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Rep. Tancredo will improve abortion protest standards

January 21, 2009

Rep. Tom Tancredo, who took a temporary leave of absence from the campaign trail this past summer so as to deal with matters of a private and personal nature, and not because he feared the Hussein Obama juggernaut, will run again for President in 2012.

When elected, one problem that Rep. Tom Tancredo is  dedicated to improve are the abysmal standards in our Abortion Protest Industry.

Take for example the following video, which is being made fun of after posting on the interblog of a notorious Hitler-loving secular college professor elitist windbag evilutionist.  The women in this video simply do a horrible job in answering a very simple question, and come off sounding like a bunch of bleeding heart libs who question the Sanctity of little unborn Holy baby boys and girls.

There are several correct and simple answers to the question, “What should be done to the women who have illegal abortions when Rep. Tom Tancredo outlaws abortions?”

The correct answers are:

1.  They will be stoned to death (Deu 22:21)

2. They will be burned to death, preferably at a stake (Lev 21:9)

3. They will be stoned to death and burned (Deu 22:21 + Lev 21:9)

4. They will be tried and convicted in a Just Court of Law before being sentenced to death (see 1, 2 & 3 above)

As President, Rep. Tom Tancredo will see to it that abortion protesters are better prepared to face the liberal elite mainstream media, who are going to have a field day with this video if they ever find out about it.

No matter what we call it, torture can change hearts of evildoers

January 19, 2009

42-15819098It is hard to resist sarcasm.  With our US  government now transitioning from one based upon Christian Principles to one based on the Quran, it seems to have become fashionable lately to rename ‘enhanced interrogation techniques’ as torture.

We must accept the fact that what is sure to follow this revision of terms is Persecution of the good Christians working for the Bush administration, because nobody who has been accused of practicing enhanced interrogation techniques will ever be convicted of war crimes.

Fine, let’s call it torture and let’s accept that Christians, like Jesus Christ before them, will be unjustly brought to trial and face death for their acts of torture.  When this happens, let us Prayerfully give thanks, taking solace in how it reminds us that persecution is precisely what defines Christians as a great Religious Movement.

Even so, the elect can take further solace in knowing the convicted are saved and at Peace with God.  If the US detention facility official who is conducting torture does  not enjoy torturing the terrorist prisoner, it is completely illogical to think that he is engaged in anything other than the routine extraction of intelligence information from heartless, bloodthirsty murderers.

The fact of the matter is,  we are compelled by our Christian Faith to perform whatever uncomfortable acts are necessary to prevent islamojihadists from committing mass murder.  And if Good Christians are brought to trial and persecuted simply because they sought to uncover these muslim deceptions, we must accept that as God’s Will.

And through all of this, let’s not forget that torture does work.  The liberal mainstream media would have you believe that it doesn’t.  But of course, they have that wrong, too.

For an excellent example, look no further than to the case of  Sayed Imam Al-Sharif, ak Dr. Fadl.   As we all know, before now, no muslim has ever repudiated the terrorist acts of al-Qaeda and for this reason, we now clearly understand that Islam is not a peace loving religion.  However, none other than the ideological founder of Islamic Jihad,  after being tortured as a prisoner of  the Egyptian authorities for over a decade, Dr. Fadl finally broke, repudiating his islamofascist legacy:

In a prison cell south of Cairo a repentant Egyptian terrorist leader is putting the finishing touches to a remarkable recantation that undermines the Muslim theological basis for violent jihad and is set to generate furious controversy among former comrades still fighting with al-Qaida.

Of course, this common criminal doesn’t believe a word of it, and would gladly go back to slaughtering Christians if given the chance.  But that isn’t the point.  My point is this repudiation of violent islamic extremeism would not have been possible without God’s magnificant instrument of torture! Now, for the first time, we have real hope Obama bin Laden will fear what has happened to his colleague, heed the words of this torture victim, lay down his arms, and surrender peaceflly to the nearest authorities.

The next time someone trys to tell you torture is useless, tell them about how a bloodthirsty jihadist in prison called Dr. Fadl,  somewhere around or near the Nile River,  is suddenly singing peace and love like a purple martin sitting on a 20 foot pole.

God’s works of Great Power on this Earth

January 19, 2009

As this video shows, from a Pastor who is clearly moved by the Holy Spirit, God sends us messages every day using Magnificant Acts of both miracles and tragicles.  If you are not one of the Holier chosen disciples of Christ Jesus, like myself, who also receive God’s messages via Holy Night Time Visions, God Commands that you pay attention to the Miracles and Tragicles going on all around you.

Missionary Work in China remains Challenging

January 15, 2009


Missionary in China trying to win a reluctant convert

Doing missionary work is not a Dominionist’s cup of tea.  I mean, what is the point?  Since other countries are not Chosen, there really is nobody to save in China or Africa or wherever.  If God wanted those people to Live in Eternal Comfort with him, He would have started out by making them Americans.

Still, Dominionists have obligations of  strong Christian identity.  Though we may not support the mission of Christian missionaries, we certainly do support the Christian brothers and sisters who are missionaries.

Most Dominionists would be surprised by the challenges involved, because some Foreigners have no interest whatsoever in converting to Christianity and are difficult to convince of the Eternal Truthfulness of Jesus.

I was searching the intergoogles today for evidence, and came across this picture of a Christian missionary trying to convince a woman in a blue jacket of Jesus’ Loving Word.

I can only imagine how frustrating it must be to have to deal with pagan-like people on a daily basis.

Prayer Request for Judge Askew

January 15, 2009

visitation_prisonersGod our Holy and Sacred Father, please move the Spirit of your servant in this Dominion, Judge Wilford B. Askew, tonight. Perhaps even give him a Holy Night Time Visitation, so that, during the court session tomorrow at which Judge Wilford B. Askew will proside over, he will see Your Good Works in brother Rev. Paul T. Hipple, and become imbued with the Spirit of Passionate Foregiveness.

Then, he can deliver brother Rev. Paul T. Hipple from his oppressive chains of obligations, including probation and community services associated with his wholly misguided, unfair, and unjustified conviction of unlawful iimprisonment in the third degree, particularly seeing as how the diabolical prosecutor suppressed testimony rendered in a secret meeting at the Cracker Barrel restaurant next to the interestate in which the sound- minded victim, plied with nothing but Coca-Cola, confessed without coercion into a secret microphone hidden in the Rev. Paul T. Hipples shirt pocket, that it was a wholly consensual explicit act.

Largely because of this grevious prosecutorial misconduct, our Brother the Rev. Paul T. Hipple received an unjust conviction and sentance and as such, has suffered unChristian persecution of a Christian that rivals any Christian persecution of recorded or remembered History.

Lord, Our Father of Father’s, Please show mercy on our Brother Rev. Paul T. Hipple, whose flock is growing all across the intergoogles, as you showed mercy on your Only Son, who was horribly renditioned and tortured by the mainstream Jewish elite of his age, but in doing so somehow still managed to save all the Chosen Souls of your eternal Kingdom.

What would Jesus Drive?

January 13, 2009

I am not a big fan of modern day music because most of it is little more than oral fornication, but every so often you find good Christian music that attempts to adhere to fundamental Biblical Principals.

This video isn’t perfect, it has a few flaws, but for the most part, it displays Jesus in a true Biblical context,  as we know Him from the Bible and from Prayer….as an American Jesus.

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