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Capt. Sen. John McCain and Dr. Rep. Ron Paul’s unChristian and antiDominion torture positions

January 30, 2008

Jesus our Christ was waterboarded by the Jews and Negro elements of the Roman Guard to save humanity from original sin and to open up the Gates of Eternity to those of us who have accepted Jesus as our personal friend and Savior.

Since Jesus is an historical constant, things today aren’t any different. Only back in His day, the term crucification was a handy euphemism for the term we use today: waterboarding.

But don’t you think for one minute that Jesus the Christ wasn’t waterboarded. He was! And he accepted this fate gladly and so should we.

A direct consequence of this most Sacred Act of Torture is the growth of a wonderful culture of Christian faith that celebrates this Magnificant Act, which has spread throughout the world, culminating in the Glorious Dominion of the United States of America under God which stands at the pinnacle of His Creation.

Clearly, this historic act of Benevolent Torture indicates that God the Father not only condones torture, but that torture has always been a part of His Divine Plan for us. God believes waterboarding can be as useful an Instrument of Justice as any other.

Some people, usually the dark-sided people, falsely proclaim that waterboarding is unChristian. But that doesn’t make any logical sense. If God didn’t condone waterboarding, why in the heck would he have based entirely His Kingdom on Earth on the basis of a simple act of Holy Torture?

Therefore, Waterboarding and other acts of torture that are necessary to persuade islamofascists and other enemies to reveal military information, hidden locations of Weapons of Mass Destruction, turban bombs, and plans of Horrific islamoterrorism are completely consistent with Christian Principles that date back a couple millennium! The War against Arabs can only be won when we finally convert all of these unfortunate peoples to our peaceful religion, and waterboarding will prove to be an important instrument to achieve such conversion.

Unfortunately, we have Republican Presidential Candidates who fail to see this Divine Logic. Unlike Rep. Tom Tancredo, who is a stronger proponent of Waterboarding than even Patient V.P. Richard Cheney, both Capt. Sen. John McCain and Dr. Rep. Ron Paul are vigorously anti-waterboarding, and, in the unlikely event that either would ever be elected President, have promised to dismantle our current highly effective, waterboarding-based culture of foreign policy, that which Baseball Owner President George W. Bush has worked steadfastly to erect.

Clearly, any candidate who is anti-torture has forsaken a key lesson from his Christian upbringing and has become unChristian. Our Dominion has far too many unChristian illegal aliens as it is, and we certainly don’t need one to occupy the Whitehouse. And the need to continue to use Waterboarding as an Instrument of Divine Justice , whether or not we call it torture, will not go away after the upcoming election.

Waterboarding is a Gift from God that He wants us to use and we should Embrace this gift with all of our hearts and use it with all of our God-given abilities.

Did Dr. Rep. Ron Paul perform a certain “gynecologic procedure” on his new bride?

January 28, 2008

rp-wedding-day1.jpgIt is widely known that the biggest threat posed to Rep. Tom Tancredo’s Divinely Endorsed presidential campaign is the campaign of his fellow maverick congressional colleague, suspected abortionist Dr. Rep. Ron Paul.

Future president Rep. Tom Tancredo does not take the Dr. Rep. Ron Paul campaign lightly. Compared to the several other Republican and democrat candidates, the Dr. Rep. Ron Paul campaign is significantly more clever.

For example, Dr. Rep. Ron Paul has recently proposed a 4 Point Economic Stimulus Plan that offers the brilliant and novel solution of forcing the Federal Reserve Bank to publicly Televise all of its meetings! Except for Rep. Tom Tancredo, no other candidate has shown such a Nimble ability to think outside the box to find REAL economic solutions for our crisis. Economists who have performed the calculations indicate that the increased advertising revenues for what are certain to be the most watched broadcasts ever conclude that this solution alone will end the recession within 2 weeks after the plan is implemented!

But don’t you think for a minute that Dr. Rep. Ron Paul is a safe alternative candidate. Don’t you forget for a minute that Dr. Rep. Ron Paul wants to give up, quit and end the War Against Arabs and, worse, he wants to open our borders to brown illegal aliens and let them do whatever they want, Sexually, with our women and children.

In my Nightly Visions last night, The Lord reminded me that later this week, Dr. Rep. Ron Paul will ‘celebrate’ his 51st wedding anniversary, when he first married Mrs. Dr. Rep. Ron Paul. In an act of Great Mercy, He pointed out to me in this Vision that paulbots and paultards everywhere have used this anniversary to organize a campaign that is designed to extort $51 billion from unsuspecting voters, money that if donated instead could find much better uses in Christian Churches. For example, when I take my youth group on field trips, with that sort of money we could afford for each of the boys to have their own personal hotel rooms, and I could comfort the homesick among them without disturbing the sleep of the other boys.

