A 100 year Iraq occupation is only worthwhile if we do it right

Let’s try to stop the unChristian persecution of good Christian (Republicans), such as Dr. Columnist Charles Krauthammer.

In his most recent column, Dr. Columnist Charles Krauthammer supports Capt. Sen. John McCain’s recent assertions that American (Christians) need to be prepared to stay in Iraq for 100 years.

Dr. Columnist Charles Krauthammer goes to great lengths to clarify that Capt. Sen. John McCain is only advocating having a ‘presence’ in the region for 100 years so that we can “Project Our Military Power” because this is what SuperPowers like the United States Dominion “do.”

Dr. Columnist Charles Krauthammer goes on to remind Everyone that we are in a War of Culture, and that in every instance Our Great Nation has engaged in a War of Culture, we’ve hung around afterwards to Project Power and Might.  We are currently Projecting Power and Might in Japan, Europe, Korea, South Carolina, Grenada and Kuwait and Antarctica and a few other places.
Let me just say that God and I agree with everything that Dr. Columnist Charles Krauthammer has to say. However, if we are going to stay in a country for 100 Years, there is no reason not to keep our boys from fighting the muslims for all that time.

It will keep them sharp and also provide a better use of their Time, Talents and Treasure, than if they were to otherwise just sort of sit around and watch the muslims kill each other. There just isn’t a lot of sport in that, and keeping them out of the War will probably hurt morale, recruitment and retention just as bad as having gay homosexual soldiers hurts the Army.


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