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November 1, 2010

Not that he needed xGov Mother xMama Grizz Sarah Palin’s vote of robocall confidence, but this should just about sew it up!

You betcha Rep Tom Tancredo will be tough on illegal immigration!!!

Is Michelle Obama still looking for a man?

August 15, 2010

You would think so, by the way she dresses like a tramp.

A negro pastor talks to that woman, heart to heart:

Tancredo-Palin to head 2012 Dominionist ticket?

July 6, 2009

Through the miracle of Night Time Visions, God reveals to me that Rep. Tom Tancredo and Governor Mother Sarah Palin will lead the Dominionist Party ticket for  2012 , and take back the Whitehouse for the sorts of American Citizens who belong there in the first place.  Let’s just say it isn’t named the Negrohouse, and leave that particular matter well enough alone.

Governor Mother Sarah Palin will be the V.P. candidate, owing to her lovely, natural God-Given  subserviant womanness, whereas Rep. Tom Tancredo will be in charge,  as God intends.

God has appeared to  Governor Mother Sarah Palin and asked her to step down from her role as Governor of Alaska in order to prayerfully prepare herself to save the United States of America Dominion from the great harm that flows across her borders.  Unfortunately, we live in a time where roaming packs of mexican rape squads spill across our borders, without a single pipeline supplying Her with God-given Alaskan energy.

This must not stand.

God asked Governor Mother Sarah Palin to run as a Dominionist rather than on the GOP ticket because the GOP are persecuting her almost as bad as David Letterman and the rest of the MSM in cahoots with him.  The dark-sided blogosphere has posted horrible, disturbing images of Governor Mother Sarah Palin’s birth defected children, even though these images were intended for private family use.  Clearly, mainstream American’s are persecuting Governor Mother Sarah Palin so bad they no longer deserver to have her work as Alaska’s Governor.

Their actions have made her our leading Christian Victim, which places her in a perfect position to run as God’s leading candidate for the Whitehouse in 2012!!!

In this Act, God has also abandoned the GOP because God has a policy not to consort with loser political parties that are so bad, they can’t even beat a negro candidate who consorts with terror-loving terrorists.

Capt. POW Sen. John McCain single-handedly saves free-market capitalism from meltdown

September 25, 2008

Capt. POW Sen. John McCain flying back to Washington "incognito" disguised as Rep. Tom Tancredo

Capt. POW Sen. John McCain flying back to Washington, cleverly disguised as Rep. Tom Tancredo

Yesterday, God asked Capt. POW Sen. John McCain to make an extraordinary sacrifice for his country, to rush back to Washington DC from the campaign trail and save the Free (Christian) World from utter and complete destruction.

Today, Capt. POW Sen. John McCain delivered.

Under his leadership and economic brilliance, which Prayer sources tell me he could not have been more essential in the tough negotions with the dems, we now have a complete, comprehensive and effective financial Surge plan in place that will save The United States of America free market financial system, and all the investment bankers and their clients who have worked so diligently over the years to make it the envy of the world to such an extent, militant Islamic Jihadists seek to destroy it with their every wish.

Speaking of muslims, where was the Negro Hussein Obama during all of this?

Presumably en route back from his Ramadan pilgramage.

On the Intruder Issue: A Modest Proposal for my Expelled Brothers

April 4, 2008

Tattoed holocaust survivorAs many of you know, the Heroic Christians who have produced the Award-Winning Documentary Expelled, starring Speechwriter, Actor, Columnist Ben Stein are having an extremely difficult time screening their Inspired Movie to Christian Audiences without the prying and disruptive eyes of sneaky Atheistic Darwinists crashing the party.

Expelled lays out in horrifying and chilling detail how Christian educators–those who simply advocate keeping an open mind in science classes regarding All scientific theories of on the Origins of Life, including unimpeachable Biblically Grounded Theories — are subjected to unChristian persecution by the liberal, secular, materialist, Atheistic, Darwinist Elitists who monopolize our educational system.

