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Obama wastes taxpayer dollars to install White House basketball court

October 12, 2009

We have uncovered fresh utubercle video evidence that  Spearchucker Sheik President Sen Nobelist Barry Soeterror Hussien Obama has no interest in restoring fiscal sanity to the White House, the House of Representatives, or any other House for that matter.  Watch the deeply disturbing video below which documents the new, state of the art $56.8 billion Negro-only basketball court that Obama has had built in the White House basement.


Capt. POW Sen. John McCain single-handedly saves free-market capitalism from meltdown

September 25, 2008

Capt. POW Sen. John McCain flying back to Washington "incognito" disguised as Rep. Tom Tancredo

Capt. POW Sen. John McCain flying back to Washington, cleverly disguised as Rep. Tom Tancredo

Yesterday, God asked Capt. POW Sen. John McCain to make an extraordinary sacrifice for his country, to rush back to Washington DC from the campaign trail and save the Free (Christian) World from utter and complete destruction.

Today, Capt. POW Sen. John McCain delivered.

Under his leadership and economic brilliance, which Prayer sources tell me he could not have been more essential in the tough negotions with the dems, we now have a complete, comprehensive and effective financial Surge plan in place that will save The United States of America free market financial system, and all the investment bankers and their clients who have worked so diligently over the years to make it the envy of the world to such an extent, militant Islamic Jihadists seek to destroy it with their every wish.

Speaking of muslims, where was the Negro Hussein Obama during all of this?

Presumably en route back from his Ramadan pilgramage.

Keeping score in the War on Arab Treachery

February 7, 2008

waterboard terrorists

When I am on the Intertube interblogging with other Interbloggers, I am often asked questions like this one from commentator and interblogger Brother or Sister mw, at The Cynic’s Party interblog:

“If this is a sport, what is the score?”

That is SUCH a great question!!

Of course, so that they can keep their focus and Sharpshooters on the real targets, the U. S. Military is not counting or keeping track of the number of islamofascists we are killing in the War Against Islamic Terror.

Besides, since we are killing so many of these Arabs, it is pretty pointless to count them anyway, since it would make it look like the game is rigged, and they might stop wanting to play us.

So we don’t use the killed ones in the Score, unless we kill them by Just Execution.

Furthermore, renegade elements in the CIA, agents who are suspected of being democrat traitors or having democrat sympathies, are destroying all evidence, video and otherwise of Great Moments in Rendition and Torture which we could otherwise be used to keep Score.

But there are many ways to know the Score without keeping score.

Right now, we are 0-0-2 in terms of islamofascist countries delivered to the Lord. But you got to remember those two ties are still being played right now. They should go to the win column once Rep. Tom Tancredo becomes Commander And Chief, but I’ll just keep them as ties right now.

Another way to keep score is to count up all the islamofascits who have been tried and convicted in Courts of Justice for their crimes. I don’t have my notes handy, but I believe we’re 4-2-1 on that one.

Then you have to add all the wins we are awarded, based on rule technicalities, for all the islamofascists who we’ve captured in 2005 or earlier, but have not faced a trial up to now. They probably won’t ever go to trial because they have been Renditioned and Tortured.

But those count as wins because a good Rendition and Torture is as close as you can get to the Gates of Hell and still come back. And because they were definitely guilty, or else why would be have had them Renditioned and Tortured.

And we get 10 bonus wins for not bringing Khaled Sheikh Mohammed to trial because Torturing him probably saved the Entire world from a nuclear holocaust that we didn’t start by shooting first.

Finally, we get points for the public execution of former Despotic Dictators of Iraq by collaborators in that now free and democratic country who we trained to carry out Just and Dignified executions of criminals, as per the American Way.

So according to my calculations, the score right now is 587-2-3. Which is not bad considering Rep. Tom Tancredo hasn’t even been put into the game yet!

And with any Divine Guidance, we could very well see all those ties go to the win column before its over.

Pastor. Gov. Huckabee rolls out Formidable new ad campaign

February 3, 2008

This video is a very disturbing development, and a serious challenge to Rep. Tom Tancredo’s candidacy.

