently pandering to earn the votes of the liberal elite secular humanists.

For example, as Governor of Arkansas, Pastor Gov. Mike Huckabee was soft on evolution, and failed to act to roll back teaching standards to Christian levels by removing evolution from the curriculum. On the campaign trail today, Pastor Gov. Mike Huckabee exhibits deception and treachery to the Cause of Christian Values by saying, “we can teach evolution but why not teach all the other ideas, too, and let the students make up their own minds.”

Teach evolution right along side of The Truth!? What a waste of time!  Make up their own minds!? Has his extreme diet of tofu made him crazy?! These students can’t properly decide what clothes to wear to school, so how could they possibly be expected to make a rational choice on one of the most Dark-sided, deceptive and dangerous ideas to ever come from a Demon-inspired human?

It is despicable that after 4 terms in the Governors office, that it is still legal in Arkansas to even say out loud the word, “evolution.”  Let’s be honest; if you can’t outlaw evolution in Arkansas, you probably don’t have what it takes to outlaw it anywhere else. He was a weak Governor, and Pastor Gov. Mike Huckabee would be a weak President.

In contrast, Rep. Tom Tancredo will provide real leadership on this issue. He has a multipoint solution to the evolution crisis that will allow Our Christian Dominion to step down the road to healing and end this divisive issue, which causes great sorrow to those Christians who pray so heard for their neighbors to see The Way, but who’s prayers don’t seem to be answered. Such is the strength of the Dark-Side.

Fundamentally, Rep. Tom Tancredo proposes to not only end all discussion of evolution in schools, he will also enact legislation to strike it from the American language and outlaw the use of the word anywhere, publicly or privately.

But none of that will be an effective deterrent to evolution unless he also enacts legislation that can stop evolution in its tracks and wipe it out completely.

Here is Rep. Tom Tancredo’s 5 point plan to restore Truth in Science:

  1. Completely outlaw the teaching of evolution and all other unprovable scientific theories in schools.
  2. Rigidify secondary school science standards by basing them on firm Truthful, Christian, Bible-based principles.
  3. In conjunction with his “Build a Better Border” program modeled on the New Deal public works program and to deal with the economic dislocation, retrain former darwinists as volunteer border wall construction/mine field specialists (don’t worry, they will NOT be allowed air conditioning in their work detail shacks).
  4. Pass a constitutional amendment to outlaw the word “Evolution” or “Darwinism”-spoken or thought- and all books written about evolution or darwinism by darwinists or even Darwin himself.
  5. Round up and eradicate any animal, plant or bug species suspected of attempting to or thinking about undergoing evolution.
  6. Since all islands are suspected to be hot spots of evolution, in conjunction with his “Peaceful Uses for Nuclear Explosions” program, Rep. Tom Tancredo will direct the military to destroy all islands in the United States and Her territories, or the islands of other countries, especially those countries that might contain suspected evolving species hostile to U.S. National interests.   This program will focus on such islands that are being used for species sanctuary purposes or which otherwise protect and support species that are attempting to evolve and destroy our sacred way of life.
  7. Reverse the very few policies of President Gov. George W. Bush that have been otherwise regarded as setbacks on the Global War on Evolution.

Pastor. Gov. Huckabee rolls out Formidable new ad campaign

February 3, 2008

This video is a very disturbing development, and a serious challenge to Rep. Tom Tancredo’s candidacy.

DO NOT BELIEVE A WORD! Liberal Pastor Gov. Mike Huckabee is an Apostate no longer in Communion with mainstream (Republican) Christianity

Obviously, the formally obese Pastor Gov. Mike Huckabee’s invitation, Dark-sided mainstream media forces are now aligned behind his candidacy. We can only imagine what their evil plans are for Our great Dominion.

I’m unconvinced voters of the democrat party, who Pastor Gov. Mike is obviously attempting to attract with ads like this, are NOT smart enough to see beyond the deception and treachery lying at the heart.

unChristian Christian Persecution on the YouTube interblog

February 1, 2008

warning: before watching the following video, which contains the Demon’s deceptions and treachery,  please repeat the following prayer after me:

Lord, I am about to watch this unChristian video on the YouTube for instructional purposes only. I am fully aware that it contains atheistic lies and distortions of unspeakable Dimension, and am only comforted by the Prayerful Knowledge that My Jesus suffered far worse Rendition and Persecution at the hands of the Jews in order that my Soul be saved. Lord, Forgive me if you think watching this filth and persecution is Sinful, but I know that at times You test me by forcing me to face evil just as You commanded your Son, Jesus Christ to go to the Desert to meet Satan.

I was searching the intertubes this morning when I asked The Google for interblog sites that contain Wholesome Christian Examinations that test ones Knowledge of God and strength of faith.  That is when I stumbled upon this video.  At first I thought it was going to be very interesting and Prove how strong was my faith, but it turns out that it persecutes Christians in horrible ways, especially at the very end, which is quite shocking:

In Worship services this weekend, I intend to warn all Congregents at the 2nd Dominion Church of Georgia to avoid the YouTube and to boycott the YouTube, just as I warn you here. All of the YouTube is an extremely dark-sided interblog, that is not safe for Christian men, Christian woman, Christian youth, Christian elders or little unborn baby Christian boys and girls.

This is an example of the sort of unChristian filth and decadation that is allowed on the YouTube. The YouTube is EXTREMELY unChristian and NOT SAFE FOR Christians!

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