The movie also scientifically proves, for the first time, that the root blame for the Nazi holocaust in Europe can be laid at the feet of Mr. Charles Darwin himself, author of the largely discredited and scientifically ambiguous theory of Evolution.  This Proof has been verified scientifically by a series of peer-reviewed interbloggers.

Inexplicably, the Expelled Movie appears to have struck a chord in the Dark Hearts of Satanists. Several Notorious Satanists have been caught and arrested for either stealing Private Invitations to see the movie from unSuspecting Christians, or obtaining these very limited Invitations under false pretenses. They accomplish all of this by resorting to unspeakable acts of Treachery and Demonic Deception.

The net result is that these uninvited and unwanted provocateurs are disrupting a Holy Theatrical Christian Presentation designed exclusively to assist Select prayerful Christians who are already on the Pathway of Righteous Salvation leading to the End Times. This movie is not designed to persuade or in anyway influence atheistic satanists, who’s Eternal souls are already lost, well down the Hellfire express lane. Therefore, no purpose is served by allowing them to attend the movie, especially if it means that a good Christian will be unseated during the limited and Extremely Popular engagement.

Furthermore, Christian Souls are placed at great risk by the mere act of unwittingly sitting in a dark theater nearby a Dark-sided soul, such as that of an Atheist, Satanist or secular Biologist. Also, there are numerous reports coming in from the field that these uninvited characters are disrupting the screenings, by yelling out catcalls during objectionable scenes, arguing with the Discussion Leader, asking stupid questions, cursing, spitting, making loud farting sounds, and worst of all, refusing to turn their cell phones off.

The Producers of the movie are going to great lengths to identify these perpetrators before entering the theater to protect Invited Christians from these sorts of disturbances. They have quietly changed locations of the theaters and even screening time, hoping to not alert the evilutionists. But the Dark-sided flim flam continues to sneak through.

I prayed to the Lord before Bedtime last night, begging for Guidance on this issue. In my subsequent night time visions, He showed me all manner of horrific images that I just couldn’t understand, try as I might. It started with scenes of mexican rape squads, streaming over our border fences unimpeded–not a single Secure Land Mine blew up to stop their flood as they poured into our Sanctuary Cities. Then I saw horrific fires, a falling snow made of greasy milk flakes, and the silent screams of corpses stacked at the edges of a forest like cord wood.

Then I saw numbers. Random numbers, one after another.

Then God awoke me and I knew what to do.

God recommends that when handing out Invitations to Christians, the producers of Expelled also tattoo an identification number onto the forearms of these guests. When such individuals show up for a screening, they simply need to roll up their sleeve to be identified, and then can go grab some refreshments before having a seat and enjoy the movie.

All of the Atheists and Satanists attempting to sneak into the movie who have obtained an invitation by Deception and Perdition, won’t have this tattoo identification and can easily be turned away by the Pinkertons. We won’t have to waste our time interrogating them, checking easily falsified identifications, or listening to their Deceit and Treachery as they attempt to trick their way into the sitting area.

In one sense, it is unfortunate that our Dominion has come to this. In the absence of the sort of Leadership that only Rep. Tom Tancredo could provide as president it has become a place where it is easy to spot a Negro, an illegal alien, and most homosexuals. But, sadly, it is darn near impossible to spot the Good Christian (Republicans) anymore, and distinguish one of them from a Dark-sided secularist.

Global warming: God as Steward, Christians as Subduers

March 27, 2008

Led by a suspected foreign infiltrator, about 200 or so “Christians,” acting well beyond the Authority of the 17 million member Southern Baptist Convention, are raising a bit of a ruckus by calling upon humanity to act as better stewards of the Earth planet.

This small group of heretics has been deceived apparently into believing the secular scientific party line that an epoch of human-caused Global Warming is being visited upon the Earth.  They are calling upon Christians to do something about it, by acting as better stewards.

