Is Ben Stein a traitor to Conservative (Republican) Christian values?

ben-stein-2jpg.jpgThe Lord gave me a powerful and disturbing Holy Vision last night.

He commanded me to go to the intertubes and ask The Google the following query: Ben Stein+ NY Times

assuring me that if I actually had to accidentally read anything on the elitist, dark-sided, liberal mainstream mouthpiece NY Times to achieve this Holy Mission, that such a transgression would not be held against the Sanctity of my Eternal Soul just so long as I hurried up and went about my business and didn’t dawdle.

God said, “Reverend Hipple, when you Witness the perversity and perversion of which I speak, you will understand EXACTLY what to do.”

Now I don’t want to sound like a bragger, but I derive a great deal of comfort knowing that God can trust me like that when He needs some help.

Still, I felt a great sense of foreboding in going about this task. I’ve known that Speechwriter, Economist, Actor Ben Stein has been a leading Christian Figure lately. But what in Heaven’s name could a Good Man like that have to do with the NY Times?

He is the star of the Hit Movie Expelled, where he plays the part of a Jew playing the part of a Christian exposing the shocking stranglehold that the Darwinian-inspired Atheists and abortionists have on our schools and Christian Culture. The movie, for the first time, also chronicles the shocking connection between the Adolf Hitler’s fascination with Darwin’s “Theory” of Evolution, and how he based his principles of the Holocaust on Darwin’s Greatest Fraud. As you can imagine, Speechwriter, Economist, Actor Ben Stein’s new movie sounds like Fantastic Christian Entertainment, which I urge you to enjoy with all of your family.

But indeed, what I found when Googling as God commanded was very Shocking, and forced me to drop to my knees in Deep Prayer for Understanding.

It appears that the NY Times got their grubby little hands on and published a private letter that Speechwriter, Economist, Actor Ben Stein had composed to Capt. Sen. John McCain, who is still running against Rep. Tom Tancredo for President of Our Dominion.

But, to my utter amazement, the letter is extremely Shocking and Worrisome, and calls into question whether Speechwriter, Economist, Actor Ben Stein is as committed to Conservative Christian Family Values as he claims to be in his Expelled movie role. Maybe it is a good thing, afterall, that the NY Times dumpster diving reporters came up with this little nugget.

In the letter, Speechwriter, Economist, Actor Ben Stein advocated that Capt. Sen. John McCain consider rolling back Core Elements of Conservative (Republican) Christian (Economic) Values.

Speechwriter, Economist, Actor Ben Stein wrote:

“By definition, the truly rich have a lot more money than they need. If they don’t, then they are not rich by my standards. The first step toward putting our house in order, once we are past the seemingly looming recession, is much higher taxes on the truly rich and serious enforcement to prevent offshore tax evasion. “

If that is not shocking enough, