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On the persecution of Dr. Rep Ron Paul

December 24, 2011

Is Dr. Rep Ron Pauls handgun position in full Communion with Conservative Christian teaching?

The lib MSM is aroaring with persecution of Dr. Rep Ron Paul for words he allegedly did not say several years ago when he was almost a teen ager.

First, although it pains me to say so, in all honesty if you look at some of these words, Dr Rep Ron Paul definitely was more right then he is wrong.

For example, in talking about the gay disease Dr Rep Ron Paul decried the cult of hyper-promiscuous sodomy in San Francisco bath houses in the early 1980’s, forcing God’s Hand to rain the AIDS plague down upon homos and various homo sympathizers.

And it is difficult to quibble with Dr Rep Ron Paul’s words, which he allegedly did not say, that most race riots typically end on the day govt welfare checks are distributed.  This is just a widely known FACT.

And few would not agree with him that it matters little whether the WTC bombings was carried out by Jew State operatives or by islamofascist jihadi muzzies, especially given the compelling evidence that these peoples are indistinguishable genetically and therefore are not separate species.  I mean, if our Great Dominion is destroyed will it really matter if it was the jews or the muzzies who tore it down?

So, we see here a typical lib MSM ploy of persecuting Conservatives for THINGS THEY GET RIGHT while leaving off the hook the democrat big tent of socialists, communists, darwinists, papists, welfare cheats, atheists, lesbohomo’s, illegal immigrant coddlers, educated elitists, liberal fascists and govt handout addicts who’d rather lay back and watch or Dominion become crippled rather than fight our enemies.

No, the problem with Dr Rep Ron Paul is not his alleged miscegenation beliefs, which in fact are in full communion with Mainstream Conservative Christianism.

No, the problem with Dr Rep Ron Paul is that he is the leader of a Eurocentric dominated Cult seeking to 1) replace the Dollar with the euro, 2) Purchase Manitoba, 3) Use Manitoba as a base of operations for conducting cross border raids into the Dakotas, which happen to be the banking capital of our Great Dominion. He is therefore NOT IN COMMUNION with our job creators.

In Short, Dominionists are aghast not at Dr Rep Ron Paul’s words about negroes and jews and muzzies, but by his fake meakness which which hides his pernicious agenda to have the Dominion of the United States absorbed by the cult of atheo-euroism.

We also vehemently disagree with his peaceful stance on the War on Muslims, and suspect but have not confirmed that that the suicidal muzzie jihadists are actually mercenary soldiers operating at the behest of european govts.  Which makes Dr Rep Ron Paul an alleged unwitting tool of al-Qaeda and other islamofascist liberals.

Obama suspends development of Rapture Early Warning detection system

October 18, 2009

Displaying shameless and unfettered hostility towards Christians, the illegitimate Hussein Obama  Administration has quietly shelved Bush-era research and development programs to provide systems that will alert Believers of an imminent Rapture.  This Rapture R&D program had been modeled on several successfully deployed Early Warning Detection systems for Acts of a Vengeful God, including those for tsunamies, earthquakes, hurricanes, floods, tornadoes and pestilence.

President George W. Bush supported a Rapture Early Warning detection system because he saw it as one of those very, very, very rare instances where free market capitalism was inadequate to fulfill highly sensitive national security needs  such that government intervention was needed to provide a greater general good.

During his first days in office, President George W. Bush ordered comprehensive a review of the federal Rapture Predictive Capability.  They found serious deficiencies in Our Nation’s preparedness, including the losses of Key Christian’s throughout all sectors of our government and economy that would occur as their spirits join those of the Elect.  The analysis further showed that, because of our Great Christian Tradition, the USA would be disadvantaged by the Seven Year Tribulation and likely emerge weaker than our benchmark competitor nations, such as Russia, all muslim countries, France and China.

The suspension of the Rapture Early Warning detection program follows on the heels of a string of anti-American, anti-Christian decisions made by his administration.   Together, these have reignited concerns that Nobelist Hussain Soeterro Obama is, in fact, the Beast of Revelation.  We at Dominionists for Tancredo have long since dispensed with the notion that he is simply not acting in the nation’s best interest.  At some point, you have to stop and  ask to what degree his Demonic presidential actions are inspired by the Demon himself.

