Expect Collateral Damage in the War against Muslim Atrocities

soldier w jesus

Jesus protected by a sad US GI on day of His rendition and torture

The peaceful, loving relationship between the US soldier and Jesus is the basis upon which the US projects its devastatingly effective military power.  Our Military and all of Her operations are certified by an authority no less powerful and Perfect than the Provenance of God!  We  engage in battle with Our enemies equipped with Divine Certainty that, as Gen George W. Bush has said repeatedly, “Our crusade against Muslim terror and the demonic treachery of the muslim is a just one!

[For anybody who has difficulty with this concept, and considers equally legitimate all monotheistic faiths of the Abrahamic tradition,  I need only remind you that Jesus uses the King James Bible and only the King James Bible to deliver His message.  There is no such thing as a King James Koran….and there never will be.  In other words, when Jesus had the chance to vote for who would be His People, Jesus voted for the Christian and against the muslim.

And I don’t have to remind you that the War against Muslim Atrocities is a borderless war.  Try as we do to contain the battlefield within the borders of their own pathetic, God-foresaken countries, skirmishes break out from time to time elsewhere, including sometimes within the peaceful Borders of our very own Dominion.  This simple fact of islamic treachery teaches us that Christians must remain vigilant no matter it they are in Turkinministan, Timbuktoo or Tuscaloosa.

Do we project our Power perfectly at all times?  Of course we do not.  We are only God-like, not God.  We are human and the only real failing of a true Christian is in trying to be as perfect as God and then falling short.  But every once in a while we make a mistake.

For example, a Christian US Marine is now being persecuted by the secularists in Florida for a minor case of mistaken identity.  He was on leave, peacefully, going about his business, removing some laundry from the trunk of his car in front of his own home in a peaceful neighborhood of like-minded Christians.  Because he was trained so well, he was aware this calming scene could be disrupted at any moment and was also on alert.

Inexplicably,  someone doing a PERFECT muslim imitation came running up from behind this soldier with an opium-crazed look on his face, screaming, “Allah akbar!  Allah akbar!” which literally translated means, “I am about to pull the cord on this here homicide bomb, Allah willing!”

Because he was a US Marine he was trained to recognize homicidal islamofascism in a blink of an eye and to do what any good Christian would do in a situation like that:  he grabbed the tire wrench from the trunk of his car and used it to repeatedly beat this savage pseudo-islamofascist mercilessly, to stop him from activating the bomb that any reasonable American would presume was wrapped around his chest, which would be used to harm any innocent Christian women and children who are nearby.

Once unconscious, it was determined that this muslim-wannabe was, in fact, not a typical muslim terrorist and was instead a member of some catholic-like mediterranean-based wiccan cult who had illegally immigrated into the US through our broken borders.  Further, he might just as well have been a deaf mute because he didn’t speak or hear a lick of English, a fact which might have led to some uncertainty about his true intentions.

Sadly, the Christian US Marine was subsequently arrested and charged with assault and attempted murder, and now suffers the worst sort of persecution imaginable: false imprisonment by the very same government he swore to defend with Honor until the last breath of his life.  He has become an enemy of the liberal state.

This incident proves many things.  First, it proves that after generations of removing God from our schools, our secular law enforcement culture apparently has lost any ability to tell the difference between justified defense from a homicidal maniac, and mistaken identity and is willing to persecute good Christians who might accidentally do the latter.

Second, to the degree this case might possibly represent unfortunate “collateral damage” in the war against muslims, it also proves the wisdom of Rep Tom Tancredo’s platform for insisting that English be the Official Language in the US.  To prevent further mishaps of this nature, as our next president, Rep Tom Tancredo will enact laws that ensure visitors to this Dominion can pass basic English proficiency tests before entering through Customs.  For their own safety.

Third, although it is true there are special places in Hell reserved for those who fall short of the Loving Expectations of God, this is not one of those cases.  Lance Cpl. Bruce can rest assured that Jesus will walk with him as he suffers through persecution from secularists who are not nearly as forgiving about mistaken cases of identity as is God….particularly when muslims are involved.

