No matter what we call it, torture can change hearts of evildoers

42-15819098It is hard to resist sarcasm.  With our US  government now transitioning from one based upon Christian Principles to one based on the Quran, it seems to have become fashionable lately to rename ‘enhanced interrogation techniques’ as torture.

We must accept the fact that what is sure to follow this revision of terms is Persecution of the good Christians working for the Bush administration, because nobody who has been accused of practicing enhanced interrogation techniques will ever be convicted of war crimes.

Fine, let’s call it torture and let’s accept that Christians, like Jesus Christ before them, will be unjustly brought to trial and face death for their acts of torture.  When this happens, let us Prayerfully give thanks, taking solace in how it reminds us that persecution is precisely what defines Christians as a great Religious Movement.

Even so, the elect can take further solace in knowing the convicted are saved and at Peace with God.  If the US detention facility official who is conducting torture does  not enjoy torturing the terrorist prisoner, it is completely illogical to think that he is engaged in anything other than the routine extraction of intelligence information from heartless, bloodthirsty murderers.

The fact of the matter is,  we are compelled by our Christian Faith to perform whatever uncomfortable acts are necessary to prevent islamojihadists from committing mass murder.  And if Good Christians are brought to trial and persecuted simply because they sought to uncover these muslim deceptions, we must accept that as God’s Will.

And through all of this, let’s not forget that torture does work.  The liberal mainstream media would have you believe that it doesn’t.  But of course, they have that wrong, too.

For an excellent example, look no further than to the case of  Sayed Imam Al-Sharif, ak Dr. Fadl.   As we all know, before now, no muslim has ever repudiated the terrorist acts of al-Qaeda and for this reason, we now clearly understand that Islam is not a peace loving religion.  However, none other than the ideological founder of Islamic Jihad,  after being tortured as a prisoner of  the Egyptian authorities for over a decade, Dr. Fadl finally broke, repudiating his islamofascist legacy:

In a prison cell south of Cairo a repentant Egyptian terrorist leader is putting the finishing touches to a remarkable recantation that undermines the Muslim theological basis for violent jihad and is set to generate furious controversy among former comrades still fighting with al-Qaida.

Of course, this common criminal doesn’t believe a word of it, and would gladly go back to slaughtering Christians if given the chance.  But that isn’t the point.  My point is this repudiation of violent islamic extremeism would not have been possible without God’s magnificant instrument of torture! Now, for the first time, we have real hope Obama bin Laden will fear what has happened to his colleague, heed the words of this torture victim, lay down his arms, and surrender peaceflly to the nearest authorities.

The next time someone trys to tell you torture is useless, tell them about how a bloodthirsty jihadist in prison called Dr. Fadl,  somewhere around or near the Nile River,  is suddenly singing peace and love like a purple martin sitting on a 20 foot pole.



23 Responses to “No matter what we call it, torture can change hearts of evildoers”

  1. Idouassem Says:

    But in the name of war on terrorism, many innocent people have been tortured. go to see what the evildoers Algerian military police (DRS) are doing with people just supected to belong to terrorist groups or even to political parties other than those who support the Algerian dictatorial regime.

  2. Silence DoGOod Says:

    I hope you are being facetious… If not, you are so lost and sick, it is truly disgusting.

  3. Distressed American Says:

    You call yourself a Christian? Really?

    I guess you forgot the following:

    Think about it.


  4. Wait, what Says:

    Wait a minute.
    Wait a bleedin’ minute.
    This article… supports torture?


    Seriously. Christains make me want to vomit. Murdering, hypocritical, disgusting slimeballs.

    • I know the truth unlike the author Says:

      This man I highly doubt is at all a christian, but that is for God to judge and if he is a christian he still will be judge upon misleading people onto these lies he posts all over the website.

  5. astranavigo Says:

    You are one of the reasons I’m an atheist.

  6. Hipple, Rev. Paul T. Says:

    Brother or Sister astranavigo-

    You are an atheist because God has chosen not to illuminate the darkness of your soul with His Grace. It humors Him for you to think this was some decision on your part.


    • religion? Says:

      No, atheists have chosen not to “illuminate the darkness in their souls” with His Grace. It humors me for you to think this was some doing of a divine being.

  7. Joe Says:

    “[…]Christians, like Jesus Christ before them, will be unjustly brought to trial and face death for their acts of torture.”


    Who was it that Jesus tortured again? Persecuted, perhaps, but persecuted for torturing? I think not.

    I’ve often thought that “Christians” these days are not following Christ. If they were, they’d be nicer people. And this is just another example. This goes in the “Westboro Baptist” pile. 😉

  8. Morwenna Says:

    Satan is so gonna torture your sorry ass!

  9. Nekasrof Says:

    Wouldn’t be the first Christian to kill. This hippie dumbass… know what? Forget it. Not worth my time.

  10. Emmenthal Says:

    Anyone who, by default, believes God to be on their side is dangerous (and naive). People who are willing to torture other people, and justify it with God being on their side are supremely dangerous. Sorry to say it, but if you are to be taken seriously, then you are at least as bad as any religious extremist, regardless which religion.

    Justifying torture as a means for preventing mass murder gives you a weak case at best. What if the person that you’re torturing is innocent? And what if (s)he is herself guilty of torturing other people? In that case the person is not so different from you. What if you were taken captive by your enemy – would there be a reason why they shouldn’t torture you?

