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California becomes 1st official Sanctuary State

October 10, 2011

Illegal mexican immigrants migrate over to California to live high on the hog at the expense of California taxpayers

It looks like the liberal socialist Governor of California, Defrocked Papist Pastor Governor Jerry Brown has once again, for the second time in his life, decided to spit into the Eye of God by declaring California an official Sanctuary State.

In a speech, Defrocked Papist Paster Governor Jerry Brown announced, “In signing this order, I hereby evade my Constitutional Obligations admitting I am an Unrepentant socialist zealot to unilaterally lay down a welcome matt for all illegal mexicans throughout the land.  Please!  Come to California and stay!  California taxpayers will house, feed and educate you all…including roaming packs of mexican rape squads.”

Do you hear that sound?

Do you smell all that exhaust smoke?

That is the sound and smell of illegal mexicans all across the land loading up their cars to head out to California, the land of welfare opportunity.

Wake up again! People!

Death threats force Jesus to cancel Last Supper

February 7, 2011

Liberal Elitists seek to Crucify xGov Mother Sarah Palin

No!  Of course this did not happen.  You have to be pretty stupid to think The Bible has an error!

But that is the first thought that comes to my mind when I hear that xGov Mother Sarah Palin is forced to cancel yet another public appearance when threats of a highly credible nature are made upon her life.

In this instance, she has been forced to cancel an important charity fundraising event for Our Troops, who are sacrificing so much for our Dominion while deployed in harms way, fighting to preserve our way of life from the savage threats of muslims.  The least we could do to thank them for their sacrifice is to hold a Charity Fundraiser in their honor, and raise money in their names.  But threats from violent liberals and democratic party operatives and their mainstream media collaborators make this too dangerous of an event for her to attend.  And who benefits from the cancellation of this benefit?  The terrorists. Coincidence?

But, one does wonder does he not?  The often violent disrespect shown to xGov Mother Sarah Palin by a loose cabal of elite liberal mobsters suggests that Jesus very well might have canceled the Last Supper had he been subjected to their cynical brand of democratic party partisianship mind control that xGov Mother Sarah Palin endures on a daily basis.

As  history proves, and as verified by authentic Biblical Witnesses,  Jesus did not cancel the Last Supper.  We’ll never know whether he failed to act on good advice or bad, but we do know that as a direct consequence of holding His Last Supper, He was bushwhacked by a traitorous apostle. We now know that Judas was a greedy and despicable  Jew/Arab hybrid in possession of an  unquenchable thirst for power and a weakness for the Roman Denarius.  As a result of the Judasian Betrayal, Jesus ended up sacrificing His Body to a rendition and torture of such a horrible nature, we dare not even use such methods on terrorists we have captured in the recent muslim wars, even though they fully deserve it.

To be sure, because Jesus failed to cancel the Last Supper, the Sins of Christians are now purged of all Godly memory, and the Chosen among us are invited to walk in the bosom of God in Heaven for an eternity, after this meaningless corporeal existence of ours has ended.

The Christian Soul would have met a very different fate over the last 2000 year had Jesus instead been alerted to the same sorts of threats xGovMother Sarah Palin gets on a daily basis.  The prophesies would have gone unfulfilled, and we would have had to wait for another Messiah, and probably not a one as handsome as was Jesus the Christ owing to the miscegenation of Galilee since His time!

Fortunately, xGov Mother Sarah Palin escapes the fate of Jesus because she has a number of early warning detection systems that alert her to the threats lobbed at her from demon-inspired Obama-backing secularists.  She uses the intertwitter, Fair and Balanced Fox News, the interUTubes, her Facebookalytes, and so on to alert her when it is unsafe to render speeches.  Jesus’ fate was sealed because he did not have these tools.

When she cancels her speaking engagements, xGov Mother Sarah Palin does so only because Her time of the Ultimate Sacrifice is not upon us. Until that time comes, perhaps at some point after Trig is weaned from her bosom, a time which is between her and God, she (along with Rep Tom Tancredo) will remain His greatest gift to us, just as His Son Jesus was in His Greatest Gift to Us back in the Day.