15 Responses to “Expect Collateral Damage in the War against Muslim Atrocities”

  1. timlwilliamson Says:

    This is pure unadulterated rubbish…..Everything on this blog. Let me pose a question, though I doubt that most will be able to get their heads out of the sand long enough to look much less see…All people are entitled to their particular faith and views, even you, but when they views or ideologies, whether religious or political, work to impose their views on others, by such means as violence, destruction, imposition of misery, intolerance, death, simply because those ‘others’ aren’t like you, whether in ideology, faith, color, politics, or whatever the excuse is, then those things are godless, allahless, yahwehless. Such acts of depravity and imorality and thoughlessness prove that the god or allah or yahweh you are ‘trying’ to honor IS NOT IN YOU. Here is the question: down through all the ages of history, what has been the single largest cause of more death, misery, destruction, intolerance than ALL other reasons combined? If you know the answer to that, and you still choose to behave the way you do, then god or allah or yahweh is not in you…Just go ahead and continue to keep your head buried in the sand….It’s probably best for you that way..

  2. Hipple, Rev. Paul T. Says:

    Brother Tim-

    I have not asked the intergoogles, so I could be wrong, but I believe the answer to your question is The Rrhea; lots a people die of rrhea just about every day. And malaria, too. The Demon uses those diseases to harvest fallen souls in non-Christian countries and other dark corners of the world. It is very sad, but all them dying also keeps our illegal immigration crisis a lot less worse than it could be.

    Award Winning Interblogger

  3. timlwilliamson Says:

    Ok! Rrhea is the ending of many words in the medical world – such as diarrhea, gonorrhea, amenorrhea,
    leukorrhea my point is this- ‘rrhea’ comes from the Ancient Greek meaning “to flow”, and all these are active problems all around the world. We’ve all have had diarrhea. They are not exclusively the scourge of those who are not Christian or who try to come to this country without invitation or permit, as some ‘gods’ punishment. Don’t be swayed by those who blow such winds trying to fan the flames of ignorance, anger and violence.
    By the way, any system of belief that purports to be from a good god, or even from allah or yahweh, and then tells adherents to commit acts of violence, destruction, misery, intolerance against a fellow human being, regardless of religion, race, politics, worldview, sex, or otherwise is by definition and without question godless, allahless, or yahwehless.
    Now, the answer, which is recorded and proven throughout history, and is not refutable, is religions – of all stripes. All have, and continue to do, committed atrocities in the name of that religion. People do need their faith, but, as it is prone to do time and time again, no good god, no matter by what name you call him, deserves our blind faith when we
    “think” we are told to kill, destroy, etc….IT IS WRONG. And, all know it.
    The solution then is honest and open discourse about the past of ALL religions on a global scale, then agree that all human life, no matter who they are, what they look like or where they are from, is in and of itself, sacred. You, your life is sacred and has great value, and so to do all others on this planet. Religions must be changed to reflect truth not myth.

  4. Hipple, Rev. Paul T. Says:

    Obviously, you are just here to spread the secular atheistic false message of hollow despair. The Demon is strong in you, for sure. Against my better judgment, I am going to leave your comments on my interblog intact, so that Christians will understand better the fight they have on their hands.

    I’d pray for your soul if I didn’t think it would be such a pointless waste of God’s Precious time and talent.

    Award Winning Interblogger

  5. timlwilliamson Says:

    It’s unfortunate that correct knowledge and information still in this day and age causes people to keep their heads in the sand. I do however encourage you and all others who must do so to pursue your faith without doubt in all its peaceful, understanding and enlightened ways…Just remember, when those ideas cross the line into intolerance, causing misery, death and destruction on other human beings because they appear to be different in some truly insignificant way, then those ideas no longer have a valid reason to exist….It’s a matter of compassion and logic and understanding..by the way even Jesus taught and promoted compassion, tolerance and understanding. So should we.

