Tancredo-Palin to head 2012 Dominionist ticket? » sarah and mongoloid son

Mother Sarah burping defective son


19 Responses to “sarah and mongoloid son”

  1. Mike Says:

    You couldnt be more of an asshole if you tried. But you sure are good at it. Hope you have healthy kids so no one makes fun of them.

  2. Rodney Says:

    IQs not too far apart…

  3. Pamela Dennison Says:

    The only “defective” one is the being that described this wonderful child as defective. Children are a blessing. Some are easier to love due to their innocence.

    • Bob Says:

      What do you mean “some are easier to love due to their innocence?” Um..arent all kids innocent? I mean, no child is born a criminal!

  4. spazzolone Says:

    it’s not real lol !!

  5. BigWheel Says:

    This picture has been Photo Shopped. Google Sarah Palin’s son and see the real photos of him. He almost looks normal. He is NOT deformed like this photo. And may I say this is NOT even a good Photo Shop job. Whoever created this photo is sick and obviously untalented.

  6. Bobbie Says:

    I accidentally discovered this photo when doing research of mongoloids. I have no words. Other than Karma is a bitch, and this man, whoever put this together, will one day pay the price for his ugly heart.

  7. Jane Says:

    Bobbie I also discovered this photo doing research. I agree with what you said one day whom ever put this picture to gether will pay for their ignorance!

  8. Lea Says:

    Whoever put this together should check out the Karma Cafe, there are no menus, you get served what you deserve. Have fun -_-

  9. David Brewer (@GeneralFedaykin) Says:

    That is totally real and totally defective

  10. Maritza Says:

    Looks like I’m gonna have to read up some more but this was a pretty good spring board.

  11. Vivek Says:

    she gave birth to an alien?

  12. Bob Says:

    Wow…”defective” wouldn’t even be the word to describe a deformed baby even if this photoshopped picture was REAL :\

  13. Faith Says:

    Hes beautiful, just the way he is 🙂

  14. Fran Says:

    Disgusting. Euthanasia should be legal so we don’t have to look at nightmare fuel like that little gremlin.

    • Maisy5 Says:

      Too damn bad euthanasia was not performed on your vile self. The world shouldn’t be subjected to the disgusting nightmare that is you.

  15. rmurdt surtmstu Says:

    So I looked up “mongoloid” and found this image on google? You know what, fuck it. Enough internet for today O_O

  16. King Lear Says:

    Mongoloid by Devo rocks.

  17. Joy Attwell Says:

    God Bless us all…

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