On the Intruder Issue: A Modest Proposal for my Expelled Brothers

April 4, 2008

Tattoed holocaust survivorAs many of you know, the Heroic Christians who have produced the Award-Winning Documentary Expelled, starring Speechwriter, Actor, Columnist Ben Stein are having an extremely difficult time screening their Inspired Movie to Christian Audiences without the prying and disruptive eyes of sneaky Atheistic Darwinists crashing the party.

Expelled lays out in horrifying and chilling detail how Christian educators–those who simply advocate keeping an open mind in science classes regarding All scientific theories of on the Origins of Life, including unimpeachable Biblically Grounded Theories — are subjected to unChristian persecution by the liberal, secular, materialist, Atheistic, Darwinist Elitists who monopolize our educational system.

The movie also scientifically proves, for the first time, that the root blame for the Nazi holocaust in Europe can be laid at the feet of Mr. Charles Darwin himself, author of the largely discredited and scientifically ambiguous theory of Evolution.  This Proof has been verified scientifically by a series of peer-reviewed interbloggers.

Inexplicably, the Expelled Movie appears to have struck a chord in the Dark Hearts of Satanists. Several Notorious Satanists have been caught and arrested for either stealing Private Invitations to see the movie from unSuspecting Christians, or obtaining these very limited Invitations under false pretenses. They accomplish all of this by resorting to unspeakable acts of Treachery and Demonic Deception.

The net result is that these uninvited and unwanted provocateurs are disrupting a Holy Theatrical Christian Presentation designed exclusively to assist Select prayerful Christians who are already on the Pathway of Righteous Salvation leading to the End Times. This movie is not designed to persuade or in anyway influence atheistic satanists, who’s Eternal souls are already lost, well down the Hellfire express lane. Therefore, no purpose is served by allowing them to attend the movie, especially if it means that a good Christian will be unseated during the limited and Extremely Popular engagement.

Furthermore, Christian Souls are placed at great risk by the mere act of unwittingly sitting in a dark theater nearby a Dark-sided soul, such as that of an Atheist, Satanist or secular Biologist. Also, there are numerous reports coming in from the field that these uninvited characters are disrupting the screenings, by yelling out catcalls during objectionable scenes, arguing with the Discussion Leader, asking stupid questions, cursing, spitting, making loud farting sounds, and worst of all, refusing to turn their cell phones off.

The Producers of the movie are going to great lengths to identify these perpetrators before entering the theater to protect Invited Christians from these sorts of disturbances. They have quietly changed locations of the theaters and even screening time, hoping to not alert the evilutionists. But the Dark-sided flim flam continues to sneak through.

I prayed to the Lord before Bedtime last night, begging for Guidance on this issue. In my subsequent night time visions, He showed me all manner of horrific images that I just couldn’t understand, try as I might. It started with scenes of mexican rape squads, streaming over our border fences unimpeded–not a single Secure Land Mine blew up to stop their flood as they poured into our Sanctuary Cities. Then I saw horrific fires, a falling snow made of greasy milk flakes, and the silent screams of corpses stacked at the edges of a forest like cord wood.

Then I saw numbers. Random numbers, one after another.

Then God awoke me and I knew what to do.

God recommends that when handing out Invitations to Christians, the producers of Expelled also tattoo an identification number onto the forearms of these guests. When such individuals show up for a screening, they simply need to roll up their sleeve to be identified, and then can go grab some refreshments before having a seat and enjoy the movie.

All of the Atheists and Satanists attempting to sneak into the movie who have obtained an invitation by Deception and Perdition, won’t have this tattoo identification and can easily be turned away by the Pinkertons. We won’t have to waste our time interrogating them, checking easily falsified identifications, or listening to their Deceit and Treachery as they attempt to trick their way into the sitting area.

