Prayer Request for Judge Askew

visitation_prisonersGod our Holy and Sacred Father, please move the Spirit of your servant in this Dominion, Judge Wilford B. Askew, tonight. Perhaps even give him a Holy Night Time Visitation, so that, during the court session tomorrow at which Judge Wilford B. Askew will proside over, he will see Your Good Works in brother Rev. Paul T. Hipple, and become imbued with the Spirit of Passionate Foregiveness.

Then, he can deliver brother Rev. Paul T. Hipple from his oppressive chains of obligations, including probation and community services associated with his wholly misguided, unfair, and unjustified conviction of unlawful iimprisonment in the third degree, particularly seeing as how the diabolical prosecutor suppressed testimony rendered in a secret meeting at the Cracker Barrel restaurant next to the interestate in which the sound- minded victim, plied with nothing but Coca-Cola, confessed without coercion into a secret microphone hidden in the Rev. Paul T. Hipples shirt pocket, that it was a wholly consensual explicit act.

Largely because of this grevious prosecutorial misconduct, our Brother the Rev. Paul T. Hipple received an unjust conviction and sentance and as such, has suffered unChristian persecution of a Christian that rivals any Christian persecution of recorded or remembered History.

Lord, Our Father of Father’s, Please show mercy on our Brother Rev. Paul T. Hipple, whose flock is growing all across the intergoogles, as you showed mercy on your Only Son, who was horribly renditioned and tortured by the mainstream Jewish elite of his age, but in doing so somehow still managed to save all the Chosen Souls of your eternal Kingdom.


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