Tancredo-Palin to head 2012 Dominionist ticket?

Through the miracle of Night Time Visions, God reveals to me that Rep. Tom Tancredo and Governor Mother Sarah Palin will lead the Dominionist Party ticket for  2012 , and take back the Whitehouse for the sorts of American Citizens who belong there in the first place.  Let’s just say it isn’t named the Negrohouse, and leave that particular matter well enough alone.

Governor Mother Sarah Palin will be the V.P. candidate, owing to her lovely, natural God-Given  subserviant womanness, whereas Rep. Tom Tancredo will be in charge,  as God intends.

God has appeared to  Governor Mother Sarah Palin and asked her to step down from her role as Governor of Alaska in order to prayerfully prepare herself to save the United States of America Dominion from the great harm that flows across her borders.  Unfortunately, we live in a time where roaming packs of mexican rape squads spill across our borders, without a single pipeline supplying Her with God-given Alaskan energy.

This must not stand.

God asked Governor Mother Sarah Palin to run as a Dominionist rather than on the GOP ticket because the GOP are persecuting her almost as bad as David Letterman and the rest of the MSM in cahoots with him.  The dark-sided blogosphere has posted horrible, disturbing images of Governor Mother Sarah Palin’s birth defected children, even though these images were intended for private family use.  Clearly, mainstream American’s are persecuting Governor Mother Sarah Palin so bad they no longer deserver to have her work as Alaska’s Governor.

Their actions have made her our leading Christian Victim, which places her in a perfect position to run as God’s leading candidate for the Whitehouse in 2012!!!

In this Act, God has also abandoned the GOP because God has a policy not to consort with loser political parties that are so bad, they can’t even beat a negro candidate who consorts with terror-loving terrorists.


9 Responses to “Tancredo-Palin to head 2012 Dominionist ticket?”

  1. sjelly Says:

    Not only is this post hi-fucking-larious, but. ALSO. the list of “filed unders” just about made me wet my drawers. ALSO. Many thanks for the laughs. ALSO.

  2. Malcolm Says:

    Ah, but Rev. Hipple, you wrote back in November that “Mother Gov. Sarah Palin is not heeding a clear message from God”. If it was indeed a “clear message”, why is it that the message has now changed?

  3. DaisyDeadhead Says:

    Dude, you are funny as hell, and you know that. But ableism is not funny, just as racism, sexism and homophobia are not. Please don’t refer to any humans as “defective” again, please?

    Disability rights is a real political human rights movement, not just “being nice” to people, okay?

    There are countless other amusing ways to trash Palin, as you make clear, without making fun of disabled people, yet again.

  4. Hipple, Rev. Paul T. Says:

    Dear Sister DaisyDeadhead-

    A careful read of my intergoogleblog would reveal that human rights are not a significant concern of mine, unless we are talking about the human rights of individuals that God has Chosen to be with Him for eternity.

    The link below is to a website for wussies like yourself who are interested in political correctedness and other mainstream liberal issues, who may be more receptive and welcome your comments than they are here.



  5. justin Says:

    you are just a **profanity deleted by moderators** u no what thats not right at all what did that baby do to u u mother **profanity deleted by moderators** palin is a great person and u are just a jellos person cus she is 10 times hotter thin u will ever be and u are a horrible miserably person how has to pick on people u have no life

  6. Hipple, Rev. Paul T. Says:

    FYI brother Justin, God gives the Gift of Proper Spelling only to those that HE chooses to save from the hellfire. To bad for you.


  7. Gabrial Says:

    *evil pornographic comments deleted*

  8. rainbow Says:

    I didnt even bother to read whatever this is about cause I dont care about Sarah Palin she is just another horrible American like so many out there. And whoever posted the picture with her son is the biggest loser and should go die. That is so horrible and makes me sick that someone would even take the time to do that to a picture.

  9. Bear Says:

    Don’t worry. This rev. person cannot POSSIBLY be for real. If he IS real, he has to be a sec/hum athie shill.
    His “thought” patterns emulate the dialectic and fails even at that.
    This person is moot.

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