In one sense, it is unfortunate that our Dominion has come to this. In the absence of the sort of Leadership that only Rep. Tom Tancredo could provide as president it has become a place where it is easy to spot a Negro, an illegal alien, and most homosexuals. But, sadly, it is darn near impossible to spot the Good Christian (Republicans) anymore, and distinguish one of them from a Dark-sided secularist.

Is Ben Stein a traitor to Conservative (Republican) Christian values?

March 26, 2008

ben-stein-2jpg.jpgThe Lord gave me a powerful and disturbing Holy Vision last night.

He commanded me to go to the intertubes and ask The Google the following query: Ben Stein+ NY Times

assuring me that if I actually had to accidentally read anything on the elitist, dark-sided, liberal mainstream mouthpiece NY Times to achieve this Holy Mission, that such a transgression would not be held against the Sanctity of my Eternal Soul just so long as I hurried up and went about my business and didn’t dawdle.

God said, “Reverend Hipple, when you Witness the perversity and perversion of which I speak, you will understand EXACTLY what to do.”

Now I don’t want to sound like a bragger, but I derive a great deal of comfort knowing that God can trust me like that when He needs some help.

Still, I felt a great sense of foreboding in going about this task. I’ve known that Speechwriter, Economist, Actor Ben Stein has been a leading Christian Figure lately. But what in Heaven’s name could a Good Man like that have to do with the NY Times?

He is the star of the Hit Movie Expelled, where he plays the part of a Jew playing the part of a Christian exposing the shocking stranglehold that the Darwinian-inspired Atheists and abortionists have on our schools and Christian Culture. The movie, for the first time, also chronicles the shocking connection between the Adolf Hitler’s fascination with Darwin’s “Theory” of Evolution, and how he based his principles of the Holocaust on Darwin’s Greatest Fraud. As you can imagine, Speechwriter, Economist, Actor Ben Stein’s new movie sounds like Fantastic Christian Entertainment, which I urge you to enjoy with all of your family.

But indeed, what I found when Googling as God commanded was very Shocking, and forced me to drop to my knees in Deep Prayer for Understanding.

It appears that the NY Times got their grubby little hands on and published a private letter that Speechwriter, Economist, Actor Ben Stein had composed to Capt. Sen. John McCain, who is still running against Rep. Tom Tancredo for President of Our Dominion.

But, to my utter amazement, the letter is extremely Shocking and Worrisome, and calls into question whether Speechwriter, Economist, Actor Ben Stein is as committed to Conservative Christian Family Values as he claims to be in his Expelled movie role. Maybe it is a good thing, afterall, that the NY Times dumpster diving reporters came up with this little nugget.

In the letter, Speechwriter, Economist, Actor Ben Stein advocated that Capt. Sen. John McCain consider rolling back Core Elements of Conservative (Republican) Christian (Economic) Values.

Speechwriter, Economist, Actor Ben Stein wrote:

“By definition, the truly rich have a lot more money than they need. If they don’t, then they are not rich by my standards. The first step toward putting our house in order, once we are past the seemingly looming recession, is much higher taxes on the truly rich and serious enforcement to prevent offshore tax evasion. “

If that is not shocking enough, Speechwriter, Economist, Actor Ben Stein went on to say:


“To put it even more starkly, the government — which is us — needs the money to keep old people alive, to pay for their dialysis, to build fighter jets and to pay our troops and pay interest on the debt. We can get it by indenturing our children, selling ourselves into peonage to foreigners, making ourselves a colony again, generating inflation — or we can have some integrity and levy taxes equal to what we spend.

I call on my fellow Christians to re-evaluate Speechwriter, Economist, Actor Ben Stein and decide for themselves whether this position gives him the authority needed to be taken seriously as a leading Christian Figure.

I’m not in the business of telling anybody how to think, but if you want my opinion, I don’t see how anybody who claims to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ can seriously contemplate increasing taxes on anybody, much less the rich.. ..and then giving that money to old people who were too lazy and stupid to save their own dern money, or not take better care of their bodies when they were younger.