*portions of this report were verified by unnamed administration sources, and by the Wisdom of God through the miracle of night time vision

Mother Gov. Sarah Palin is not heeding a clear message from God

November 13, 2008

Mongoloid Trig Palin needs a mommy to love him.

Mongoloid Trig Palin needs a mommy to love him.

Many people pray to God to ask him what is next for Mother Gov. Sarah Palin, who served as POW Capt Sen John McCain’s vice presidential running mate in the recent election.

There is talk that Mother Gov. Sarah Palin is the next Republican star, a vibrant and exciting woman poised to lead the Party out of the depths of despair that has come with the election of what I’m sure all agree is a terrorist-loving anti-American negro.

But there is also talk that her presence on the Republican (Christian) ticket dragged it down, such that even if she ran with the more attractive Rep Tom Tancredo as the Presidential candidate rather than the illegal immigrant lover POW Capt Sen McCain, Republicans would have still lost.

What is the Christian perspective on women in leadership positions?  Well, it is very simple.  Women are not leaders and have no such authority from God to do so, especially over men.  The Gospels are quite clear on this matter:  1 Timothy 2:12 — “But I suffer not a woman to teach, nor to usurp authority over the man, but to be in silence.” (God’s emphasis, not mine)

Mrs. Noah did not hear the Thunder of God and build an Ark to save His creation.  Mrs. Moses did not get a call from a burning bush and did not lead the Jews out of the Egyptian slave camps.  Mrs. Jesus Christ was not renditioned and tortured on the Holy Cross to save our Souls for all Eternity.

God hand picked men to do those jobs.  God picks men to lead his Churches.  God picks men to lead His Dominion on this Earth.  The fact that a man was recently elected who’s skin is stained dark by the Demon is not a sign that God doesn’t care.  It only goes to prove the War against Evil has not yet been won, and requires a strong Christian Surge.

God has been carefully watching the political ascention of Mother Gov. Sarah Palin and has been unhappy with what He has seen.

So he sent her a message, that she needed to get back to serving her husband and her family, and her Wasilla community junior hockey leagues, who she had abandoned with her selfish  political career.

What exactly is That message that God sent that Mother Gov Sarah Palin is yet to heed?  None other than the unaborted Trig Palin, who suffers from a despicable God-given degenerate disease that requires round-the-clock care for the rest of his life.

Are you reading this, Mother Gov. Sarah Palin?  Are you really wondering what door God has opened for you?  His plan is for you to get back to your home, open its door, walk into your house, grab all the dirty laundry, and the pots and the pans overflowing in the sink, and do what his plan is for all Christian women, to stay home and take care of your family, including that horribly deformed message he sent you.

Dr. Rep. Ron Paul’s Mt. Rushmore bust complete; plans for secession of Dakotas crystalize

February 28, 2008

ron-paul-mt-rushmore-bw.jpgRenegade presidential fund raiser and False Prophet Dr. Rep. Ron Paul has instructed his Believers to prepare to invade North and South Dakota, where they will establish a break away republic.
I have received word of these plans in a series of horrific but highly detailed Night Time Holy Visions.

God Himself has chosen me as His humble servant to Reveal the machinations of this deeply disturbed congressman and former abortionist.  My understanding of the Lord’s Visions are that He views Dr. Rep. Ron Paul is the single greatest threat to the Presidential Candidacy of Rep. Tom Tancredo and therefore to His Dominion on Earth.

Rep. Tom Tancredo, in contrast, will build a strong border wall and then build it again if it means saving the Dominion.

Dr. Rep. Ron Paul has instructed his Disciples to gather the billions of dollars they have pilfered from unsuspecting intertubers and stash them in hermetically-sealed jars.  These jars will be shipped inauspiciously via ground delivery to secret hiding spots in former nuclear missle silos throughout North and South Dakota.

Operating on the clever ruse that he was running as a Presidential Candidate, philanderer Dr. Rep. Ron Paul has had plans, all along, to raise money to create a break-away Republic.  The first wave of filthy immigrants into this republic will be his European benefactors, who are led by legions of WWII era Nazi descendants currently residing in Bavaria.  The breakaway Republic will be named Bavariastan and will be run as a tax- and war-free Constitutional haven whose economy will be based upon bushmeat exports –thereby explaining the Mason jar hoarding– and casino gambling.

