(ex)Gov Mother Sarah Palin endorsed by mainstream interblog media

Palin standing tall addressing militant muslims

Palin standing tall addressing militant muslims

Governor Mother Sarah Palin’s decision to join Rep Tom Tancredo on the 2012 Dominionist ticket has already received a crucial endorsement from  mainstream Alasksan political activists/interbloggers:

I say, yes.  Do it Sarah Palin!  Your country needs you to form a third party.

This key endorsement– surprisingly from elite leftwing media cultists–so early in the game proves that Governor Mother Sarah Palin has the sort of widespread appeal that can bring America and her Christian people together.

This endorsement also represents a capitulation by the mainstream media, who have been attacking Governor Mother Sarah Palin viciously in attempts to victimize her and her children.  They now recognize that if Governor Mother Sarah Palin will stand firm against them, and she will stand as firm against muslims and other outside special interests who seek to destroy His Dominion.

The #1 platform position of the Tancredo/Palin 2012 ticket, which is to replace the flow of brown illegal aliens across our borders with liquid brown Alaskan energy, seems to resonate.  It has the widespread appeal to draw support across the gaping political divides seperating our Great Nation.   This opens the door to the possibility that Governor Mother Sarah Palin and Rep Tom Tancredo can lead the country in a new direction, returning it to the old ways that God intended when He first dictated our Constitutional form of government to the founding fathers, all of whom, btw, were Christians.

Just one year ago, lacking a crucial endorsement from God because he was not Rep Tom Tancredo, POW Capt Sen John McCain failed to defeat illegal Muslim Immigrant Sen Barry Soeterro Obama as President and has all but quit politics.

Without any question, unlike POW Capt Sen John McCain, Governor Mother Sarah Palin is no quitter who can lead the Nation into a new old era.


6 Responses to “(ex)Gov Mother Sarah Palin endorsed by mainstream interblog media”

  1. Billy Bob Neck Says:

    I’m gonna be leaving messages of support in the comment sections of a lot of the real good places like gretawire and on some of the townhall “blogs”. I’m pretty sure it’s gonna be a lock. Y’all can’t stop a speeding train!

    God is love!

  2. Hipple, Rev. Paul T. Says:

    Brother Billy Bob-

    Thank you for that. If these were normal times, Prayer alone should be enough, but these are not normal times. They are more like the end times, if you ask me. The Godless are so large in number these days, it helps to get Spread the Word out on the interblogs as much as possible.


  3. Billy Bob Neck Says:

    Brother, don’t tell nobody, but I got my humvee tricked out with spring-loaded spears so that when I’m Raptured when I’m driving, I’m gonna be taking out a couple of lie-berals when it crashes!

    God is love!

  4. rational athiest Says:

    you are all racists, crazy deluded racists. Palin is a joke to much of the USA and most of the western world. how is it that you try and elivate your selves above muslims but you still preach the archaic, vile and disgusting values they do. Homophobia is the real sin here not the homosexuals. Scientific research is as close to certian as possible that homosexuality is genetic, not a choice. But as per usual the christian right ignors what thet do not agree with. Well i hope the world takes a page out or your book, they do not agree with you so i urge everyone to ignor you

  5. Hipple, Rev. Paul T. Says:

    Brother or sister rational atheist-

    The homo is not genetic, as you Falsely Proclaim. It is caused by The Demon and by pregnant mothers drinking fluoridated water. The evidence for this is incontrovertible.

    Hope this clarifies


  6. oszust Says:

    Very interesting details you have remarked, regards for putting up. “Opportunities are seldom labeled.” by John H. Shield.

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