Repealing 13th Amendment best possible solution for the immigration Crisis

When it comes to the illegal immigration crisis, Jesus is the final judge, jury and executioner

There has been much talk lately amongst Conservative Christian political leaders about the need to slightly modify what were the Founding Father’s intentions when crafting the 14th Amendment of our Sacred Constitution.

The 14th amendment currently gives the Sacred Right of American Citizenship to little mexican anchor babies.  Quickly, the swelled up mexican doe leaps across our border just in time to drop the baby (“hop and drop” to proclaim citizenship for their entire extended family.

I think we can all agree that no Founding Father worthy of that title and of reasonable mind or character would ever intend to give mexicans citizenship.  Indeed, mexicans were the sworn enemies of our Founding Fathers, who fought two bloody wars–The Spanish American War and the Mexican War–to make sure they stayed in their own burn countries and away from our borders.

So it is clear and nobody would argue that we need to simply repeal the 14th Amendment by a simple vote of acclamation and do so with very little additional discussion, which is unnecessary.  After that, the only people who will be granted citizenship will be American children, and the occasional brown skinned collaborator who earns it for helping us in our ongoing War against islam.

But will repealing the 14th Amendment do as much good as we hope?  That sounds like a stupid question, but it actually isn’t.   A repeal of the 14th Amendment will stop illegal fetal immigration, but it will not stop illegal immigration by the mexicans who are already across our borders and roaming about in our neighborhoods after dark, seeking  to steal our Women’s flowers and our yardwork equipment from our garages and sheds, and who are abusing our precious Healthcare Resources.

But there is a Repeal Solution that might just work against these savages.  We can repeal the 13th Amendment, which was heartlessly imposed upon the entire country after the War of Northern Aggression.  The 13th Amendment is the simplist and most simpleminded Amendment of our Constitution.  It simply outlaws slavery.  The amendment is so short, it is clear that the Founders were not at all enthusiastic about it.  Therefore, it is fair and reasonable to conclude that the Founders intended for the 13th Amendment not to pass, or if it did pass, not to be affirmed.  Or if it was affirmed, not to survive repeal initiatives.  Clearly, therefore, from this careful reading of history, in outlawing slavery, the Founders did not intend to outlaw slavery.

How can repealing the 13th Amendment solve our illegal immigration crisis?  That is a pretty stupid question.  The answer should be obvious.

Right now, the illegal mexicans have nothing to motivate them to return to their own burn country because the Federal government refuses to do its job of rounding them up and deporting them.

If Conservatives had them rounded up in a Legal Citizens Initiative, which is wholly in our rights, and then packed up on rail cars and shipped back across the border, then the lamestream media would have a field day taking pictures and producing videos with their hands reaching out and begging for food and water.  The net result is it would make us, the ones who are trying to save this Country as opposed to the libs who are tearing it apart, look like the bad guys.

Conservatives like myself don’t normally care one burn about political correctedness, but such newsreel would be pretty bad political correctedness publicity for us.

But if we repealed the outlawing of slavery, then anybody could take a slave whenever and whereever they wanted.  Quietly.  Man by man.

For example, you could drive down to the Home Depot, pretend you got a big job for them and pick up a whole truck full of them.  In fact, they’ll be jumping into your truck and you’ll have a hard time  not taking too many.

Once you get them to your home, you can make them your slaves and do all the hard work they’d normally do for you, but for free.  You could put them all in the shed at night and lock it up.  And then have them work for you the next day, and again and again and again.  Just like we used to do it in the old days.

Eventually they’ll figure it out and realize they are slaves.  If they escape, they’ll get picked up by other Americans, who will make them there slaves, too.

Before you know it, they’ll be too afraid to loiter about the Home Depot begging for work for fear of becoming a slave.  Eventually, they’ll get the message and before you know it again, they’ll be sneaking back across their border at night on their way home, trying to escape detection by Our Border Security teams, who would turn them into slaves if they caught them hopping the fences to the south.

Word will get back to all the mexican bucks back in mexico that American is not the Land of Opportunity for mexicans, that they will lose their freedoms and whatnot if they came here.

That would instantly solve the illegal immigration crisis.

I have plenty of commentators who come to this award winning interblog to tell me my ideas are stupid.  Do you think this one is stupid, too?

