Obamacare is a ruse entirely designed to steal your guns

The Love of Jesus and Gun Ownership is the bedrock of Christian Faith

The Love of Jesus and Gun Ownership is the bedrock of Christian Faith

Rather than defend himself with his weapons, Jesus chose to be renditioned and tortured under conditions so horrific they would be unsuitable for extracting intelligence from terrorist muslims.  Jesus died upon the Holy Cross for one reason: so that we could enjoy our 2nd Amendment Rights to Hold, Bear and, if necessary, shoot our Arms at muslims and other immigrants who are here in America to destroy our Christian Way of Life.

Now, our Constitutional Right to Armed Self Defense is  threatened as never before.  Hussein Obama and his jooish democrat Congressional puppets  have inserted language into the health care reform bill that will make it impossible for American Christians to simultaneously own firearms and enjoy access to the Best Medical System in the world.  They will be forced to choose one or the other.  This comes from an independent analysis of the Baucus Health care Reform bill by a non-partisan, completely objective watchdog think tank based up there somewhere.  Loyal interblog readers will know that I am not one to recklessly cite think tank output, seeing as how most of it carries a profoundly disturbing liberal bias.

Provisions in the Baucus health care bill call for the assessment of punitive, enormous taxes for individuals engaged in deadly lifestyle choices.  The bill goes on to define deadly lifestyle choices as 1) gun ownership, 2) living in a negro neighborhood.

Instructively, there is no mention whatsoever of the gay homosexual as one who leads a deadly lifestyle, providing all the proof one needs that the Baucus Health Care Bill was crafted by the cartel of hollywood-liberal-homosexual-elitists.

Although I am all for the disarmament of the negro, this provision clearly endangers law-abiding Christian gun lovers and will prevent them from adequately defending themselves from assaults by elements of the atheist conspiracy during Wednesday and Sunday worship services

This bill needs to be stopped or else you will be handing over your weapons to Obama.  Christians without weapons will be unable to defend themselves, their farm animals & equipment & dogs, their wives, their children or their property.

4 Responses to “Obamacare is a ruse entirely designed to steal your guns”

  1. Martin A. Stoker Says:

    Hello, I just happened to stumble across your blog a few weeks ago and after reading almost all your articles I just have a few comments. One of those is on this specific article and the other is about your articles in general. I am a faithfull young Christian so there will be no need to question my faith which is above your question and only for god himself to judge.

    1: You as a servant in the name of god claim that Jezus died on the cross for your right to carry guns even to church (a house of peace in gods name). How can this ever be a good thing. Even if you face violence from the non christians Jezus would NEVER want you bring weapons into the house of his father. The bible is the most beautifull books ever written and Jezus himself proclaims that when punched in the face you should not punch back and turn the other cheek. Its one big appeal to non-violence. I would like your sources that claim otherwise. It can not be that you would gain these insights of god. The pure and almighty would never lie and so he didn’t in the bible and why would he do so to you… No this could be only the work of the corruption of the human spirit… grown and mutated since our fall out of paradise.

    2: Considering my response to your article this shall not come as a suprise… but why the hate? America is a county build on the back of immigrants. What would separate you from some of the new ones. For the ease of this discussion we should try to ignore the Islamic immigrants and look to the Mexicans for instance. What makes you different. You have a European Christian background and they don’t? Because, just as a reminder.. they do.. Do you hate them because they are Catholic chistians and worship an idol because of that? Because as I see it, you are doing about the same thing. However your Idol is not a real person. It is more like an idea… this would be fine if it where straith out of the bible but your idea is so warped… so infested with hate it scares me (and many others). You speak not of wrath gods but of the wrath of very unforgiving souls.

    Please understand that this is not attack but just a reply of a very concerned (Dutch) Christian. I understand it if you which not to post this, however a reply would be welcome.

    The best of luck in life.

    PS: Please forgive any possible errors in English as it is not my native tongue.

  2. Hipple, Rev. Paul T. Says:

    Dear Brother Martin-

    Thank you for reading my Award Winning Interblog. God works in mysterious ways, does He not?

    As for forgiving your possible errors in English, I can forgive all but one: You did not once use a capital G in spelling God AND then you consistently and without any shame whatsoever mispell the name of Jesus Our Lord.

    How dare you come to the intergoogles showing such blatant disrespect for the Lord of All. It simply prooves you aren’t half the Christian you purport to be.

    All of your posting privileges on this interblog have been suspended for the future. You might find better company in some other interblog. I suggest you try ‘this is satan’s blog.blogspot.com’ for starters. I’m sure he’d love to hear from you.


  3. Willem Says:

    Dear Rev.

    I think you are being harsh on Martin considering most European country’s write Jesus with a Z instead of an S. This is because the S has a softer sound to it in most European languages and because of this… the name of Jesus would be ruined in pronounciation. I understand you block the boy for his views… but at least anwser his questions more thoughtfully so he to can find his way in the light. Be the better person here.
    If you also consider the time he must have wrote his tendrum it must have been around midnight and the boy must have been tired and capital letters are the first to be forgotten (even though forgetting the capital G of God is sloppy)

  4. Pedro Says:

    I’m not sure if this blog is satire or if you’re a lunatic. I’ve read a number of articles and can’t tell. Either way, your jewsus is no god. He’s less god than I AM GOD. And you are a spreader of lies.

    Or, hopefully you’re just brain-fucking the world because this is funny shit. but terrible if it’s serious. I don’t know. I can’t tell.

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