DO NOT BELIEVE A WORD! Liberal Pastor Gov. Mike Huckabee is an Apostate no longer in Communion with mainstream (Republican) Christianity

Obviously, the formally obese Pastor Gov. Mike Huckabee’s invitation, Dark-sided mainstream media forces are now aligned behind his candidacy. We can only imagine what their evil plans are for Our great Dominion.

I’m unconvinced voters of the democrat party, who Pastor Gov. Mike is obviously attempting to attract with ads like this, are NOT smart enough to see beyond the deception and treachery lying at the heart.

Capt. Sen. John McCain and Dr. Rep. Ron Paul’s unChristian and antiDominion torture positions

January 30, 2008

Jesus our Christ was waterboarded by the Jews and Negro elements of the Roman Guard to save humanity from original sin and to open up the Gates of Eternity to those of us who have accepted Jesus as our personal friend and Savior.

Since Jesus is an historical constant, things today aren’t any different. Only back in His day, the term crucification was a handy euphemism for the term we use today: waterboarding.

But don’t you think for one minute that Jesus the Christ wasn’t waterboarded. He was! And he accepted this fate gladly and so should we.

A direct consequence of this most Sacred Act of Torture is the growth of a wonderful culture of Christian faith that celebrates this Magnificant Act, which has spread throughout the world, culminating in the Glorious Dominion of the United States of America under God which stands at the pinnacle of His Creation.

Clearly, this historic act of Benevolent Torture indicates that God the Father not only condones torture, but that torture has always been a part of His Divine Plan for us. God believes waterboarding can be as useful an Instrument of Justice as any other.

Some people, usually the dark-sided people, falsely proclaim that waterboarding is unChristian. But that doesn’t make any logical sense. If God didn’t condone waterboarding, why in the heck would he have based entirely His Kingdom on Earth on the basis of a simple act of Holy Torture?

Therefore, Waterboarding and other acts of torture that are necessary to persuade islamofascists and other enemies to reveal military information, hidden locations of Weapons of Mass Destruction, turban bombs, and plans of Horrific islamoterrorism are completely consistent with Christian Principles that date back a couple millennium! The War against Arabs can only be won when we finally convert all of these unfortunate peoples to our peaceful religion, and waterboarding will prove to be an important instrument to achieve such conversion.

Unfortunately, we have Republican Presidential Candidates who fail to see this Divine Logic. Unlike Rep. Tom Tancredo, who is a stronger proponent of Waterboarding than even Patient V.P. Richard Cheney, both Capt. Sen. John McCain and Dr. Rep. Ron Paul are vigorously anti-waterboarding, and, in the unlikely event that either would ever be elected President, have promised to dismantle our current highly effective, waterboarding-based culture of foreign policy, that which Baseball Owner President George W. Bush has worked steadfastly to erect.

Clearly, any candidate who is anti-torture has forsaken a key lesson from his Christian upbringing and has become unChristian. Our Dominion has far too many unChristian illegal aliens as it is, and we certainly don’t need one to occupy the Whitehouse. And the need to continue to use Waterboarding as an Instrument of Divine Justice , whether or not we call it torture, will not go away after the upcoming election.

Waterboarding is a Gift from God that He wants us to use and we should Embrace this gift with all of our hearts and use it with all of our God-given abilities.

Dr. Rep. Generalissimo Ronaldo Paul plans to orchestrate grass roots military-backed coup

October 18, 2007

With a heavy, heavy, heart I bring you the Darkest possible news with my burden lightened only because I know that God made His Son Jesus suffer far worse than what pain I now bear.

Just before bedtime last night, I witnessed two disturbing Interblog reports here and here, from some of the best Interbloggers in the business, reporting that the ‘military supports Rep. Ron Paul‘ and more so than any other candidate.

What is disturbing about these reports is that it turns the political ecology completely upside down, since we have been taught from the time we suckled upon our mother’s teats that we must judge our Republican (Christian) Presidential candidates by how much they support the military, not vice versa!?!?

In my night visions last night, God Appeared and Revealed to me to provide clarification.   He said that the biggest threat facing Our Dominion in the Earliest Days of the Rep. Tom Tancredo Presidency will not be Illegal Immigrants and  roaming packs of mexican rape squads, or sleeper cells of al-Qaeda operatives hiding in our closets and under our beds….although God made it abundantly clear these were still Very Big threats to our Dominion.

