Paul Campaign deploys child slave labor

October 3, 2007

It may come as a shocking surprise to some of you, but not to me.

We now have photographic evidence that the Dr. Rep. Ron Paul for President campaign is breaking child labor laws, slavery laws, and probably child pornography laws while it uses children to disseminate the twisted, dark and Demon-inspired selfish message of their False Messiah

.Paul worker forces children, against their will, to Proselytize for Paul

In this picture, you can see an Evil Paul Campaign worker yell and threaten bodily harm to obviously distraughtt young boys to waken the occupant of that house so that she can give him Dr. Rep. Ron Paul campaign literature and threaten to burn down his house unless he supports Dr. Rep. Ron Paul.

It is further alluded that the boys, who live in that neighborhood, understand that the occupant of the house is a perverted philanderer and child fornicator, a convicted sex offender, who is known, on occasion, to hold young children hostage and to torture their small pets.

Rep. Tom Tancredo will find these actions of the Paul campaign despicable when he hears about them, and will wonder if they are not a campaign orchestrated by Nazi-inspired sadists operating the Bavarian arm of the Paul campaign.

I Have Completed My Prison Ministry

October 2, 2007

To my Dear Brother and Sister Christian Colleagues-

I deeply apologize for my recent 30 day absence from the Interwebs and, most especially, to my God-fearing colleagues at Team Tancredo, for whom I worked and will continue to work tirelessly until Rep. Tom Tancredo is installed as Leader of Our Wonderful Dominion following his successful election.

It is now a matter of public record that I have completed a 30 day Prison Ministry, where I endeavored to service the souls of the liars and thiefs and thugs and fornicators who populate the Sumter County Jail.

Please don’t listen to those who would have you believe that I was serving a sentence for enticing minors for indecency. As Baby Jesus the Lord is my witness, I entered the jail willingly. Parking down by the levy that night with Mr and Mrs Hanson’s 16 year old daughter and her boyfriend, all faithful members of my Church, with an open bottle of Boone’s Farm wine was all part of the ruse — the only way I could figure to gain admission into the jail so that I could Do the Lord’s Blessings.

I am excited to once again have access to the Interwebs, so I can catch up on the Good Works of Rep. Tom Tancredo as he seeks the Presidency of Our Dominion, and the biding for the Evil Serpent no doubt being done by Dr. Rep. Ron Paul and his perverted Godless minions.

Rep. Tom Tancredo blasts Katrina recovery effort on theological grounds

August 31, 2007

Rep. Tom Tancredo is out in front of all the other Christian Republican Presidential Candidates once again.

On the 2nd anniversary of the Hurricane Katrina Act of God, Rep. Tom Tancredo has spoken out to deplore the recovery effort.  Specifically, he is now the first of the Christian Republican candidates to go out on the record and deride the local, county and state Negroes in the region for not getting anything done themselves and shiftlessly waiting around for federal government handouts, most of which they’ve wasted in acts of fraud and deceit.

Through Prayer with Our Lord it has been revealed to me that Rep. Tom Tancredo knows, firstly, that the Hurricane Katrina was an Act of God, one which He used as an Instrument of Divine Justice.

For there is no city in our Dominion more depraved than is New Orleans, which has been a hotbed of Democrat-inspired and -coddled perversity and perversion for over 3 centuries, and a veritable sanctuary harbor for all manner of illegal aliens, including muslim bomb squads and packs of mexican rape squads.  New Orleans has been the location of horrific acts of public fornication, sodomy and sexual perversity, including young, slender men who dress and act like harlot woman and entice unsuspecting innocent gentlemen who are lonely while on convention and experiencing a transient moment of spiritual weakness.

In fact, Rep. Tom Tancredo was inspired to Run for President because of The Destruction of New Orleans by Our Heavenly Father, because like all Christians, Rep. Tom saw it as the Sign from God and the fulfillment of Prophetic Scripture.

And therefore, Rep. Tom Tancredo has developed and attuned a finely honed political philosophy that it is NOT the Government’s job to undo an Act of Divine Justice.

The negroes who run that forsaken, soulless desert will be better off for rebuilding it themselves.  The government has given them $114 billion worth of trailers to live in, and that is flat out enough trailers.  They’ll just need to make do with what they have.

On the Persecution of Brother Bishop Weeks

August 27, 2007

In my visions last night, God thanked me for my tireless work for Rep. Tom Tancredo, who has smitten Sen. Sam Brownback in not only the Iowa Straw Polls, but in the Republican Faith community.

The Lord and God also asked me to look into the matter of Brother Bishop Weeks, who is being persecuted on this earth by all manner of deplorable and degrading criticism just because he is possessed by the Demons of Satan. and for actions and felonies of justice said possession caused Him to commit against his will even though it is quite likely he Never committed any such acts and is being framed by the Long Arm of White Justice.

