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Capt. POW Sen. John McCain single-handedly saves free-market capitalism from meltdown

September 25, 2008

Capt. POW Sen. John McCain flying back to Washington "incognito" disguised as Rep. Tom Tancredo

Capt. POW Sen. John McCain flying back to Washington, cleverly disguised as Rep. Tom Tancredo

Yesterday, God asked Capt. POW Sen. John McCain to make an extraordinary sacrifice for his country, to rush back to Washington DC from the campaign trail and save the Free (Christian) World from utter and complete destruction.

Today, Capt. POW Sen. John McCain delivered.

Under his leadership and economic brilliance, which Prayer sources tell me he could not have been more essential in the tough negotions with the dems, we now have a complete, comprehensive and effective financial Surge plan in place that will save The United States of America free market financial system, and all the investment bankers and their clients who have worked so diligently over the years to make it the envy of the world to such an extent, militant Islamic Jihadists seek to destroy it with their every wish.

Speaking of muslims, where was the Negro Hussein Obama during all of this?

Presumably en route back from his Ramadan pilgramage.


Rep. Tom Tancredo on Apostasy, the NFL and the Superbowl

October 17, 2007

In my Blessed Visions last night, God revealed to me Rep. Tom Tancredo’s thoughts on the greatest threats to Our Dominion.

God revealed to me that Rep. Tom Tancredo believes the most serious threat we face is unchecked illegal immigration, especially of mexicans, which leads to bilingualization and cultural mongrelization.

Rep. Tom Tancredo has proposed a 3 pronged solution to this particular problem which involves: 1) planting land mines on the border, 2) using immigrant labor as a no-cost means of building a durable, impenetrable border fence, 3) trading all of our liberal Sanctuary Cities in the US to Canada for Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Hamilton, Toronto, Vancouver, Saskatoon and an option on an urban center to be named later.

The second major threat Rep. Tom Tancredo believes we are faced with is a growing awareness, what with fast moving events in Israel and the rest of the Middle East, that the Seven Year Tribulation may very well come entirely upon his watch as President of the Dominion. As such, it will be his Imperative to provide forceful leadership to move Our Dominion from its present state of Apostasy so that American (Republican) Christians can and will experience the Joy of Salvation.

God told me that what most concerns Rep. Tom Tancredo is the NFL and the Superbowl, heathen abominations that desecrate his Holy Day, what with their NFL Cheerleaders who dress and look as if they are the drunken Harlot of Babylon on a bareback joy ride of the Beast of Satan!!


But Rep. Tom Tancredo, the brilliant politician that he is, realizes that the political cost of simply shutting down the NFL would be extremely high, especially in areas of the Dominion that do not have excellent professional football programs to fall back upon, such as those of us who live in the SEC region.

Therefore, Rep. Tom Tancredo will simultaneously solve the Immigration problem and the Tribulation Problem by making sure that when we trade our Sanctuary Cities to Canada, all of which coincidentally happen to towns with NFL franchises, that we will also acquire the rights to each of the Canadian Football League franchises, which play their games on Saturdays and do not have a Sunday Superbowl.

The fact that the mainstream media continues to fail to report these ingenious solutions offered by Rep. Tom Tancredo to solve our Dominion’s most vexing problems is further proof that they operate out of the pocket of Satan.

Support our mission to kill muslims and fighters in Iraq

October 15, 2007

It costs money to elect True Christian brothers as our president. The Republican Party is the party of Christian salvation and also the party of Free Enterprise. When Rep. Tom Tancredo becomes the next Republican nominee, he will receive millions of dollars in prayers and support from the Republican National Committee.

The bright young Christians at the Republican National Committee have been brainstorming on new ways to drum up support. What better way than to sell essential branded items with the Official Republican Party logo and logos of Republican National Committee subdivisions.

I have urged all of my parishioners to buy these products.

I am most attracted to the lapel pin below, with the catchy Yellow Elephant, which raises funds through the Young College Republicans, brave white Christians who do the Lord’s work under threat of constant persecution deep in enemy territory, at dangerously liberal colleges and universities throughout the country.


Paul Campaign deploys child slave labor

October 3, 2007

It may come as a shocking surprise to some of you, but not to me.