Military operations associated with the invasion will be led by retired Maj Gen Jerry Curry, an experienced self-flagellating veteran of the Indian Wars and frequent subject of rumors that he may enter the Presidential Race to displace the moribund Capt. Sen. John McCain candidacy.

GA Law Expands Gun Owners Rights to Arm Themselves in Churches

February 19, 2008

guns-in-church.jpgEmboldened by the Presidential candidacy of Rep. Tom Tancredo, the Good Republican (Christian) legislature in Georgia has finally taken a bold but necessary step to stop unChristian persecution of Christians.

And not a moment too soon.

Important legislation, now on the fast track, allows for Christians to defend themselves from unChristian Persecution by removing prohibitions against Our Christian and Constitutional Right to Bear Arms in public places.

From a Christian perspective,  what is most important and welcome about this Law is that congregates and other Christian church goers can now legally bring their firearms into Church Services.  Until now, many such Holy Christians have been torn between breaking the Laws of this Great Dominion, and doing what is necessary to protect the safety of their families, who are exposed to enormous risk each and every time they enter a House of Christian Worship.

With this new Law, they can Converse with the Lord in the great Peace that comes from knowing they can defend themselves and their loved ones with lethal force if necessary from unChristian persecution that comes in the form of attacks on the premises by atheists, crazed homicidal maniacs, or roaming packs of illegal mexican immigrant rape squads desperate for a food handout and willing to do anything until they get one.

This legislation has been widely applauded throughout the State of Georgia.  Astute Political and Religious Commentators appear to understand how the persecution of Christians, and especially handcuffing them from defending themselves, erodes our Culture.

Keeping score in the War on Arab Treachery

February 7, 2008

waterboard terrorists

When I am on the Intertube interblogging with other Interbloggers, I am often asked questions like this one from commentator and interblogger Brother or Sister mw, at The Cynic’s Party interblog:

“If this is a sport, what is the score?”

That is SUCH a great question!!

Of course, so that they can keep their focus and Sharpshooters on the real targets, the U. S. Military is not counting or keeping track of the number of islamofascists we are killing in the War Against Islamic Terror.

Besides, since we are killing so many of these Arabs, it is pretty pointless to count them anyway, since it would make it look like the game is rigged, and they might stop wanting to play us.

So we don’t use the killed ones in the Score, unless we kill them by Just Execution.

Furthermore, renegade elements in the CIA, agents who are suspected of being democrat traitors or having democrat sympathies, are destroying all evidence, video and otherwise of Great Moments in Rendition and Torture which we could otherwise be used to keep Score.

But there are many ways to know the Score without keeping score.

Right now, we are 0-0-2 in terms of islamofascist countries delivered to the Lord. But you got to remember those two ties are still being played right now. They should go to the win column once Rep. Tom Tancredo becomes Commander And Chief, but I’ll just keep them as ties right now.

Another way to keep score is to count up all the islamofascits who have been tried and convicted in Courts of Justice for their crimes. I don’t have my notes handy, but I believe we’re 4-2-1 on that one.

Then you have to add all the wins we are awarded, based on rule technicalities, for all the islamofascists who we’ve captured in 2005 or earlier, but have not faced a trial up to now. They probably won’t ever go to trial because they have been Renditioned and Tortured.

But those count as wins because a good Rendition and Torture is as close as you can get to the Gates of Hell and still come back. And because they were definitely guilty, or else why would be have had them Renditioned and Tortured.

And we get 10 bonus wins for not bringing Khaled Sheikh Mohammed to trial because Torturing him probably saved the Entire world from a nuclear holocaust that we didn’t start by shooting first.

Finally, we get points for the public execution of former Despotic Dictators of Iraq by collaborators in that now free and democratic country who we trained to carry out Just and Dignified executions of criminals, as per the American Way.

So according to my calculations, the score right now is 587-2-3. Which is not bad considering Rep. Tom Tancredo hasn’t even been put into the game yet!

And with any Divine Guidance, we could very well see all those ties go to the win column before its over.

Did Dr. Rep. Ron Paul perform a certain “gynecologic procedure” on his new bride?

January 28, 2008

rp-wedding-day1.jpgIt is widely known that the biggest threat posed to Rep. Tom Tancredo’s Divinely Endorsed presidential campaign is the campaign of his fellow maverick congressional colleague, suspected abortionist Dr. Rep. Ron Paul.

