Declaring all mexicans as Nazis can solve illegal immigration problem quickly

October 3, 2007

When elected President of the United States of America, Rep. Tom Tancredo promises, in his first 100 days of office, to deport all illegal immigrants from our Great Dominion, not just the Nazi illegal immigrants.

A President Rep. Tom Tancredo won’t be selective about who is rounded up and who is shipped out. This is in contrast to our current administration, who can’t get around to deporting any illegal immigrants, unless they are nazi’s. Getting the deportations of illegal immigrants rolling will be an important first step on The Divine Pathway that will carry our Christian Nation back onto the Road of Righteousness, not to mention saving our women and children from roaming packs of mexican rape squads.

Nevertheless, Rep. Tom Tancredo is as wise and pragmatic as he is God-Fearing. He understands that the roots of our illegal immigration problem not only lie in the fertile soil of the inherent lawlessness of colored people, but also reflect a difficult political dimension.

It is interesting that just this week the current Federal Administration has discovered, living outside of Atlanta, an 85 year old man who’s only real crime is that he lied to gain entry into this country. Coincidentally, and by his own admission through no fault of his own, he also happens to be a former Nazi and SS guard stationed at WWII concentration camps in charge of using attack dogs against the prisoners held in the camps. The federal government has moved quickly to deport this illegal immigrant.

I spoke with Rep. Tom Tancredo during my nightly vision just last night. We were discussing how quickly the government moved to deport this quiet old German man. We concluded it could only have happened with the support of the almost rabid-like eagerness of the Jewish-Business-Banker-Israel Cartel, which has such a firm grip on governmental power.

And then, through the Power of Divine Revelation, we both, at the same time, saw a strategy that can as quickly get the Wheels of Justice rolling to rid our nation of the 20 million illegal immigrants, who for the most part are mexicans: We simply charge all illegal mexican immigrants to be former members of elite units of the Nazi Waffen SS who served as guards at notorious concentration camps and whatnot.

That should get the Jewish-Banker-Israeli coalition behind the total illegal immigration problem, not just behind the nazi german illegal immigration problem, which won’t be much of a problem soon since most of them will be dead in another couple of years. So this will give them something else to do.

The Case Against Dr. Rep. Ron Paul

August 31, 2007

Dr. Rep. Ron Paul is Running for President of the United States of America Under God as a Republican candidate.   Although he does not represent a serious challenge to the candidacy of Rep. Tom Tancredo, it is important to discuss all the candidates and consider their relative strengths and weaknesses.

The case that can be made against Dr. Rep. Ron Paul is as extraordinary as it is exhaustive.

  • Dr Rep. Ron Paul is not the only candidate with a grass roots following.  Rep. Tom Tancredo also has a grass roots following.  The single biggest difference between them is that  Rep. Tom Tancredo’s grass root followers are stronger and more Divinely Inspired by the Lord God.
  • Dr. Rep. Ron Paul has never stated whether he is a Christian Republican, and we can therefore conclude that he is most likely an atheist Republican, which makes him more like a Demon-crat than anything else.  Even the papist Sen. Sam Brownback would be better than Dr. Rep. Ron Paul in this regard.
  • Dr. Rep. Ron Paul practiced medicine as an OB/GYN, which coincidentally is the same specialty that most, if not all, abortionists of little unborn baby boys and baby girls are trained in.
  • Dr. Rep Ron Paul has never denied that he is an abortionist of unborn baby boys and girls.
  • Dr. Rep. Ron Paul openly admits that he is backed by a loosely organized cadre of self-described ‘insurgents’.  Coincidentally, we are fighting a war over there so we won’t have to fight al-qaeda insurgents over here.  We can conclude from this that Dr. Rep. Ron Paul’s major financial backer is Osama Bin Laden.
  • Dr. Rep. Ron Paul’s most significant constituency at this early stage in the campaign are groups of European’s, including the Bavarians for Ron Paul thug-like Lutherans.
  • Dr. Rep. Ron Paul seeks to become a high priest of evolution, which poses an extraordinary threat to the Sanctity of Our Religion and Religious practices.
  • Dr. Rep. Ron Paul is curiously silent regarding the perverse acts of sodomy and impropriety of Sen. Larry Craig, which probably means that Dr. Rep Ron Paul has never passed by an interstate rest area that he didn’t want to stop and spend some time in the restroom stalls.
  • Dr. Rep Ron Paul intends to replace the US Dollar Currency, the only Currency in the World that is Blessed by the Word of God, with the Euro, and intends to open our borders to illegal aliens from Europe, who he seeks to mongrelize with illegal aliens from mexico.
  • Dr. Rep Ron Paul is clearly not a Republican, and is most likely a Democrat or a Libertarian…but he is defintely NOT a Republican