It seem to me that Speechwriter, Economist, Actor Ben Stein bamboozled the people who hired him to play a role in that movie. If the movie Expelled is built on a lie like that, perhaps your entertainment dollar might be better spent on the upcoming documentary, Chronicles of Narnia IXV, which I understand will include the most dramatic re-enactment of The Fall of Humanity ever before seen on film.


The Lord has touched Mrs. T.D. Gaines-Crockett on this issue, too, and if you read her words, which generally speak to the issue of Christians and Republicans who only talk the walk, they will leave no doubt whatsoever that Speechwriter, Economist, Actor Ben Stein is nothing more than a low-life RINO-CINO.  Lower than a liberal and just a nudge above an illegal mexican alien.

Christians barely survive entrappment in public theater with Lethal Atheists!!

March 21, 2008

The intertubes are abuzz today with shocking and Disturbing reports of a close and dangerous brush between good, nuclear-family Christians and the Endtimes.

See here, and here. And here, too, for a fornicating Lesbian Harlot perspective.

For a wholesome and more truthful Christian perspective, see here.

A group of God-fearing Minnesota Christians specially invited through the Word of God to Witness and Pray for the World Premier of a new and powerful Christian educational movie were shocked to discover that they had been locked in the same dark room with Atheism’s Black Pope, Richard Dawkins!

Expelled the Movie stars noted Jewish actor Ben Stein as a brilliantly understated Christian Intellectual performing a dramatic re-enactment of several instances when Christians were persecuted from the halls of academia simply because the held steadfast in Teaching the Truth, and doubting Darwinism.

But, back to last night in Minnesota.

In the Name of the Lord, I command all members of the Rev. Paul T. Hipple Ministries to Drop to their Prayerful Knees and beg God our Lord for the Salvation of these unfortunate Christian Brother’s and Sisters, whose Souls have been stained with the perversity and perversions of Godless Atheism, because they were trapped in the same room with Dawkins, a Messenger of the Demon. Unconfirmed reports also suggest that the spawn of noted Christ-denialist PZ Myers was in the room, too, and also certain Lesbians. That is a Tremendously toxic concentration of Dark-Sidedness for one small theater, spoiling the souls of any nearby Christian..possibly permanently unless Prayers of Mercy are immediately rendered.

The irony is not lost on us that today is Good Friday. We celebrate and glorify the Wonderful Moment, over 2000 years ago, when God’s Son, Jesus the Christ, was savagely beaten and willingly gave up His very life to the hands of his brutal Jewish torturers. By this selfless Act, He saved the Souls of only those Christians who accept Jesus the Christ as their personal friend and Savior.

The Demon typically wields his weapons of Perversity and Deception on God’s Holiest Holidays.  So this isn’t too surprising.

Unfortunately, the blessings we receive from this greatest Selfless Act of All History do not automatically extend to include forgiveness for consorting with leaders of Atheist Movements, or with Lesbians, even if such consorting was completely unintentional in nature.  God hates unintentional sin just as much as he hates intentional sin, baby murderer’s, roaming packs of mexican rape squads, etc and so forth.

UnChristian persecution of Christians: Ben Stein’s New Movie

February 5, 2008

martyrdom.jpgChristians have suffered at the hands of pagans, atheists, Jews, Romans, muslims and others –all are instruments of the Demon’s treachery–since the beginning of Creation.  And Good and holy Christians respond to this persecution through the lessons of Jesus.   We accept the horrible pain it causes us by remembering the Calm and quiet way that Christ accepted His Death by His persecutors.   Parenthetically, Islamofascists who we find it necessary to rendition and waterboard could take such a lesson themselves and maybe save themselves from the trouble they cause our Intelligence Community.