Bishop Weeks is the Negro pastor of a nearby Congregation of The Faithful, The Global Destiny Church and is also the faithful Husband of the much better known, nationally visible Negro Evangelicatress and Prophettus minister, Jaunita Bynum. These Children of God have done SO much to keep their Negro congregation members from straying from the Arms of Jesus and have taught their culture many Acts of Holy Responsibility, as one example, the importance of tithing at a 25% gross income rate, even when such holy generosity drops members of the flock below the poverty level.

Bishop Weeks has recently been charged with a felony and persecuted further by the White Power Structure who operate under the false dominion of secular progressivists, for allegedly publicly beating and stomping upon and humiliating and threatening his wife Jaunita Bynum repeatedly and with great violence in a hotel parking lot.

Even if these accusations are true, they are unbelievable because of two things. First, a Man of God would NEVER do that to a Woman of God unless she had it coming to her, for example, because of her acts of perversity and fornication and infidelity. Second, these are clearly acts of Great Violence that can only be explained by Possession by Demons of Satan. Third, if Bishop Weeks in fact committed these Alleged Acts, He was meting out Justice of God and thus enjoys constitutional protection as this is a matter of religious practice.

Through Prayer and upon evaluation of all known facts in the case, God Reveals to me this is clearly a situation that is being Manipulated by the Dark Beast and His legion of Black Angels for the simple reason that this is NOT a situation where a man beats a woman, but a situation where one Minister of God beats another Minister of God.

That could ONLY happen if Satan was involved.

That the Government has embroiled itself in this affair by charging Brother Bishop Weeks with felony assault is all the evidence you need to elect Rep. Tom Tancredo as your next President of Our Holy Christian Dominion, who in his first 100 days in office will get the Government out of our Religion, while getting Our Religion back in our Government.

False and Despicable Rumors about Rep. Tom

August 24, 2007

In my morning prayers, I asked God about an ugly, false and despicable rumor, inspired by the Demon Beast and spread on the Interwebs that Rep. Tom Tancredo mistakenly deported Jesus the Christ. Jesus the Christ answered my prayers and said, that, no, Rep. Tom did (correctly) have is gardener deported, but his name is Jesus Gonzales, and is no relation to Jesus Christ.

Praise Him and Ben Stein for Prayers Answered

August 22, 2007

My Dear Communicants!

We have prayed so hard over the years, beseeching our Lord to send someone who will put a stop to so, so many things that mongrelize the Culture of Our Dominion.

And God sent us Rep. Tom Tancredo.  Praise to Him!!!

And we said, “God, Rep. Tom Tancredo is doing such a superb job, even the good but criminally misguided brothers and sisters at Baptists for Brownback 2008 are afeared that he will pull votes away from their hopelessly criminal and misogynizing candidate.”

Now, God sent us Ben Stein, who was once a lieberal elitist from the pagan culture of Hollyweird, but who’s soul is now resurrected though YOUR prayer and Holy Diligence.

Now, Mr Stein, clearly operating under the Glory of God, has created a new movie in which he exposes Under the Most Intense Lumens of God’s Light all the secular progressive humanist college  professor darwinists, who seek to shove their “theories” of ape-like men down the throats of our children, violently choking them until they submit to a godless culture of depravity.  In this movie, Ben Stein will stand up and put an end to a culture that mocks our Good Christian Heritage, and those the Heritage of our Great Country!!  Finally, we have someon who is savvy and intelligent working on the Side of Our Lord.

Thank the Lord today for sending Ben Stein, and Praise to Him for forgiving Ben Stein’s many sins and Transgressions.

List of Democrats and other Traitors (updated regularly)

August 16, 2007

Children of the Lord-In addition to the admitted fornicator Sen. Sam Brownback, there are many political hurdles to overcome before Rep. Tom Tancredo is Installed as President of Our Dominion. ONce Rep. Tom wins the Republican nomination, God’s work will only be half way complete.

For the most part, these next hurdles will be atheists, liberal elites and democrats and other traitors who operate in this world at the behest of the demon. These people are so evil, and the Demon is so stealthy, that they are even immune to the Power of Prayer and the Love of God!!!

We must keep these enemies close to us so that we know what they are up to and can defend ourselves from their treachery. I will update this list as it comes available.