Future president Rep. Tom Tancredo does not take the Dr. Rep. Ron Paul campaign lightly. Compared to the several other Republican and democrat candidates, the Dr. Rep. Ron Paul campaign is significantly more clever.

For example, Dr. Rep. Ron Paul has recently proposed a 4 Point Economic Stimulus Plan that offers the brilliant and novel solution of forcing the Federal Reserve Bank to publicly Televise all of its meetings! Except for Rep. Tom Tancredo, no other candidate has shown such a Nimble ability to think outside the box to find REAL economic solutions for our crisis. Economists who have performed the calculations indicate that the increased advertising revenues for what are certain to be the most watched broadcasts ever conclude that this solution alone will end the recession within 2 weeks after the plan is implemented!

But don’t you think for a minute that Dr. Rep. Ron Paul is a safe alternative candidate. Don’t you forget for a minute that Dr. Rep. Ron Paul wants to give up, quit and end the War Against Arabs and, worse, he wants to open our borders to brown illegal aliens and let them do whatever they want, Sexually, with our women and children.

In my Nightly Visions last night, The Lord reminded me that later this week, Dr. Rep. Ron Paul will ‘celebrate’ his 51st wedding anniversary, when he first married Mrs. Dr. Rep. Ron Paul. In an act of Great Mercy, He pointed out to me in this Vision that paulbots and paultards everywhere have used this anniversary to organize a campaign that is designed to extort $51 billion from unsuspecting voters, money that if donated instead could find much better uses in Christian Churches. For example, when I take my youth group on field trips, with that sort of money we could afford for each of the boys to have their own personal hotel rooms, and I could comfort the homesick among them without disturbing the sleep of the other boys.

And then My Lord said, “the marriage of Dr. Rep. Ron Paul is Unholy and an Abomination. Rev. Hipple, when you awaken in the morning, The Google will complete this Revelation. Good night and have a Holy tomorrow, my good brother.”

When I awoke, I asked The Google to show me, “Dr. Rep. Ron Paul the Abominationist”

And The Google pointed me to the very, very, very interesting Picture above. It is a picture from the wedding night, when Dr. Rep. Ron Paul and Mrs. Dr. Rep. Ron Paul are about to get into their car and head out to their honeymoon.

But as I looked at that picture carefully, it was obvious it was the fulfillment of a Promised Revelation and I dropped to my knees and Praised the Lord!

First, you’ll note Dr. Rep. Ron Paul is carrying a small case that the yellow arrow points to. It is too small to be their luggage. But it is EXACTLY and PRECISELY large enough to be a medical instrument bag commonly used in that day.

Second. Look at Mrs. Dr. Rep. Ron Paul. Most especially, take advantage of the helpful pink arrow and look at her large, unexplained abdominal mass. It is pooching out quite a bit, isn’t it? Do you know what causes that pooching? Of course you do. Only the presence of a precious little unborn baby boy or girl causes that sort of pooching.

So, to summarize, we have unequivocal photographic evidence that Mrs. Dr. Rep. Ron Paul was EXTREMELY pregnant with an innocent human baby on her wedding night, and that Dr. Rep. Ron Paul–who was a practicing gynecologist at the time–and gynecologists are abortionists–which was illegal at the time–was carrying his bag of medical instruments on his wedding night.

Furthermore, it is an Intertube Fact that upon returning from her honeymoon, Mrs. Dr. Rep. Ron Paul was not pregnant and did not sire a Child for quite some time later.

I will now allow the reader to draw their own conclusions about this despicable Act of Apparent Depravity.

Pastor Gov. Mike Huckabee resorts to threat and intimidation to gain voters

November 18, 2007

It would appear that Pastor Gov. Mike Huckabee’s campaign is going so poorly, that he has now rolled out some new attack ads.

But these attack ads are not directed at the leading candidate in the race, Rep. Tom Tancredo–the Choice of Dominionists and the Lord God–no, Pastor Gov. Mike Huckabee is ATTACKING VOTERS.

As you can see in this one, Pastor Gov. Mike is clearly threatening voters with the Wrath of Chuck Norris if they do not come out and vote for him.