We now have photographic evidence that the Dr. Rep. Ron Paul for President campaign is breaking child labor laws, slavery laws, and probably child pornography laws while it uses children to disseminate the twisted, dark and Demon-inspired selfish message of their False Messiah

.Paul worker forces children, against their will, to Proselytize for Paul

In this picture, you can see an Evil Paul Campaign worker yell and threaten bodily harm to obviously distraughtt young boys to waken the occupant of that house so that she can give him Dr. Rep. Ron Paul campaign literature and threaten to burn down his house unless he supports Dr. Rep. Ron Paul.

It is further alluded that the boys, who live in that neighborhood, understand that the occupant of the house is a perverted philanderer and child fornicator, a convicted sex offender, who is known, on occasion, to hold young children hostage and to torture their small pets.

Rep. Tom Tancredo will find these actions of the Paul campaign despicable when he hears about them, and will wonder if they are not a campaign orchestrated by Nazi-inspired sadists operating the Bavarian arm of the Paul campaign.

The Language of this Land

October 3, 2007

Lord have Mercy on me today! I had to spend the morning calling the utilities to get my services to the trailer reconnected, and I lost count of the times I had to choose “1 or English and 2 for spanish”. One time, it asked me to choose ‘1 for spanish’–and I about just hung up on that one.

It is a calming salve to my soul to know there are good Christians out in the World, including Future President Rep. Tom Tancredo, who see things eye-to-eye.

Declaring all mexicans as Nazis can solve illegal immigration problem quickly

October 3, 2007

When elected President of the United States of America, Rep. Tom Tancredo promises, in his first 100 days of office, to deport all illegal immigrants from our Great Dominion, not just the Nazi illegal immigrants.

A President Rep. Tom Tancredo won’t be selective about who is rounded up and who is shipped out. This is in contrast to our current administration, who can’t get around to deporting any illegal immigrants, unless they are nazi’s. Getting the deportations of illegal immigrants rolling will be an important first step on The Divine Pathway that will carry our Christian Nation back onto the Road of Righteousness, not to mention saving our women and children from roaming packs of mexican rape squads.

Nevertheless, Rep. Tom Tancredo is as wise and pragmatic as he is God-Fearing. He understands that the roots of our illegal immigration problem not only lie in the fertile soil of the inherent lawlessness of colored people, but also reflect a difficult political dimension.

It is interesting that just this week the current Federal Administration has discovered, living outside of Atlanta, an 85 year old man who’s only real crime is that he lied to gain entry into this country. Coincidentally, and by his own admission through no fault of his own, he also happens to be a former Nazi and SS guard stationed at WWII concentration camps in charge of using attack dogs against the prisoners held in the camps. The federal government has moved quickly to deport this illegal immigrant.

I spoke with Rep. Tom Tancredo during my nightly vision just last night. We were discussing how quickly the government moved to deport this quiet old German man. We concluded it could only have happened with the support of the almost rabid-like eagerness of the Jewish-Business-Banker-Israel Cartel, which has such a firm grip on governmental power.

And then, through the Power of Divine Revelation, we both, at the same time, saw a strategy that can as quickly get the Wheels of Justice rolling to rid our nation of the 20 million illegal immigrants, who for the most part are mexicans: We simply charge all illegal mexican immigrants to be former members of elite units of the Nazi Waffen SS who served as guards at notorious concentration camps and whatnot.

That should get the Jewish-Banker-Israeli coalition behind the total illegal immigration problem, not just behind the nazi german illegal immigration problem, which won’t be much of a problem soon since most of them will be dead in another couple of years. So this will give them something else to do.

Tucker Carlson is Not A Gay Homosexual

August 29, 2007

The veritable outbreak we are experiencing in this time of perversity, perversion, sodomy and public acts of indecency and fornication are all a sure sign of the impending Rapture, and so those of us who have welcomed the Lord Jesus Christ into our personal Hearts as Our Savior can mostly sit back in the Confidence that we will soon experience Eternal Joy.

Nevertheless, there have also been too many recent unfortunate acts of sodomization and homosexual mongrelization among former Brothers in Christ and other Christian Republicans, that tears of acid are streaming down the face of the Child Jesus and destroying his beautiful, child-like manly features in a horrible way, and these incidents also serve to whither the Blessed heart of any True Christian.

And so, it is with tremendous relief to discover that Tucker Carlson, the effeminate MSNBC journalist and commentator who wears suspiciously gay homosexual outfits, has come out of the closet to publicly admit that he is in fact NOT A GAY HOMOSEXUAL and, in fact, has personally and with a best buddy forever named Brad together bashed the head of a gay homosexual against a the stall of a public bathroom just to teach him a lesson.  As words alone are not sufficient these days, this act of justice is very strong evidence that Tucker Carlson is not a gay homosexual.