What these individuals ignore is nothing less than Biblical Teaching, which clearly and unequivocally states that humans are to subdue the Earth, and not to act as its steward.

The role of the Steward is played by the Lord God.  It is pure unadulterated Godless apostasy for a Christian, or any other human for that matter, to behave as if he is the Earth’s Steward.

As a Prophet for God’s earthly Message, I have prayed hard to Him for wisdom on this matter, which I will now share with you, here, for the first time ever, here at my award-winning interblog.

Since God is our Steward and loves us, He will care for us.  If global warming was really happening, it would be bad for us and God the Steward would Intervene to protect his chosen people, most likely by causing global cooling.

But since the earth’s temperature is going through a perfectly natural period of very slight, almost undetectable warming,  we can conclude with great scientific certainty that global cooling most certainly is NOT happening.

Since the Earth is not cooling, we can conclude that God the Steward is clearly not concerned in the slightest, and God feels that secular climatologists, led by Al Gore, are acting in an unnecessarily alarming way, which will destroy our Way of Life.

Keeping score in the War on Arab Treachery

February 7, 2008

waterboard terrorists

When I am on the Intertube interblogging with other Interbloggers, I am often asked questions like this one from commentator and interblogger Brother or Sister mw, at The Cynic’s Party interblog:

“If this is a sport, what is the score?”

That is SUCH a great question!!

Of course, so that they can keep their focus and Sharpshooters on the real targets, the U. S. Military is not counting or keeping track of the number of islamofascists we are killing in the War Against Islamic Terror.

Besides, since we are killing so many of these Arabs, it is pretty pointless to count them anyway, since it would make it look like the game is rigged, and they might stop wanting to play us.

So we don’t use the killed ones in the Score, unless we kill them by Just Execution.

Furthermore, renegade elements in the CIA, agents who are suspected of being democrat traitors or having democrat sympathies, are destroying all evidence, video and otherwise of Great Moments in Rendition and Torture which we could otherwise be used to keep Score.

But there are many ways to know the Score without keeping score.

Right now, we are 0-0-2 in terms of islamofascist countries delivered to the Lord. But you got to remember those two ties are still being played right now. They should go to the win column once Rep. Tom Tancredo becomes Commander And Chief, but I’ll just keep them as ties right now.

Another way to keep score is to count up all the islamofascits who have been tried and convicted in Courts of Justice for their crimes. I don’t have my notes handy, but I believe we’re 4-2-1 on that one.

Then you have to add all the wins we are awarded, based on rule technicalities, for all the islamofascists who we’ve captured in 2005 or earlier, but have not faced a trial up to now. They probably won’t ever go to trial because they have been Renditioned and Tortured.

But those count as wins because a good Rendition and Torture is as close as you can get to the Gates of Hell and still come back. And because they were definitely guilty, or else why would be have had them Renditioned and Tortured.

And we get 10 bonus wins for not bringing Khaled Sheikh Mohammed to trial because Torturing him probably saved the Entire world from a nuclear holocaust that we didn’t start by shooting first.

Finally, we get points for the public execution of former Despotic Dictators of Iraq by collaborators in that now free and democratic country who we trained to carry out Just and Dignified executions of criminals, as per the American Way.

So according to my calculations, the score right now is 587-2-3. Which is not bad considering Rep. Tom Tancredo hasn’t even been put into the game yet!

And with any Divine Guidance, we could very well see all those ties go to the win column before its over.

UnChristian persecution of Christians: Ben Stein’s New Movie

February 5, 2008

martyrdom.jpgChristians have suffered at the hands of pagans, atheists, Jews, Romans, muslims and others –all are instruments of the Demon’s treachery–since the beginning of Creation.  And Good and holy Christians respond to this persecution through the lessons of Jesus.   We accept the horrible pain it causes us by remembering the Calm and quiet way that Christ accepted His Death by His persecutors.   Parenthetically, Islamofascists who we find it necessary to rendition and waterboard could take such a lesson themselves and maybe save themselves from the trouble they cause our Intelligence Community.