Extremely Urgent Update on the Dr. Rep. Ron Paul/Manitoba/UFO consipiracy

November 17, 2007

ron-paul-ufo.jpgAs Revealed to me by God and subsequently Revealed to the entire Intertube in my Award Winning Interblog, the Dark-Sided international forces behind Dr. Rep. Ron Paul’s Republican presidential campaign have no intention whatsoever of winning the Presidency.

Instead, the campaign, as Revealed by the Ultimate Truth of God, is little more than an elaborate hoax to raise funds to purchase Manitoba from collaborators in the Central Canadian Government politburo, from where they intend to conduct cross boarder raids into North Dakota.

To those few of you who remain skeptical about the evil intent of the Dr. Rep. Ron Paul Idolaters, let me simply point out that the Dr. Rep. Ron Paul campaign has begun to mint its own currency. They wouldn’t be creating their own currency if they didn’t intend to use it, now would they?

But this in and of itself doesn’t Prove a connection to Manitoba to those who lack faith in my Divine Revelations. During my night time Visions last night, the Lord told me, “Rev. Hipple, the evidence you seek will be revealed to you on the Interwebs tomorrow.”

So I asked the Google this morning for a connection between Dr. Rep. Ron Paul, and Manitoba only to find this distressing news item, about “UFO enthusiast Grant Cameron, who operates a Web site on presidential history with extraterrestrials. Cameron has several other requests pending, including one for “all files on the Kennedy assassination.”

Who is this Grant Cameron, why does he have an interest in the Presidency and UFO’s and why is he acting to paralyze the Government of the United States of America with freedom of information requests?

It turns out, Grant Cameron is an intellectual elite who works at the University of Manitoba…as in, Manitoba Canada!!! Careful analysis of Grant Cameron’s website -which is ENTIRELY devoted to the long, dark history of suppressing UFO knowledge at the level of the US White House–shows that it is a highly coded front of the Canadians for Ron Paul terror group, clearly showing that Grant Cameron, aka Grant the Jackal, is a principle agent of the Manitoba Conspiracy. In all likelihood, in the unlikely event that Dr. Rep. Ron Paul steals the Republican nomination from Rep. Tom Tancredo, Grant Cameron would serve as Dr. Rep. Ron Paul’s Vice Presidential running mate!

Connect the dots people!! What is at stake is no less the Salvation of our Dominion!! Vote for Rep. Tom Tancredo in 2008, the Clear Choice of American Dominionists!!

Welcome Jeffrey Dahmer, New Christian Intelligent Design Spokesman

October 29, 2007

It is with great Joy that I spread the Lord’s Living Gospel through the Interweb!

Today is one of those days that really makes it worthwhile.

Not only did we find out Today that Rep. Tom Tancredo will continue his Presidential Candidate Ministry, but we also find out that a certain someone is also Spreading the Lord’s Gospel.

And that Certain Someone is none other than Jeffrey Dahmer, convicted murderer of 17 people, most of whom he ate! The Creation Science Evangelism Interweb has now hired Cannibal Dahmer to be their official Spokescannibal. Spokescannibal Dahmer is spending out the rest of his years Witnessing for the Lord, and specifically, telling the World that his murderous cannibalism was entirely his fault, except that part that caused him to murder because of His former Belief in Evolution:

In the interview Dahmer acknowledges that he once believed in the evolution theory which “cheapens life”. He went on to testify to the Lord Jesus Christ being the true Creator and accepting Him as his Savior.

Like Dahmer, many today are being influenced by the cheapening of life promoted by the evolution theory. Racism, communism, nazism and anarchy are all effects of this dangerous theory. Even the killers in the Columbine school massacre wore shirts that blared, “Natural Selection”. Evolution is a perilous religion with fatal societal consequences. For more on the effects of evolution view our Dangers of Evolution DVD.

There is hope; the Bible teaches us that we are “fearfully and wonderfully made“. Creation Science Evangelism exists to teach the unfathomable truths of our Creator which bring about life change. Help us in reaching this new generation, infiltrated by evolution and death propaganda, with the message of life that comes from the creation message. Help us make a difference today.

Praise the Lord for moving Cannibal Jeffrey Dahmer’s heart to admit how Evilution can turn a normal, healthy, responsible boy into a Vicious Cannibalistic Murderer!

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