Rep.Tom Tancredo: “Congress needs ‘Don’t ask, Don’t tell’ policy”

August 31, 2007

In my night time Visions last night, the Lord God showed me a policy speech that He wants Rep. Tom Tancredo to prepare, a policy speech that will put him in the drivers seat in terms of driving the sort of Christian Republican Issues that are needed to mobilize Christian Republicans to Vote.

God showed me, through the medium of Holy Vision, why Rep. Tom Tancredo has been and will be The Leader of Republican Issues.

In this speech, Rep. Tom Tancredo will propose that Congress adopt a “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy regarding the Sexual Imperversities of Our Congress.

Through prayer, Children of God learn that Sodomy and other Acts of Fornication are the Sin of Sins. They are signs that the Demon of Dark Souls is working in this world by tricking God-fearing Christians and even Christian Republicans into committing brazen acts of Sodomy, fornication, perversion and perversity. These are the Demon’s attempts to wrestle control of Our Government from Christian Republicans, and give it to Atheist Democratics, who will then open the doors of Our Nation to Europeans and other Illegal Aliens, including mexicans, so that they can convert our currency to the Euro and Destroy Our Way of Life.

And because of these despicable acts of the Demon, Our Dominion and its Great Congress is losing otherwise good, God-Fearing, Christian Republicans, which allows for inroads that are exploited by Democratic Treachery and Villianyness.

Clearly, the good Christian Republican Congressmen we are losing are not Gay Homosexuals. Gay homosexuals, like Rep. Barney Frank, are always Atheist Democratics. They are those who brazenly embrace and relish the perverse Sodomistic lifestyle. These people celebrate their sickness and Unholy Treachery, for example, by speaking the Gay Homosexual language and sporting rainbow bumper stickers and flags. The Hearts and Souls of such individuals are No longer Open to God’s Magnificant Oneness and are unsalvageable for an eternity.

Rep. Tom Tancredo’s “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy does not apply to those such perverts.

Instead, it applies only to those Great Christian Republicans who, pushed by the Dark Beast, stumble briefly off the Path of Righteousness to engage in unwilling acts of Demonic treachery. God the Lord has inspired Rep. Tom Tancredo to show Christian Republican Leadership and Proclaim that These People are Not Hypocrites.

And just what does the new, Divinely-Inspired “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy entail? Simply put, if a Republican Christian stands accused or even under arrest for Lewd and lascivious acts of Desecration, other Republican Christians will stipulate that those acts, if indeed they did occur, were provoked by Satan’s Demons for which the Christian Republican is NOT culpable because s/he has Accepted the Lord Jesus the Christ in his heart AND they will no longer discuss the issue with anyone.

If Christian Republicans do not further discuss these matters, and if the accused Christian Republicans do not answer any questions or offer any unsolicited details regarding their alleged solicitations and fornications, then the matter, for all intents and purposes, can be considered closed and everyone can just a go along and get back to Governing this Great Dominion in the eyes of the Lord based upon the Good, God-Fearing principles that are necessary in this Time before the Rapture.

College Professor/Evilutionist Publicly Humiliates Award WinningTeenagers

August 24, 2007

Rep. Tom Tancredo has a plan to implement his agenda within 100 days of taking office as President of our United States Under God.

Rep. Tom is on the record as not believing in evilution, and as President, in point of fact proposes to put an end to evilution on day 57.

