Missionary Work in China remains Challenging


Missionary in China trying to win a reluctant convert

Doing missionary work is not a Dominionist’s cup of tea.  I mean, what is the point?  Since other countries are not Chosen, there really is nobody to save in China or Africa or wherever.  If God wanted those people to Live in Eternal Comfort with him, He would have started out by making them Americans.

Still, Dominionists have obligations of  strong Christian identity.  Though we may not support the mission of Christian missionaries, we certainly do support the Christian brothers and sisters who are missionaries.

Most Dominionists would be surprised by the challenges involved, because some Foreigners have no interest whatsoever in converting to Christianity and are difficult to convince of the Eternal Truthfulness of Jesus.

I was searching the intergoogles today for evidence, and came across this picture of a Christian missionary trying to convince a woman in a blue jacket of Jesus’ Loving Word.

I can only imagine how frustrating it must be to have to deal with pagan-like people on a daily basis.


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17 Responses to “Missionary Work in China remains Challenging”

  1. Heartburn Home Remedy Says:

    I follow your posts for quite a long time and must tell that your articles are always valuable to readers.


    Jesus dined with sinners and tax collectors, Jesus loves sinners! He loved them so much that he even died for them! HE DIED FOR PAGANS! I don’t understand why you don’t at least try to love them! WE WERE ALL SINNERS AT ONE POINT. That picture is deeply disturbing! How can you force someone to believe in Jesus, that would only make them scared of him. It gives people a view of Jesus that is FALSE! Jesus loves each and every person, he WANTS them to come to him but he never forced anyone to! ALSO JESUS DIED FOR EVERYONE! NOT JUST AMERICANS! You should be ashamed of this, this isn’t christianity, it’s sick and perverted view of Jesus mixed with communism.

  3. Wine & Dine with sautéed souls Says:

    right!! and those peepull in those cuontries don’t drink the good stuff!! they drink tee!!

  4. Youran Idiot Says:


  5. sarah Says:

    um, as an america christian who lived in china, i’ve got to say that this picture is definitely not what you claim it to be. first, guns are illegal and very difficult to come by unless you are a government official or closely tied to one and are willing do them favors. the man with the gun appears to be wearing a shabby uniform of military style. furthermore, do you personally know any missionaries in china? if you did, i think you’d realize this sort of coercion in the name of christianity is not likely to have happened. if somebody does this, they are not christian, and the motives of their hearts are self-serving.
    i KNOW you are wrong when you say only americans will/can be saved, however, please at least educate yourself a bit to support your claims. love the lord with your heart, soul, and MIND doesn’t mean you can let yourself be ignorant and uneducated and tout whatever you wish without reason or sensibility.

  6. Hipple, Rev. Paul T. Says:

    Sister Sarah, if that is your real name, I will pray for your soul, which doesn’t have a bright future, as it would appear you have been hoodwinked.

    I know that for American Christian Souls and American Christian Souls only, Jesus lovingly endured horrendous persecution, not unlike the persecution that you now direct at me, likely as a consequence of you having been dissuaded by the Demon of your own Christian principles. I’ve heard that can happen but never witnessed it personally. Perhaps while on a pointless mission in China?

    • I know the truth unlike the author Says:

      Wow Rev. Paul, show me one place in the Bible, if you even believe in the Bible, that says anything to confirm your “American only” beliefs. Your world view is dead wrong, your beliefs are as well. And I stand for the one true God, and the truth of His Holy Word, which contains none of the lies you portray and believe in.

  7. The Missionary That I know Says:

    Can you verify the source of this photo ? And why is the man wearing a government suit? The missionary that I know died because of their faith in Jesus. They serve the Lord selflessly whether they are Chinese, Nigerian, Etherian. Jesus died for all people.

  8. I know the truth unlike the author Says:

    Actually you sir are not well informed in any of the topics listed in this ill stated article. The truth is that the so said “missionary” in your picture you found on google is actually a picture of a Chinese Military. The chinese military has absoultely nothing to do with missions, or God.. in fact someone in the chinese military is found out to be a christian he will be removed from position and thrown in jail. Sorry to all the readers who believe these lies..

    Also God loves all people, doesn’t matter if they are African, Chinese, Vietnemese, Guatemalan, Ukrainian.. He sent His son to die for all people of every tribe and every nation. In the great commission Jesus said for us to in fact to take the Gospel to every tribe and nation.

    In China the exact opposite of what your portraying is happening, the Chinese missionaries and believers are being tortured and killed by the military and government. There is a part of the Public Service Bureau that is specifically in charge of finding Christians and churches and removing them, Churches are destroyed and Christians are killed. I know this first hand and I cant sit here and let you lie to your readers.

  9. Almost Deceived Says:

    You realize that Christianity is having a relationship with Jesus Christ yes? We have to strive to be like him and loving all those he loves, which is EVERYONE. I think you need to rethink your understanding of Christianity. How about talking to God and setting some time aside for him to listen to what he has to tell you. Or even just actually reading the bible, and getting the truth. I’m sure once you do, your opinion of who Jesus came to save and die for will change.

  10. Why Says:

    You’re a moron…Only Americans will live with god? Ok….

  11. Me Says:

    Hey Paul. I really believe you need to read 1John 5:1-3. Cause ” Everyone who believes that Jesus is the Christ has become a child of God. And for your false teachings please read 1 Peter 3:10-12
    ” If you want to enjoy life and see many happy days, keep your tongue from speaking evil and your lips from telling lies. Turn away from evil and do good search for peace, and work to maintain it. We will pray for you so that God can teach you the right ways

  12. Charles Says:

    That is a communist issued police/mil uniform. I doubt very seriously that the poor person on the receiving end is being offered Jesus Christ.

  13. JESUS IS LOVE Says:

    how stupid can you be does that look like a missionary in the military uniform?!?!? jesus loves everyone thats why he made the chinese people missionary work is nedded there anywhere gods people need him is worth fighting for if god loves the chinese people as the hands and feet of christ it our job to tell them that, besides if our god is for than who could ever stop us!

  14. mikey Says:

    The photo you posted is definitely not what you claimed to be. The man wearing a dated military style uniform might be a local public security officer or assistant threatening a poor peasant woman for some unknown reasons, which happen a lot in those backward&lawless rural regions. As a Christian from mainland China myself, i can assure you there is no way this can happen when we ” convince” others of Jesus’s loving words:) after all we are not like those Muslim jihadists. Conversely, Chinese Christians who attend underground churches especially from those poor countryside are often harassed and persecuted by the local religious affairs office or law enforcement.
    Sir, you are either so misinformed about Bible and evangelical missionaries or you just tried to mislead or deceive your readers and yourself. I suggest you read the Words by yourself or talk to a real missionary or pastor. May God reveal his truth and love to you as you humble yourself and seek him.

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