I was stunned by this Revelation because I can’t think of anything more horrible, other than possibly Hugo Chavez playing a significant role in United States political theater.

But God calmed me with His Peace and Love and continued saying, “Rev. Paul, the biggest threat is Dr. Rep. Ron Paul, who’s fundraising activities prove he is in the early stages of leading a consolidating grassroots support so that he can lead a military backed coup of the Tancredo Administration in its first 100 days.”

Oh, the Depravity of the Demon Serpent!!

“And, ” God continued, “Dr. Rep. Generalissimo Ronaldo Paul fully plans to invite Hugo Chavez to serve as his Vice-Generalissimo.”

Mitt Romney: “I am an illegal alien from mexico”

October 11, 2007

Anybody who Proclaims surprise at the overwhelming evidence that Mitt Romney is an illegal alien has not been paying attention. There were Signs everywhere, beginning with his mexican gangster-style haircut. And its about time the mainstream media finally got around to letting everyone in on their secret.

Rep. Tom Tancredo has already begun deportation proceedings.

If this doesn’t harden you against the mexican menace, nothing can and you are probably a spawn of Hellary Clinton.

Thompson Campaign staff falsely claim Sen. Fred on spiritual retreat in Purgatory

October 5, 2007

The Fred Thompson for President movement was at one time widely viewed as the only serious threat to the Presidential Aspirations and Candidacy of Rep. Tom Tancredo.

As a famous TV actor, Mr. Sen. Fred Thompson has honed the Skills of Satanic Seduction, as evidenced by the taking of multiple wives and probably bedding many, many more woman than that. He could be expected to use these demonic powers to draw heavily from the Women and Homosexual voting blocks, who lack the equipment to scrutinize Mr. Sen. Fred Thompson’s False Message to the degree White Christian Males are capable.

[As much as Rep. Tom Tancredo hates homosexuality and personally would NEVER commit or even think about committing a heinous act of homosexuality, whether at airports or department stores, he nonetheless welcomes the votes of heterosexual homosexuals. Heterosexual homosexuals are not sinners because they are powerless to resist their homosexual urges, which are being manipulated by Satanic Demons. They are also usually otherwise upstanding white Christian Republicans. On the other hand, Rep. Tom Tancredo does not welcome the vote of Gay Homosexuals-who ARE sinners because they openly parade and flaunt their decadent lifestyle before the Eyes of a Crying and Sorrowful Jesus-and would ask that such individuals vote for someone who probably could better use their help, like Sen. Sam Brownback or Dr. Rep. Ron Paul.]

In any event, this was all a concern until Fred Thompson actually announced his candidacy and began to Run for President, where his successful strategy of hiding from his campaign before actually entering the campaign is not working as well now that he has entered the campaign but is still hiding. He, in fact, promptly disappeared from the political landscape no sooner than immediately after he made his announcement that he was entering the political landscape. But not before leaving the Interwebs littered with despicable pornographic images of his busty wives, including his current wife, Mrs. Juggies Thompson, for whom he appears incapable of even bothering to hide his wanton lust.

At supper prayer last night, I asked God to Reveal the current whereabouts of Mr. Sen. Fred Thompson and I asked Jesus and His Father God whether Mr. Sen. Fred Thompson was actually still planning on Running for President, as I wished to assess the threat this poses to Rep. Tom Tancredo.

Later, during my night time visions, through Glorious Revelation, God told me–USING AMERICAN ENGLISH–that, since Mr. Sen. Fred Thompson is-and I quote-“Not a prayerful Christian,” he didn’t know where he was located.

But God added that Mr. Sen. Fred Thompson has informed his campaign staff to answer all such inquiries, falsley, by stating, “Mr. Sen. Fred Thompson is on a spiritual retreat, taking a brief Holiday in Purgatory so that he can be nearer to God. In communion with God, Mr. Sen. Fred Thompson is both cleansing his Soul of his past sinfulness and contemplating the issues of Greatest Concern to Christian Republicans, so that he can better serve this constituency as President.