There are many reasons to put an end to evilution once and for all, not the least of which is because evilution directly contradicts Biblical Knowledge, which is The Word of God, which is Perfect and True, thereby provoking a Cult of Atheism that is eroding Faith in Our Dominion and the strength of our military forces.

But if that is not reason enough for you, try this one on for size: A despicable public act of Horror and Humiliation upon young Christians committed by a notorious and admitted college professor, secularist and evilutionist from Godless northern California, for whom carefully collected evidence from sophisticated interweb research shows that he may very likely be the 4th generation progeny of an incestuous coupling between Charles Darwin and a mexican harlot maid by the name of Isabella working under Darwin’s employ.

The Demon of Hate burns my fingertips as I summarize his singular act of depravity.

It seems a good Christian organization that exists only to promote the Will of God and, specifically, a more clear scientific understanding, achieved through Prayer, of His Special Creation, has conducted an open, WORLDWIDE scholarship contest. In this contest, students were asked to submit detailed essays using God’s tools of Scientific Logic and Reasoning to discuss the Glory of His Creation: Life, the Universe, and Everything.

But this atheist college professor has now published an internet report in which he mercilessly skewers the honest and difficult intellectual effort of these high school age students, as if completely unaware that they have already survived a difficult and bruising evaluation of their work by internationally revered judges. This adult atheist college professor is pointing to any number of picky and minor details, to false flaws he thinks he sees in their essays, apparently unaware of their delicate nature and sensitive egos.

I can’t see how child pornography would be considered a more abominable act of Christian Persecution!!! Acid tears are flowing down the cheeks of Baby Jesus, who is Mortified by the pain of His children.

Where in the world is Sam Brownback?

August 23, 2007


I’ll tell you where he is.


Out of the picture.

Way far behind the real leaders of this Campaign.  Probably fornicating with a Gay Homosexual in some Interstate rest stop.

And who has replaced him?  None other than Rep. Tom Tancredo, the #1 choice of Dominionists for Our Next President.

ONLY Rep. Tom Tancredo has made an issue of illegal immigration in his campaign, and now all the other pansy Republican candidates are getting the picture that, yes, the voter is sick and tired of illegal immigration and the mexican rape squads it fosters!  We are sick and tired of sanctuary cities!  We are sick and tired of ordering our Wendy’s Supersized Value Meals from PEOPLE WHO DO NOT HAVE THE DECENCY TO SPEAK OUR LANGUAGE!!!

And who is leading God-fearing, Christian voters to this realization?  Not the follower Sam Brownback.   Has Sen Sam Brownback taken the lead on ANY issue in this campaign?  Of course not!   Not Ron Paul, who is little more than an instrument of European  muslim special interests whose ultimate goal is to defile our women and children and use our Great Country to conduct acts of perversion and fornication that they can’t do in their own countries or else they’d be executed.

People, God has called me trough night time visions and day time Prayer to Support Rep. Tom Tancredo on the Interwebs!  And now I can see the Power of His Plan and you should too.

Do NOT dismiss Rep Tom Tancredo.  He is a bulldog against illegal immigration and many other issues on his platform, including evolution and political correctness.

He is the answer to Strong Christian Prayer!!

Praise to Him!!

Christians can do that, too!

August 16, 2007

Elitists persecute Christians all the time, and try to make people think we are backwards homebodies with our noses buried in the Lords Word, His Bible. That the world is just a passing us by. Pffffffffffttttt!!!

We’re smart enough to do EXACTLY what elitists do after they invent something.  We just do it with more purity of Heart and for the Lord’s Glory.

  • Elitists, through their religion of natural secularism and its High Priest Darwin, concocted the Theory of Evilution. Fair enough. Through Scriptures and Prayer, Christians developed The Theory of Creation Science. Unlike Darwinism, who’ve been desperately holding on to their main theory for over a hundred years, Christians have maintained an open mind, so much so we’ve been able to advance our creation theory to become The Theory of Intelligent Design.
  • The teenage children of elitists would play musical instruments in their basements and garages, while fornicating and consuming mind altering drugs, growing their hair long, and eventually invented Rock n’ Roll, as a genre of music ‘celebrating’ the rebellion of youth, godless creativity and rejection of their parents way of life. Christians, meanwhile, invented Christian Rock which looks and sounds exactly like Rock n’ Roll, so it is just as cool, but instead represents a genre of music that celebrates the Good, God Fearing Christian values of obedience and conformity.
  • Elitists invented YouTube to spread the word of godless fornicators and the Demon they worship, and then Christians invented GodTube.