  6. Hipple, Rev. Paul T. Says:

    Jesus walked on this earth to fulfill God’s plan that a strong Nation be built as a sanctuary for His elect from the wily ways of the Demon and as a place to testify to His Magnificence without the threat of persecution.

    That Nation, of course, is the United States of America.

    These alleged foibles and mistakes of religions that you speak of are exclusively the alleged acts of other religions, not Christianity,and include alleged unspeakable horrors by islam, jewishism, and catholicism.

    We are now in an unprecedented period where the United States Government has been overrun by a cabal of intolerant politically correct liberals, weak-kneed catholic homosexuals, and rogue elements of a dark society operating on the fringes of society comprised of illegal immigrants and their muslim benefactors. From the tone of your increasingly unwelcome and repetitive comments, I suspect you are someone from among these groups.

    At times like these, where the Dominion of God on this Earth is threatened like never before, the Christian Compassion and Tolerance of which you speak needs to take a back seat to rescuing this nation from the likes of the sloppy thinkers like yourself.

    I mean to say, what part of “This is a Code Orange Terrorism Threat” do you fail to understand?

  7. timlwilliamson Says:

    As a former Marine Corp Officer, and a Former Member of Naval intel, I too am concerned greatly for the safety and sanctity of the US and our great people, I just do not want us to go down the same extremist road followed by some others….that is as serious a challenge as the very real threats posed by Jihadist. We are better than that. No where in the teachings of Jesus, do you every see him advocate violence and extremism – his teachings were the very definition of tolerance and acceptance, otherwise there would have been NO room for gentiles in His church. You, would not have been allowed in, because you, and we, are not like him – he was Jewish.
    As for it not being your church, and all the others around the world too, by which so much death and destruction was poured out on others, and not just during the crusades, our Protestant faith, and I’m including myself in that since my heritage is Baptist and Charismatic pentecostal, came from the Roman catholic church. That is the historical truth. Inescapably derived from our catholic brothers….

  8. ghulam mohyuddin wani Says:

    It is shamfull to read this narration of a chirstian.SORRY But you crucified christ and now you are rabid against muslims.What is a muslim do you know its meaning .Muslim means peace and why should a christian or for that matter any one disturb peace.I have never seen such rabid humans ,chirstian you cant be,i doubt about your being a human.All men or women are equal and the childeren of adam and eve,God is for all the universe and any one sect.Killing of Iragies,AFGANIS,OR ANY ONE IN THE WORLD IS LIKE HITLER.hE DIED DISGRACED.do you want america of your thoughts to die as hitler.CHANGE YOUR ATTITUDE IF YOU ARE IN GOOD HEALTH OR SOUND MIND.i AM A DOCTOR I advise you to consult some physician.your views are deterimental to the nationas and world and humans

  9. ghulam mohyuddin wani Says:

    This is the reply to the narration above in which the murder of an innoscent deft and dump fellow human was mercilessly killed by an US marine.I do not know the situation and thus can not comment whether the Marine has done it for self defence or in a fit of anger or missidenty,Yes I am grieved by the comments of Hippie ri paul t .I can believe America the humanist face of the world could have such inhabitants too.Mr hippie ,I may call him now on as in India Hippie is intoxicated.He seems to be intoxicated with hatred and disdain against Muslims.May I humbly request hin to read some of my articles on universal brotherhood free publication of http://www.articlebase.com or http://www.buzzle.com Muslim means peace and peace is to be cultivated and prepatuted in the world.I will ask him to learn an age old proverb,DO NOT PICK UP A QURREL WITH SOME ONE SLEEPING ON THE ROAD INFRONT OF YOUR GLASS HOUSE.IT IS YOU WHO WILL SUFFER.EVEN IF YOU KILL HIM,BUT IF HE JUST THROWS A PEBBLE ON YOUR GLASS HOUSE YOU ARE RUINED.So it time for all of us to save the global village from destruction created and engineered by the west and not east or the muslims.The Hadlay,the torabora mann all were paid CIA agents of USA AND EVEN SADAM WAS COHERTED BY THE BUSHES AND NEXESSE S OF THE USA AND NOT ANU ONE ELSE LEAST MUSLIMS.May I request a change in thinking.I am surprised why any muslim in america or a true christian has not answered or corrected Mr Hippie who may endanger the humanity by his venomous narration.I pray GOD TO HELP HIM AND BE A TRUE BELIEVER OF THE MESSAIH THE PROPHET OFF gOD.