  1. Earl Brokenfeld is a notorious peacenick with absolutely NO conception of the dangers faced by Our Dominion and Republic. His obsessive and continuous calls for impeachment of our Divinely-inspired current leaders diminishes the Safety of our way of life, poses an imminent and durable threat, and gives safety and comfort to Our enemies. He is also a supporter of cultural mongrelization and is rumored to run a clearinghouse for mexican rape squads.
  2. Driftglass is most likely channeling The Demon Incarnate, but my Revelation through Prayer on this remains incomplete.   Careful. You Must have the Strongest of Faith’s in our Lord and Jesus and in Our Great Bush Administration before going to that interweb for There is no darker soul on the interwebs.  Recommended only for those Who are Baptised in His Glory. In a staccato-like delivery, this Demon continuously, incessantly and completely undermines the authority our leaders and of Our God.  The images posted are of the most obscenely Pornographic you will find of fully clothed people anywhere on the Interweb.  Driftglass is a suspected islamicist and likely leader of a jihidist sleeper cell.
  3. Commentator ‘Dave Richards’ who is a professional Persecutor of Christians and a suspected self-flagellagerist and obvious practitioner of the Dark Arts.

Signs of Cracks in Support from the Farmer Vote

August 16, 2007

It looks like our patriot farmers are becoming a bit nervous about Rep. Tom Tancredo’s proposals to plant land mines on our borders, reduce the numbers of roaming mexican rape squads, and protect Our Republic Dominion from cultural mongrelization.

The alarmist farmers are spreading false fears, complaining that any limitations on immigration could make it difficult for them to find and hire workers to harvest their crops, potentially leaving “vast fields of ripe tomatoes rotting on the vine.”

Oh, please!

These farmers are clearly just putting their own self-interest ahead of the best interests of the United States of America, sounding almost EXACTLY like cry baby liberals and secular progressivists.

The fact of the matter is this:  Some segments of our economy will experience some difficulties as we enact Rep. Tom Tancredo’s austere illegal immigration policies and hand this Great Country Back to the American Christians who were here first.  Rep. Tom Tancredo  has always been open and forthright about that much.

If this means that the people who grow and eat food are going to experience some economic discomfort, at least it is because of the Will of God.

Pakistani Terrorist Hit Squads Burn Tancredo, not Brownback, in Effigy

August 16, 2007

More proof that of all the Republican Candidates, Terrorists are most afraid of Rep. Tom Tancredo.

This just on the interwebs:  Just the other day, wild packs of Terrorist Death Squads roaming the streets of the backward nation of Pakistan burned Rep. Tom Tancredo in effigy in an attempt to scare voters in the United States of America Under Ground and dissuade them from voting for Rep. Tom Tancredo.

If anything, such despicable acts of violence Prove beyond a Shadow of a Doubt that of all the Republican Candidates, Terrorists are most afraid of Rep Tom Tancredo.

In fact, they are so unafraid of Sen. Mike Brownback that they didn’t even bother to burn him in efficacy.  Or any other candidates, including Huckabee or the mormon cultist Romney.

Maybe These Terrorists Know that after Rep. Tom Tancredo turns Mecca and Medina into a big pile of radioactive glass, that he’ll shift his target to Islamabad.

Which is Fine by me and every other supporter of Rep. Tom Tancredo

Brownback Running Dirty Tricks Campaign

August 16, 2007

Well, it is time to get back to what we are here to do: Making sure that Rep. Tom Tancredo is elected as next President of Our Dominion.

To start things off, let me first say that Sen. Sam Brownback is NOT the patriot he would like you to think he is, or the Christian a lot of Baptists would like you to think he is either.

Reports from ‘boots on the ground’ indicate Brownback is running a dirty, dirty, ugly, filthy and very unChristian campaign. In the recent Iowa Straw Poll, disinformation spread by Brownback and his supporters ended up stranding elderly people in 100 heat waiting for buses that never came, almost killing them. Furthermore, Brownpack paid, on average, $411 to illegal aliens to cast ballots for him in the poll. Finally, there were many, many, many other voting irregularities that raise doubts about the integrity Under God of Brownbacks 3rd place finish and suggest that, if they didn’t do these vile political tricks, Rep. Tom Tancredo would have probably won the Iowa Straw Poll. This is hardly what we’d expect from a good Christian man who Loves God.

Other important information from these reports:

  • Rep. Tom Tancredo’s speeches are so stirring, even small children who haven’t learned how to talk yet raise their fists in the air and scream, “Yeah!!!” when Rep. Tom get’s a going on cultural mongrelization.
  • Extremely impressive calculations now show that the United States Government currently spends almost $350 billion per year on dealing with illegal aliens that it can’t even deport!  This is almost the cost of what it takes each month to fight and kill terrorists in Iraq and Afghaministan!!
  • The State of Iowa State Fair has hit a new low by printing out its program this year in bilingual, effectively slamming the State Fair door in the faces of loyal Rep. Tom Tancredo supporters.
  • The Fair and Balanced Fox News is beginning to seem like it is not very fair and balanced, because it is not covering Rep. Tom Tancredo’s campaign, and is in fact giving more coverage to Hillariously–which is stupid because nobody who watches Fair and Balanced Fox News is going to vote for her anyway. So they should give more coverage to Rep. Tom Tancredo

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