And then My Lord said, “the marriage of Dr. Rep. Ron Paul is Unholy and an Abomination. Rev. Hipple, when you awaken in the morning, The Google will complete this Revelation. Good night and have a Holy tomorrow, my good brother.”

When I awoke, I asked The Google to show me, “Dr. Rep. Ron Paul the Abominationist”

And The Google pointed me to the very, very, very interesting Picture above. It is a picture from the wedding night, when Dr. Rep. Ron Paul and Mrs. Dr. Rep. Ron Paul are about to get into their car and head out to their honeymoon.

But as I looked at that picture carefully, it was obvious it was the fulfillment of a Promised Revelation and I dropped to my knees and Praised the Lord!

First, you’ll note Dr. Rep. Ron Paul is carrying a small case that the yellow arrow points to. It is too small to be their luggage. But it is EXACTLY and PRECISELY large enough to be a medical instrument bag commonly used in that day.

Second. Look at Mrs. Dr. Rep. Ron Paul. Most especially, take advantage of the helpful pink arrow and look at her large, unexplained abdominal mass. It is pooching out quite a bit, isn’t it? Do you know what causes that pooching? Of course you do. Only the presence of a precious little unborn baby boy or girl causes that sort of pooching.

So, to summarize, we have unequivocal photographic evidence that Mrs. Dr. Rep. Ron Paul was EXTREMELY pregnant with an innocent human baby on her wedding night, and that Dr. Rep. Ron Paul–who was a practicing gynecologist at the time–and gynecologists are abortionists–which was illegal at the time–was carrying his bag of medical instruments on his wedding night.

Furthermore, it is an Intertube Fact that upon returning from her honeymoon, Mrs. Dr. Rep. Ron Paul was not pregnant and did not sire a Child for quite some time later.

I will now allow the reader to draw their own conclusions about this despicable Act of Apparent Depravity.

A second look Rep. Tom’s plans for a border wall

January 27, 2008

gaza-border-wall.jpg Leading Presidential Candidate, Republican Rep. Tom Tancredo, is the ONLY candidate who has proposed an effective and comprehensive Border Security Program that promises to stop illegal mexicans from invading our Dominion on the southern border, and to stop them from destroying our Christian Values-based country.

All of the other candidates endorse the Congressional Law to build a simple fence and stop there.

Rep. Tom Tancredo understands that this solution alone will fail and is on record on this.  As proof that Rep. Tom Tancredo is a Visionary, one needs only to look at the current problem in the Gaza border with Egypt, where bands of Palestinian Islamofascists and their terrorist leaders have demolished an extremely strong border wall built by the Israeli government, and spilled out of the Gaza into Egypt, to join forces with Egyptian Arab Islamofascists and terrorists.

This incident proves a border wall alone will not and can not work to keep mongrel hoards in their place.  The Israeli Jews aren’t good for much, but what they can do very, very well is build strong walls.  And even that wasn’t good enough.  And I need not remind you that mexicans are a heck of a lot better at both building and destroying things than are muslims.

One look at Rep. Tom Tancredo multifaceted proposal for securing our borders should convince you that he has the vision needed to end our illegal immigration problem:

Rep. Tom Tancredo’s border program includes:

  1. A high border wall made from titanium that stretches the length of our border with mexico, using illegal aliens captured in the United States of America Under God.
  2. 1 mile wild mine fields planted on both the northern and southern sides of the wall, including mines that are attractively manufactured to look like various cactus plants in order to beautify the region.
  3. In conjunction with his Breaking the Cycle of Welfare for Vicious Negroes initiative, Patrols along the border will deploy vicious border dogs bred by Micheal Vick Enterprises, Inc.
  4. 100% end to end coverage of the border using volunteer snipers, in collaboration with the National Rifle Association.
  5. Stocking the Rio Grande River with flesh eating Piranha fish.

God wants His Dominion saved, and only President Rep. Tom Tancredo has what it takes to be an Instrument of His justice.

Warning: Spreading Homosexual Cults Idolizing Mainstream Media Tramp

January 24, 2008

Upon parole from my illegal incarceration the other day, I’ve been trying to catch up with the goings on all over the intertubes as it relates to Rep. Tom Tancredo’s Divine Calling to move our Dominion upon its Righteous path.

Through what I can only assume was an act of Divine Revelation, I’ve recently come across a dangerous cult of homosexuals engaged with the mainstream media in a conspiracy to recruit, unaware, Christian men who venerate subservient Christian women into a decadent homosexual lifestyle.

