Euros for Ron Paul Just Don’t Seem to Get It

Some pretzel-munching Bavarian Ron Paul supporter and suspected Islamofascist terrorist wonders what we are all about here at Dominionists for Tancredo.

Now I ask you, what on earth could be considered more satirical:

A) A dead-in-the-water Ron Paul campaign courting votes in Bavaria and other continental european Dens of Iniquity, who needlessly and recklessly interfere in our God-given Right to Vote because those are the ONLY people in the world (outside of Arabia, Iran and Afghaministan who Ron Paul can trick into voting for him)

B) A paradigm-driving campaign by Rep Tom Tancredo that has EVERY OTHER REPUBLICAN candidate (except for Ron Paul) talking about getting tough on Illegal Aliens and all of the Europeans who want, once again, to be Illegal Aliens because they only now realize they didn’t destroy our Dominion when the first tried to take it over.



Satire is the European Demon atheists, papists and idolatrists who represent the single largest voting block Ron Paul has behind him. Satire is European’s, consumers of any dog religion that comes along, interfering in Our Republic Under God voting system.

In fact, maybe This is Irony, because these Euros for Paul know that the Christian Citizens of the United States of America would NEVER interfere in the political processes of other countries. Why would we? We have Everything we Need in our Dominion, One of the Greatest Gifts of God Ever (GGGE) to Humanity


10 Responses to “Euros for Ron Paul Just Don’t Seem to Get It”

  1. joshua bruce l Says:

    “In fact, maybe This is Irony, because these Euros for Paul know that the Christian Citizens of the United States of America would NEVER interfere in the political processes of other countries”
    Sorry what abouut Afghanistan (not Afghaministan),Iraq, columbia, what about all theus sponsored “color’ revolutions, not to mention bases in hundreds of countries? You have the gall to say America doesn’t interfere in other countries politics, grow up. Do not be led to Hell by false doctrines and delusions of grandeur. Tom Tancredo is doing the work of the devil and you are helping.

  2. Hipple, Rev. Paul T. Says:

    Rep. Tom Tancredo has been called by God to prevent the mongrelization that happened in Europe from happening in The United States Under God.


    And I don’t know what you are talking about with that other stuff. Didn’t President Bush just say the other day, when asked if the US was ready to depose PM Maliki: “It is not our position, it is their sovereign country. It is for the Iraqi people to decide.”

    So there you have a clear example where the US, as a matter of Policy from the Highest Possible Authority next to God, saying they wouldn’t interfere in the political affairs of another country.

    Typical Lieberal distortion

  3. Steven Says:

    Maybe you should just take a little ride on the magic internet and look how many times the US has interfered in another countries elections. Stop being stupid and start researching before you write.

    Ron Paul has more christians ethics in one finger because he walks the talk. The christian right in this country is a bunch of blow hards that run their mouths and don’t live what they preach. I am a christian by the way and I am disgusted with my brothers and sisters who continually attack the most christian person I have ever meet. Ron Paul.

  4. joshua bruce l Says:

    I agree with Tancredos immigration positions yes. It is not up to us to decide to bomb mecca and medina, we cannot create the tribulation that would be blasphemy. If you think Bush doen’t lie or is the highest authority next to god then you have already started worshipping the anti-Christ, so no need to fret about Ron Paul a true humble Christian who follows the word of Jesus Christ not Bush a flawed human.

  5. Hipple, Rev. Paul T. Says:

    On this much I’m certain we can agree Brother Bruce: Before long, those prehistoric muslim murder bombers and islamofascist terrorists will probably find a way to flatten Mecca and Medina all on their own.

    So we all really doubt that Rep. Tom Tancredo will actually need to Nuke them.

    Still, it’s important to have the right Christian person on the trigger, willing to answer God’s beseechments when He makes them. I don’t think Ron Paul is the right kind of Christian for the Job.

  6. Hipple, Rev. Paul T. Says:

    Steven–you say “ride on the magic internets” and that sounds vaguely familiar

    Is that some term bandied about in the community of narcotic addicts, those people who pervert the Sanctity of the human flesh by consuming mind altering poisons to better channel to the Beast of Demons?

    Just curious.

    Add by the way, Rep. Tom Tancredo will WIN the War on Drugs on day 35 of his first 100 days in office.

    Ron Paul doesn’t seem to have a drug plan at all, other than to covort with drug addicts and recruit voters from Copenhagen.

  7. Fabio Bossi Says:

    UNITED STATES Votes for:
    11894 votes for Ron Paul
    6663 votes for Barack Obama
    1884 votes for Dennis Kucinich
    1037 votes for Hillary Clinton
    1015 votes for Mike Gravel
    538 votes for John Edwards
    412 votes for Rudy Giuliani
    392 votes for Fred Thompson
    339 votes for Mitt Romney
    268 votes for John McCain
    210 votes for Bill Richardson
    149 votes for Joe Biden
    114 votes for Mike Huckabee
    84 votes for Duncan Hunter
    66 votes for Tom Tancredo
    47 votes for Chris Dodd
    45 votes for Sam Brownback
    38 votes for Tommy Thompson

    GERMANY Votes for:
    179 votes for Ron Paul
    176 votes for Barack Obama
    71 votes for Hillary Clinton
    28 votes for Dennis Kucinich
    20 votes for Mike Gravel
    12 votes for John Edwards
    3 votes for Rudy Giuliani
    3 votes for John McCain
    3 votes for Chris Dodd
    3 votes for Mitt Romney
    2 votes for Bill Richardson
    2 votes for Sam Brownback
    1 vote for Tom Tancredo
    1 vote for Duncan Hunter
    1 vote for Mike Huckabee
    1 vote for Tommy Thompson


  8. Hipple, Rev. Paul T. Says:

    Clearly, those nearly one-to-one corresponding data show that the political process in the United States of America Under God has been infiltrated and hopelessly mongrelized by the German element.

    I fully intend to warn the Rep Tom Tancredo for President Holy Movement about this problem. My recommendation is that he add to his Presidential Platform, and promise that by the 93rd of his first 100 days in office, he will have dealt with ‘The German Problem’, just after finishing his work fixing ‘The Mexican Crisis’.

  9. Fabio Bossi Says:

    Yeah, do that. And in the meantime watch this:

    Ron Paul on Tucker Carlson:

    The video was made in Poland.

  10. Hipple, Rev. Paul T. Says:

    Just what Ron Paul really needs, a strong endorsement from pollacks too stupid to realize NOBODY except kids with asperger’s would watch a 9 minute Ron Paul campaign YouTube video.

    Please suggest to him the following campaign slogan: “Ron Paul, Vote for Me or I or One of My European Backers Will Bore You to Death”

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