  10. ghulam mohyuddin wani Says:

    I feel it is time to reconcile and make a peace attempt.The situation today id comparable to world war ii,when hitler and his reich used to give simmilar sologans and war cries as todays (refer Hippie mr )statement above. The Hitler did not concede to the advise of good and noble chirtasians world over.The US and americans includung Russian allowed him to massacare the Jews as all are now slaughtering the muslims world over.We must stop all the toran bora and wanted,along with rabid maniks for the oil and gas who mislead the common folk.Let we the people of the global villagr come farward to ask the alkaeda and the NATO TO STOP WAR AND DISCUSS.I REQUEST THOSE WHO HAVE SIMMILAR VIEWS TO REPLY SO THAT IF EVIL CAN GROUP TOGETHER WHY SHOULD WE THE RIGHT BE SILENT SPACTATERS .PL REPLY FOR THE SAKE OF HUMANS AND THE WORLD PEACE.

  11. Timothy Williamson Says:

    Ghulam: We are all equal. The people of the Book, the followers of Jesus, call him the prince of Peace. The Muslims of the world have by definition in the name of their faith – peace. Other religions claim peace as being their way as well. Yet, there has been no peace on earth. Each has attacked and destroyed the other, and even killed within their own, from the very beginning of human awareness. Why?
    In short, and in practice, each “faith” has only allowed there to be peace as long as you for like them, or you believe the exact same way that they believe, and of course, you must also be one of them and accept the ‘obvious’ truth that they are Right, the sole purveyors of the only true and right way. Every religion on earth claims the title of ‘rightness’ for themselves. Over time, the religions have tried to change and adapt to the maturing world view around them, but the process is torturous and slow and oftentimes, violent.
    A world view based on reason and founded in evidence -science-has no rational place for myth -Christian, Muslim, Vedic, Buddhist, Hindu, whatever. The ability to imagine great things is part of science. Throughout history, science has never changed its logical progression to accommodate myth (religions). But, myth has tried to incorporate a scientific world view, belatedly, into their beliefs – to keep their believers involved. Examples – let’s see, how about geocentric vs heliocentric vs not at the center at all for earth or the solar system. All religions will invariably look at their ‘books’ and ‘the word’, and try to show that their god or allah or yahweh or shiva actually meant to include those things, but of course, that’s non-sense. Like looking at Nostradamus today and saying he meant that to be WWII or some such craziness.
    My point is this. We know better. We have the perspective and hopefully useful advantage of history. We have the obvious advantage of verifiable and repeatable science in things ranging from relativity, quantum mechanics, cosmology (big bang), and the proof of evolution science…..Where does that leave myth? Relegated to the honored position as a footnote on a violent past?

  12. ghulam mohyuddin wani Says:

    I do agree with the views of Mr T .I wish him to comment of use of force to kill people than to feed them.CHRIST IS A HOLLY SPIRIT WHICH as a MUSLIM BIOTECHNOLOGIST HAS been explained by in my books.To be continued

  13. ghulam mohyuddin wani Says:

    WE are somewhere mislead by the obcession to science.Science is a truth worked out through statistics of 6vs 4 ratios.What I mean here is that absolute truth is never brought by scientific calculations atleast in biological sciences.Here if 6 persons out of 10 respond to a treatment we call it significant and a truth for granted.Many of our such reported truths have been refuted or corrected.Till date the truth of God and the preachings of good virtues are helping the world amongst darkness.May I quote the existence of red cross among battle fields shows the the myth is some times more powerfull than science.This is in reference to the narration of MR.,T wiLLAMSON “s comments above.

  14. FUCK YOU ADMIN Says:

    ME – AlexandeLouisThuet@FACEBOOK.COM

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