Message to elitists: Anything you invent we can invent better!!!

Extremely Urgent Poll!!!

August 14, 2007

Brothers and Sisters- In my vision last night, God asked the Rep. Tom Tancredo Campaign to ask me to perform sensitive market research on his candidacy for President of the United States Under God.

Please go to this link and respond to the following poll question:

When Rep. Tom Tancredo is your President, what should be the top issue on his 100 day agenda?

The Liberty of the Free World rests on your decisions, so please vote as often as you can.

When it says “Dial 1” for English, Just HANG UP!!!

August 12, 2007

Next time I’m on the phone and an automatic operator says, “Please Press 1 for English” I’m a gonna just hang it up!!

I’m going to boycott that company.

Last night my on satellite TV stations, I was watching a very expensive pay-per-view channel that and I went into the bathroom to get some Kleenex to wipe my self up. But when I got back, suddenly the picture lost reception and I wasn’t able to finish watching.

So I called my satellite TV provider and got a recorded message. And the first number I had to dial was 1 so that I could hear things in English.

Well, I can hear things in mexican, chinko, russian, swahili and even jap. BUT I JUST DON’T UNDERSTAND IT!!!! And why in the heck are languages being talked in the United States of America Under God that Americans CAN’T Understand???

I KNOW that Tom Tancredo will put a stop to that, but in the meantime, I am praying to God that we all boycott those companies SO they get the message that they are in America and that they are making American money. And if you want my American Money, you better speak American to me AND I BETTER BE ABLE TO UNDERSTAND IT!

Romney to Brownback: “Be my VP, Sam?”

August 11, 2007

Last night when I was sleeping, God moved my spirit with a vision.

In this vision, the Jew-lover Mitt Romney from the northeastern liberal elite state of Massachusetts was meeting secretly with Sen. Sam Brownback in a rest stop bathroom stall on Interstate 80 in Iowa while accidentally taking a stop on the campaign trail at THE EXACT SAME PLACE.

When they were finished, Mitt Romney, with his hands on his knees, turned around, looked up to Sen. Sam Brownback and asked, “Sam, if I win the Republican nomination, as I most certainly will because my campaign has the mainstream media in my back pocket, I would like for you to be my running mate.”

Sam Brownback answered, “Certainly.  But let’s just hope Tom Tancredo never hears about this deal, or else he is the kind of man who would blow this wide open.”

The Lord works in mysterious ways and I am so Thankful that He chooses me to share this knowledg.

Straw Poll in Ames Iowa TODAY!! Vote for Rep. Tom!!!

August 11, 2007

A short prayer: Dear God the Father of All Creation, please stir the spirits of the people of Iowa who are at least 18 and older by Nov 7, and show them the buses set up by the Tancredo campaign, and have those buses deliver those spirits to the beautiful polling station guarded overnight by members of the Tom Tancredo campaign.

Today is the 2nd Most Important day in the history of Our Great Republic. Indeed, the Future of Our Republic and our God-fearing way of life Turns on todays Straw Poll Vote in Ames Iowa!!!

Now I’m not much of a political operative, but through the revelation of prayer God has taught me that who ever comes in 2nd will be allowed to continue to campaign for Presidency whereas lower finishers will be out of the race. The philanderer and fornicator Mitt Romney will come in first place, but only because he has the money of the jews and other northeastern aggressors, including the mainstream media–and God intends to shine his white light of truth on Mr Mitt Romney–who is for NAFTA and against building a wall to prevent mexicans from streaming over our southern border, and who thinks mexicans deserve to be treated in our hospitals– in due course.

So this is a chance to once and for all get Sen. Sam Brownback off the campaign trail and down on his knees, where he belongs, asking for the forgiveness of God Almighty.

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