These same elements of atheism, communism, catholicism, liberalism  and darwinism are now attacking  and persecuting Christians again.  In this case, what I have uncovered is an obvious decrepit methodological naturalist posing undercover as a mainstream media movie reviewer who is attacking Ben Stein’s Historic new movie, Expelled

Expelled is am extremely Truthful and Trustworthy documentary that exposes how brilliant scientists who also happen to have a healthy Christian perspective are being persecuted at elite liberal colleges.  These men are being fired from their jobs, and are prohibited from teaching all sides of the Story of Creation, most especially the parts dealing with how God created everything.

As Good Christians and men of good Christian conscience, these men cannot stand by while these liberal elite institutions Forcibly force them to teach students petty, unprovable theories and only one side of the story at that.

As the movie rolls out in theaters everywhere, Ben Stein is going to take a lot of heat in the form of unChristian persecution of Christians.  Some will even attempt to sew Divisions among Christians, saying that Ben Stein is merely exploiting Christians for profit.  That is simply the typical sort of treachery one can expect from the mainstream media, so don’t you believe a word of it.

We have all said prayers to God to give Our good Christian Brother Stein the strength to rise above this brewing storm of inhumane criticism.  He will prove to be a Christlike Figure no less magnificent then some of history’s earliest and greatest Christlike figures, including Jesus Christ himself.

Mexican Rape Squads rises to #1 Issue in Campaign

August 22, 2007

Rep. Tom Tancredo is not only on top of all the campaign issues, his ideas are quickly becoming front and center in this campaign for the 2008 Presidency, proving that only he has the leadership skills needed to protect our Dominion from alien mongrelization.

Excuse me, but has Sen. Sam Brownback had an issue lately that anybody cared to discuss as seriously as Rep. Tom Tancredo?  Sen Sam Brownback is getting his supporters all worked up all worried about little life forms that scientists say they can create in the labs.  But these scientists are obviously nothing more than hedonist crackpots, full of the Demon.  And Being at the University of Florida–it is a place where, should the little monsters escape  from the lab, nobody would be able to tell the difference between them and the college professors working there.  So, really, what is the big deal about that?
But Rep Tom Tancredo is working on real, honest to goodness crises–including one in which mexican rape squads are roaming the streets and roads of our Dominion, killing innocent women and children and even Negroes in Sanctuary Cities.

As things progress, we expect other campaigns to come to the realization that illegal immigration and the illegal immigrants who illegally immigrate is THE MAIN PROBLEM facing our Dominion.

And when the other candidates finally come around to that, Rep Tom Tancredo will be out in front on another issue: Outlawing the epidemic of political correctness that is destroying our great country Under God.

And doing so in a way that sets the agenda the debate about what this country is gonna look like after the 2008 elections.

Praise Him and Ben Stein for Prayers Answered

August 22, 2007

My Dear Communicants!

We have prayed so hard over the years, beseeching our Lord to send someone who will put a stop to so, so many things that mongrelize the Culture of Our Dominion.

And God sent us Rep. Tom Tancredo.  Praise to Him!!!

And we said, “God, Rep. Tom Tancredo is doing such a superb job, even the good but criminally misguided brothers and sisters at Baptists for Brownback 2008 are afeared that he will pull votes away from their hopelessly criminal and misogynizing candidate.”

Now, God sent us Ben Stein, who was once a lieberal elitist from the pagan culture of Hollyweird, but who’s soul is now resurrected though YOUR prayer and Holy Diligence.

Now, Mr Stein, clearly operating under the Glory of God, has created a new movie in which he exposes Under the Most Intense Lumens of God’s Light all the secular progressive humanist college  professor darwinists, who seek to shove their “theories” of ape-like men down the throats of our children, violently choking them until they submit to a godless culture of depravity.  In this movie, Ben Stein will stand up and put an end to a culture that mocks our Good Christian Heritage, and those the Heritage of our Great Country!!  Finally, we have someon who is savvy and intelligent working on the Side of Our Lord.

Thank the Lord today for sending Ben Stein, and Praise to Him for forgiving Ben Stein’s many sins and Transgressions.

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