These same elements of atheism, communism, catholicism, liberalism  and darwinism are now attacking  and persecuting Christians again.  In this case, what I have uncovered is an obvious decrepit methodological naturalist posing undercover as a mainstream media movie reviewer who is attacking Ben Stein’s Historic new movie, Expelled

Expelled is am extremely Truthful and Trustworthy documentary that exposes how brilliant scientists who also happen to have a healthy Christian perspective are being persecuted at elite liberal colleges.  These men are being fired from their jobs, and are prohibited from teaching all sides of the Story of Creation, most especially the parts dealing with how God created everything.

As Good Christians and men of good Christian conscience, these men cannot stand by while these liberal elite institutions Forcibly force them to teach students petty, unprovable theories and only one side of the story at that.

As the movie rolls out in theaters everywhere, Ben Stein is going to take a lot of heat in the form of unChristian persecution of Christians.  Some will even attempt to sew Divisions among Christians, saying that Ben Stein is merely exploiting Christians for profit.  That is simply the typical sort of treachery one can expect from the mainstream media, so don’t you believe a word of it.

We have all said prayers to God to give Our good Christian Brother Stein the strength to rise above this brewing storm of inhumane criticism.  He will prove to be a Christlike Figure no less magnificent then some of history’s earliest and greatest Christlike figures, including Jesus Christ himself.

Pastor. Gov. Huckabee rolls out Formidable new ad campaign

February 3, 2008

This video is a very disturbing development, and a serious challenge to Rep. Tom Tancredo’s candidacy.

DO NOT BELIEVE A WORD! Liberal Pastor Gov. Mike Huckabee is an Apostate no longer in Communion with mainstream (Republican) Christianity

Obviously, the formally obese Pastor Gov. Mike Huckabee’s invitation, Dark-sided mainstream media forces are now aligned behind his candidacy. We can only imagine what their evil plans are for Our great Dominion.

I’m unconvinced voters of the democrat party, who Pastor Gov. Mike is obviously attempting to attract with ads like this, are NOT smart enough to see beyond the deception and treachery lying at the heart.

Thank You WebBlog Awards Colleagues!!!

November 2, 2007

It is sometimes amazing to remember that God, through the vehicle of Precious Night Time Visions,  called me to the Interwebs just a few months ago to Witness for His Presidential Candidate and future leader of our Dominion, Rep. Tom Tancredo.

But my, oh my, what an impact we have had in such a short time!!!  We have, for example, exposed former candidate Sen. Sam Brownback as the cross-dressing mexican loving misogynist that he is, chasing him all the way back to Wichita.

On behalf of future President Rep. Tom Tancredo, it is my Gracious pleasure to thank everyone on the Interwebs, including all interbloggers, for recognizing the Dominionists for Tancredo 2008 Interblog as one of the all time best Interblogs ever.

We have been nominated in several categories and need all of our readers to Serve the Lord and God and Vote, Vote, Vote for His Glory:

Best Conservative Interblog

Best Christian Interblog

Best Republican Interblog

Best Conservative Christian Interblog

Best Conservative Christian Republican Interblog

Best One, True Religion Interblog

Best Interblog for Crucial Information and Updates on Roaming Packs of Mexican Rape Squads in Our Sanctuary Cities

Best Interblog for Revelations of Grace (Realtime category)

Best Interblog for Revelations of Grace (Night Time Visions category)

Best Political (conservative) Interblog (Not Bill O’Reilly’s Interblog category)

Best “Must Read” Interblog

Best Ever Creationism/Intelligent Design Interblog

Best Bible Interblog (Non-Bible category)

Best Interblog Written in other than a Sanctuary City

Best English-Only Interblog

Best Exposing the Mindless Atheism of Dr. Rep. Ron Paul Interblog

Best Defender of the North Dakota Border Interblog

Best White, Christian, Male, Republican Interblog (Not Gay or Gay Homosexual category)

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