Did the giraffe’s neck grow or did the acacia get smaller?

noahs_ark1Ever so often the intergoogles erupt with some crazy wobegone attempt to explain the unusual characteristics of one of God’s beautiful Creatures on the basis of evolution.

Evolutionists would have you believe that the giraffe neck “evolved” so it could reach food higher and higher in trees.

But God created the giraffe with a very specific purpose in mind:  Noah needed a scout who could see far ditances, searching for dry land.

After the Flood, and the water cleare, God rewarded the Giraffe for his good services by creating the acacia tree, whose leaves rise to a height that perfectly matches the height of the giraffes head.

If God waited for evolution to provide food for His giraffe, for example, by slowly reducing the height of the acacia tree until it matched the height of the giraffe, the latter would have clearly died of starvation long before evolution of the tree would have run its course.

These are the sort of obvious things evolutionists conveniently overlook.


9 Responses to “Did the giraffe’s neck grow or did the acacia get smaller?”

  1. Joshua Zelinsky Says:

    Wrong. This post fails at both a scientific level and a Biblical level.

    The text of the story of Noah explicitly discusses the dove used to find land. There’s no mention of any giraffe at all.

    As to the scieence, there’s so much wrong with this I don’t know where to star. There’s no reason the acacia would evolve to match the giraffe’s height. That’s simply ridiculous; there’s no selection pressure for them to be the same height as the giraffe. If anything, there would be a selective pressure against that.

    Furthermore, if you believe this then how did the giraffe survive prior to the Flood if it lacked the acacia?

  2. Joshua Zelinsky Says:

    Ok, having read a bit more of this blog I have to ask, is this a parody?

    • I know the truth unlike the author Says:

      Haha i thought the same thing, but I think this Rev. really believes what he is saying.. somehow. He really has his worldview messed up. Christianity obtains none of the attributes he claims it has.

  3. Samuelo Che Says:

    Clearly the giraffe was half-cursed, half-blessed. Alone amongst modern animals, it was cursed by not being allowed onto the Ark, but it was blessed because its long neck allowed it to keep its head above water, so it could breath and survive.

    Spaghetti anyone?

  4. Scott Jones Says:

    Please tell me this is a joke website. You people cannot be serious about all this non-sense. I’ve been rolling in laughter while perusing this site. I think I lost 15 IQ points just by looking around here.(sigh) Only in America…

  5. Neck bone of an ass Says:

    i think you are brilloant, but sometimes almost a libiril pediatrist!! of course the neck did not evolve. Jesus stepped on the acacia to make it shorter, then he put his pair on knowas arc!! please, for yore soul’s sakee, review the parabull of the seven days!!

  6. all your IQ are belong to ours!! Says:

    “Only in America”
    you libiril foul!! we cannot be in gods forsaken land!! we are elsewhere from you, thank jupiter!!

  7. Nash Says:

    This is redicoulus

  8. here are the findings Says:

    Enjoyed examining this, very good stuff, appreciate it.
    “Love begets love, love knows no rules, this is the same for all.” by Virgil.

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