As any good Christian Republican can tell you, this despicable ploy to pander for the Christian Republican vote is laughable on its face. The deception and trickery and dirty campaign tactic will NOT work for one simple reason: Because THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS PURGATORY!!!

Purgatory is a concept that moronic Papists and the idolitrists who flock to the 1st-term aborted catholic ‘faith’ use so that they can lead Lives of Sin and Fornication, fooling themselves into believing there is a place to ‘Clean Their Souls’ after death and before Meeting the Glory of God.  As if there isn’t time enough on this Earth to prepare one’s Soul for All of Eternity!

What a joke! Does Sen. Fred Thompson really think that Christian Republicans are that stupid???!?!?!

I’ll tell you who respects the minds and intellects of Christian Republicans. Rep. Tom Tancredo!! The next President of Our Dominion, and the President after that, too!!!!

Paul Campaign: “We’ll buy Manitoba with all our money if we don’t win”

October 4, 2007

Last night at supper, I prayed Hard to God for guidance and His Glorious Wisdom and Holy peacefulness.

And through the Sacrament of Revelation through Prayer, Our Lord has revealed through me, as a volunteer agent for the Rep. Tom Tancredo campaign, that Dr. Rep Ron Paul intends to use his ‘campaign’ donations not to win the Presidency of Our Dominion that is in fact the God-Given right of Rep. Tom Tancredo, but to purchase the Canadian province of Manitoba in which he will establish a break away republic and seek to engage in War and associated border skirmishes against the United States of America.

I sought Solace from the Lord in prayer because I had been reading disturbing reports all day long about the vast sums of money the Dr. Rep. Ron Paul campaign had been able to extort from people who could do much better Works for the Lord had they given that money to Christian Churches, if not for Dr. Rep. Ron Paul’s deceptions and trickeries.

I was a scared and imagined the real threat this fundraising and Dr. Rep. Ron Paul poses to Our Dominion in terms of Cultural Mongrelization of America by atheistic European special interest groups, the moving from the dollar to the euro currency standard, and the ultimate realization of Dr. Rep. Ron Paul’s proposals to rename the Dakota’s North Bavariastan and South Bavariastan if elected President as in kind payback to the Bavarians for their support of his campaign.

Since I have personally accepted the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ the Lord as my personal Savior, I have a Personal Relationship with His Almighty and all Knowing Father, God, who is Beneficial in his Revelations to me.

In his revelation during my night time visions, God explained that the many supporters of Dr. Rep. Ron Paul, though few in numbers, really, really, really, really want just to live in a country that is being led by Dr. Rep. Ron Paul, and they don’t really care what or where that country is just so long as Dr. Rep. Ron Paul is its President.

But four of these supporters have a sense of pragmatics and reality not shared by the others, and actually realize there is NO POSSIBLE WAY Dr. Rep. Ron Paul can win since the only thing he’s barely won during the campaign up to this point is a mexican-language debate-— that nobody could understand– held in el Miamia between himself and 14 empty podiums.

God has revealed to me that these foursupporters, with the full authority and knowledge of Dr. Rep. Ron Paul, have entered into a secret option contract with the Central Canadian government to consummate the purchase Manitoba by the second week of November, 2008–using funds donated to the Dr. Rep. Ron Paul campaign–in the event that Dr. Rep. Ron Paul fails to win the election.

Which is a mathematically certainty just so long as Rep. Tom Tancredo is a candidate.

Serial Illegal Immigrants trying to Hide behind Old Glory

October 3, 2007

Now here is what future President Rep. Tom Tancredo is talking about.  Two families of law-breaking illegal immigrants–which makes you wonder if Illegal Immigration is just a Family Business.

The wife and mother came to the United States Illegally and never once bothered to become Legal even when given the chance under Liberal Administrations, probably a Clinton.  She ends up marrying another illegal immigrant, who can’t become legal on his own merits, and instead joins the Armed Forces of the United States–stealing a crucial military job from a True American Citizen.

Now they are cloaking themselves in an American Flag, protected by a Demoncratic Congressional Committee, holding as hostage real American Service Boys who are dying in Iraq to Save Our Dominion,

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