    Torturing is barbaric, and yet I cannot help a tiny inclination to agree with you that sometimes the cause justifies the brutal means. I too fear religious or ideological extremists terrorizing a peaceful society, like was done in the Lockerbie bombing in 1988 or the twin-tower attacks in 2001. However, resorting to such barbaric actions feels like reducing myself and my society. I would like to think that I am / we are better than this, and can protect ourselves without resorting to such perverse methods as torture is.

  11. ThisIsSoSick Says:

    So much for a merciful god hey… This is ONE of the reasons I am an atheist.

    Absolutely insane.

  12. Hipple, Rev. Paul T Says:

    Dear Brother or Sister ThisIsSoSick

    Thank you for contributing to my award-winning interblog! The ONE and ONLY reason why you are an Atheist is because God has chosen to forsake your soul to the Hellfire. He has Chosen not to welcome your particular soul to His eternal bliss. For He creates many, but few are called. (Thes 21:16-17).

    Hope this clarifies


  13. Liberal Believer Says:

    I’m Christian, and I’m also liberal. That’s not to say I have everything figured out. Occasionally I feel that my political beliefs and my religious beliefs are not in perfect harmony, but I certainly feel that my political actions are far more in line with the teachings of Christ than your misguided hatred. If you can honestly say are living your life in the image of Christ, then you are sadly off-base. He was peaceful, miraculous, and kind. He committed no such acts of terrorism, slander, or prejudice. Take a look at yourself, you’re giving Christians a bad name.

  14. Unknown Says:

    HEY. This is actually quite amusing, thanks for sharing it.
    AND-AND I’m actually Athiest aswell, but I don’t hate christians I just ignore them, xD.
    And This is a pretty pointless part of “torture”,


  15. Andrew Hart Says:

    “we now clearly understand that Islam is not a peace loving religion”

    Look at Christianity with hundreds of years of persecution and war. With the US as a Christian country that has been constantly at war since the 50’s Christianity is hardly any better.

    During torture, would you admit to being a muslim? I think you would.

  16. Hipple, Rev. Paul T. Says:

    Brother Andrew-

    There are two ways to virtually ensure eternal damnation. The first is to forsake the name of the Christian God in a moment of expediency. Look, God knows Christians are uncomfortable when they are tortured. Otherwise, it would not be a test of their faith! Duh!

    So moments of almost inhuman tribulation are perfect ones to remind God through prayer that you look forward to resting in his eternal bosom. In fact, it is hardly a secret but you’d be surprise how few are the people who know this, if you DON”T seek God’s comfort when being tortured, you can pretty much kiss off any chance of eternal Heaven with Him. The Demon tests souls in many ways, but God pretty much sticks to torture and similar acts of Divine Bereavement. See the Passion of His Son on the Cross for detail.

    To drive home the point even further, it is a proven fact that none of the muslims that our Soldiers tortured at GITMO sought similar comfort in allah. Each and every one of them foresook allah and pretended to Love Jesus.

    What does this mean? Exactly, the muslim has no faith!

    The second is to vote in 2012 for a ticket other than than Rep Tom Tancredo/Gov Mother Sarah Palin.

    Hope this provides some clarification

    Award Winning Interblogger

  17. obeliab Says:

    This article was poorly written and very uninteresting. The writing style is, on the whole, very childish and clumsily formulated, and the context is confusing. Also, the paragraphs don’t flow together well, and, from the outset, many spelling and grammatical errors make it hard to read at all.

    Did you have anyone look over this before you posted it? It comes off as jarringly unprofessional and thrown-together.

  18. Just be Says:

    You all make since to a certain point…. but no one person is going to be completely right about any one thing. Faith in anything is a comforting thing. You can’t say someone else is wrong just because you believe it to be true, it births nothing useful to call someone a fool. Humans are frightened people, some more than others. Cling to anything to tightly and your grip is sure to be weak when a true challenge surfaces. Believe what you want and be as you are, it doesn’t take a christian or a rocket scientist to be a good person. You are clearly not trying to convert other people by telling them they have no chance because god has forsaken them heaven. Accepting something as gods will is one thing, but promoting it just so that you can account for crimes against your fellow man is something totally different. Its a very selfish thing to be so bold.
    You seem to agree that torture is a bad thing but…. in your opinion it is an acceptable evil. Let me ask you this, would it be a sin to just not do it at all? Lets say your right so you torture someone and get what your wanting (just an example) later you go pray or whatever and all is forgiven. OR… you don’t do it and being that either way is just as right as the other in your opinion, you need not to be forgiven for that sin, or would god place a mark on your name because you had your chance to torture someone and didn’t? Doesn’t it make more since to be as innocent as possible in the end? If you do something once its easier to find a reason to do it again and again and again. Torturing someone for something that MAN manifested to be wrong and claim it to be gods will is a horrible misguided attempt at justification. Mental anorexia is not a good thing. In the end none of it will matter, or anything me or anyone else said, so post your information, don’t call a fool, and be as you are

  19. WeedWeSmokeAllDay Says:

    lol i fuck god and make satan blow me off… who am i?

  20. glaziers w1 Says:

    So how can I delete an activity from my blogspot profile? Thanks <3. So I just followed another persons blog and then I clicked on my profile from the list of her followers and I want to delete one of my activities from there but I don't see a delete button? Where is it?.

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