Well if you want permission to say that my idea is stupid, first  provide the name of one African negro who voluntarily came to the United States of America  prior to when the 13th Amendment was passed.

Just one name.

11 Responses to “Repealing 13th Amendment best possible solution for the immigration Crisis”

  1. Kitteh Says:

    Rev. Hipple, I could go along with this if it would mean that I could capture a paki or one of them indian fellas (the ones you see at the Kwiki-Mart) who oversatyed a H1 visa. I’d rent them out to Microsoft or teh Google and keep his or her paycheck. Then I wouldn’t have to go work for Mr. Pulowski at the bakery.

  2. Retnan Says:

    I want me a couple or 3 female slaves if you catch my drift. 1 will stay home and serve me all day while the other 2 work full time so I can take their money. Then at night…….

  3. Aidan Says:

    Y’all are dumbasses-either trolls or just dickheads.

  4. Tyron Says:

    As a black guy I am looking forward to taking a harem of white slave girls. Repeal the 13th.

    • Walter Says:

      The 13th amendment is the actual push for our national freedom brother not the proclamation it only freed us from the south wit dat being said they won’t only be picking up Mexicans for slaves but yo black ass too. Smh

  5. Tyron's Master Says:

    Stupid negro, never will understand.

  6. Dada Says:

    You guys are all cunts.

  7. Monique Says:

    I agree wholeheartedly with the author. 13th Amendment should be repealed. Slavery should be imposed upon any worthless human being:

    Don’t graduate high school? become a slave!
    Convicted of a felony? become a slave!
    3 misdemeanors? become a slave!
    Wear your pants sagging? become a slave!
    Unemployed for more than 3 years? become a slave!

  8. tim Says:

    Slavery is in full effect. We see it in the form of the dismantling of unions in America. The difference between free labor and slavery is the ballot box. Free laborers were treated no better than slaves in the 1800s/early 1900s. American working men struggled, at great cost, to improve the quality of life for the American worker. Policies passed through the Bush administration have systematically undermined the American middle class. We seem to be reverting to that old slave mentality which says that the labors of many are required for the advancement of the few and elite. I give kudos to Obama for pushing to socialize medicine. Some say Obama is a socialist, well maybe a form of socialism is what is needed in our nation. Let’s take a look at the minimum wage in America. It is plainly ridiculous to suppose that anyone can live on minimum wages, let alone support a family. Let’s look at the increase in the use of temporary workers through labor services. These companies make a fortune on the backs of the American worker, and do this by providing cut rate services to business owners seeking to increase their own profit margin. It’s time to wake up America. When you find yourself at the local temporary employment service waiting to be sent out to do a dangerous dirty job for minimum wage, well, then it’s just to late. So stop quibbling over who should or shouldn’t be enslaved and worry about freeing yourself from the oppression of the fortune 500 run government. If you want to get a better picture of what capitalism run amok looks like, read “The Jungle” by Upton Sinclair. That is, of course, assuming you can read.

  9. Scott Says:

    honestly anyone who isnt me (a white upperclass male) should be forced into slavery regardless of their race, i only want people like john McCain and David johnson to not be enslaved

  10. i_aint_no_goddam_sonuvabitch Says:

    Ehh, go jump in a lake.

    How can there be — generally speaking — so much talk thrown around about this person or that person supposedly being “an enemy of the Constitution,” but at the same time, someone else can out and out say, “Let’s repeal the Thirteenth Amendment,” while getting away without being called an enemy of the Constitution, despite the fact that they’re the only ones who are literally talking about arbitrarily getting rid of some part of the Constitution?

    Oh, that’s right, because when it comes down to it, everyone — liberal and conservative alike — takes a cafeteria counter approach to the Constitution. We all pick and choose for ourselves what parts of the Constitution are relevant, which parts shouldn’t really be there, and what the founders were actually thinking when they drafted this or ratified that. Because we alone know. Everyone else wants to see our womenfolk raped and our way of life destroyed, or else simply doesn’t know how to read.

    Claiming custodianship of the Constitution is always a load of cynical bullshit, in other words. Rather, we always push our own agenda to the point of moral bankruptcy, while accusing the opposition of hating America when they do the same. Hooray for cave seventy-three, fuck everyone else. This much has been the same since Adam.

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