The scam works something like this:  A mainstream media harlot and secret Democrat Party operative first falsely declares on the Intertube that she has been fired from her job.  Loyal readers become confused and outraged at “her loss” and just as quickly fall under the spell of this man, who is obviously a flaming homosexual pervert and goes by the ironically redundant code name “homofascist”.

This “homofascist” pervert then declares a war on the mainstream media outlet that allegedly fired the tramp, and opens up an interblog to recruit members to his ‘war’ in a collective he calls ‘homofascist’s army’ ostensibly to wage a pathetic and pointless boycott against a mainstream media outlet run by a notorious, megalomanic homosexual media magnate that nobody outside of the mainstream homosexual sanctuary cities pays attention to anyway.

But what is his real cause?  Is it to wage a righteous war on the mainstream media?  Are we to believe homosexuals wage war against each other?

Most certainly is not!

This sick character “homofascist” has done little but post article after article of gay homosexuals in alluring and seductive poses, obviously trying to trick unsuspecting Christian boys and men to the Dark Side of Homosexual atrocity and perversity.

This ‘homofascist’s army’ is clearly a Cult of secular, atheistic homosexuals seeking to recruit more people to their despicable and perverse lifestyle.  I wouldn’t be at all surprised to find illegal mexicans and islamofascist behind this trickery and deception.

But at the moment, my prayerful inquiry leads me to suspect that “homofascist” is none other than this Nick Denton.  These amoral secular humanists have no bottom to their deceptions and treachery.

Pastor Gov. Huckabee campaign implodes as Jesus endorses Rep. Tancredo

January 24, 2008

Pastor Gov. Huckabee at a Georgia campaign stopThe intertubes are abuzz with the announcement that Pastor Gov. Huckabee’s presidential campaign is low on funds and also low on reasons to exist and will shortly throw in the towel.

As campaign director Ed Rollins, a highly deluded but experienced political operative said, “it looks like The Lord has foresaken Pastor Huckabee and cast him adrift upon the Dark Waters. Woe is me!”

Sure enough, in my Night Time visions last night, Jesus the Christ Himself appeared to tell me that He is endorsing Rep. Tom Tancredo for President, saying that the inherently obese but temporarily slim Pastor Gov. Huckabee, shown in the picture at left, was “full of himself” for having assumed that he’d earn the Jesus Endorsement Prize just because he was a Christian Pastor.

Jesus My Lord said to me, “I’d have to say what most impressed me about Future president Rep. Tom Tancredo, is his ‘Put the ‘J’ back in Jesus‘ immigration policy. Our Dominion needs to close its borders to all but legal immigrants, and to round up all the mexicans who’ve slipped in because we haven’t enforced the laws. Besides, how would you like it if an entire race of ugly brown people stole your name and then mispronounced it?”

Obviously, Jesus was referring to the common sacrilegious practice of mexicans to use his name in vain by naming their children ‘Jesus’ and then completely butchering the pronunciation as ‘Hey, Zeus!’.

Jesus went on to say, “Trust me, I know this Pastor Gov. Mike Huckabee character. He bothers me constantly with his whimpy pleading. You don’t want him as president of My Dominion. I need a mortal partner I can accomplish Great Deeds with, and future President Rep. Tom Tancredo is that partner.”

Free at Last!!! Democrats plan to round up and persecute Christians

January 22, 2008


If I was to told you I just a spent two months in the Colquitt county jail, would you be able to predict what political party the Colquitt county sheriff is a member?

That’s right!  He is a member of the Democrat Party, whereas I am politically unaffiliated except for one teeny, itty little thing, I happen to be a Crusader for the Cause of Christ!!!  I was held in the jail by the sheriff not because I was a republican, which I surely is not, but because I am a Christian Minister of Jesus!!

“Blessed are those who have been persecuted for the sake of righteousness, for theirs is the kingdom of Heaven. Blessed are you when men revile you and persecute you, and say all kinds of evil against you falsely on account of Me.” Matt. 5:10, 11.

Jesus said that persecution of Christians would intensify in the end-times.   I have had almost persistent Nightly Visions from His Holyness that prove scientifically that the Democrat Party plans, upon winning the Presidential Election are to form an Alignment with Islamofascist Muslims and then to Rape, Plunder and Desecrate and finally Persecute all Christians.

God has moved the Sheriff to Free Me from jail so that I can proclaim this warning.

Rep. Tom Tancredo is the only man who stands in front of (United States of) American Christian, who sees this threat and who will hold steadfast to protect our Christian Nation and Christian Way of Life.

A Vote for Rep. Tom Tancredo in 2008 saves our Christian Nation whereas a vote for anybody else will destroy our Christian Identity and bring upon the End Times!!

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