About the Banner Image

Look at then banner image of Our Blog. Then close your eyes and say a prayer.

Now open your eyes. God told you what it means, didn’t He?

It is like the Field of Dreams, when the character played by Kevin Kostner felt compelled to build a baseball field in his front yard next to a cotton field. And who eventually came from that cotton field? His FATHER!!!!

Now do you understand?

I am compelled by Christ Our Father to build this Interweb. My Father and His Son Jesus have given me the purity of vision to see that if we build this cause, the Right Rep. Tom Tancredo will spring forth from these pages to become Our Next President of the United States Under God!!

If we build it, He will come! I know I sound crazy, but that’s what they said about Kevin Kostner in that movie, too. And then do you remember the last scene? The one where all the cars were driving up to his farmhouse, from miles and miles and miles away?

One Response to “About the Banner Image”

  1. starbirdcanada Says:

    Teh Mooovy’s be ebil, Rev. Much sin and homersexyaluty is in dem….

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