Brother Tucker Carlson provides us a great lesson for how we Christians can take an active roll in returning our public restrooms to the Cause of Christ.  For our sons, we need to take back these restrooms from the creepy Gay Homosexuals who use them as Dens of Sodomitic Iniquity.

I’m sure Rep. Tom Tancredo will add this to his platform just as soon as he hears about it.

Rudy: “NYC sanctuary policy my doing”

August 23, 2007

While all the Republican candidates are hurrying to Jump On Rep Tom Tancredo’s anti-illegal alien platform before it leaves the station fixed to a train car with heavy duty chains, let’s take a second to pause and look at their positions before Rep. Tom Tancredo’s leadership pointed out how mexican rape squads and islamofascist illegal aliens were roaming the streats of our sanctuary cities.

In this transcript from Fox News, one can CLEARLY see that Rudy Giuliani  actually worked as mayor of NYC to establish it as the First Sanctuary City in the country, giving rights and the whole kitchen sink away to illegal aliens and the fornicators who they are related to.

This is all public knowledge, people, confirmed by the good people at FOX.  Rudy wants to give Our Dominion away!

Praise Him and Ben Stein for Prayers Answered

August 22, 2007

My Dear Communicants!

We have prayed so hard over the years, beseeching our Lord to send someone who will put a stop to so, so many things that mongrelize the Culture of Our Dominion.

And God sent us Rep. Tom Tancredo.  Praise to Him!!!

And we said, “God, Rep. Tom Tancredo is doing such a superb job, even the good but criminally misguided brothers and sisters at Baptists for Brownback 2008 are afeared that he will pull votes away from their hopelessly criminal and misogynizing candidate.”

Now, God sent us Ben Stein, who was once a lieberal elitist from the pagan culture of Hollyweird, but who’s soul is now resurrected though YOUR prayer and Holy Diligence.

Now, Mr Stein, clearly operating under the Glory of God, has created a new movie in which he exposes Under the Most Intense Lumens of God’s Light all the secular progressive humanist college  professor darwinists, who seek to shove their “theories” of ape-like men down the throats of our children, violently choking them until they submit to a godless culture of depravity.  In this movie, Ben Stein will stand up and put an end to a culture that mocks our Good Christian Heritage, and those the Heritage of our Great Country!!  Finally, we have someon who is savvy and intelligent working on the Side of Our Lord.

Thank the Lord today for sending Ben Stein, and Praise to Him for forgiving Ben Stein’s many sins and Transgressions.

Can Prayer Alone save the Sanctuary Cities?

August 17, 2007

Sure, just as long as you Pray to Our Christian God and ask Him to tell All Voters and Patriots to vote for Rep. Tom Tancredo for President of the Republic of the United States of America Under God, who is the only one capable of doing something about Sanctuary Cities.

From Webster’s Dictionary:

sanctuary cities, n, pl– Communities and metropolitan areas, mostly comprised of progressive secularists, gay homosexuals and other elite liberals, to where murderous illegal aliens and other mexican death squads migrate, creating mayhem, destruction and mongrelization, because they know the liberal local authorities–in direct violation of US Federal, Constitutional and Biblical Law–won’t help to round them up and deport them.

This IS the major problem facing our Dominion!!!.

What can be done about this problem?

First of all, we need to recognize that we can’t stop the flooding masses of brown people from storming over our borders without first putting an end to the sites of their sanctuary. We need to recognize that putting an end to them stealing American jobs won’t do the trick, because the mongrels who are illegally entering This Great Land are here to conduct criminal activities, for the most part, NOT to work, as is commonly mistaken.

Rep. Tom Tancredo has 2 solutions to this problem, that He would enact if he became President of Our Republic Dominion.

1) He would cutoff all Federal Funding for the Sanctuary Cities unless and until they comply with Federal Law to round up and personally Deport all illegals.  No exceptions.

2) He would not hesitate to Send in Federal Military Forces to capture and/or destroy these illegal insurgents and the Liberals who give them aid and comfort.

3) A man who is not afraid to nuke Mecca and Medina CERTAINLY wouldn’t be shy about lobbing a nuclear-tipped missle into the heart of a place like San Francisco or Seattle or Austin TX.

Some people are born to tackle Tough Problems head on, and one of those some people is Rep. Tom Tancredo, YOUR next President of Our Dominion Under God.

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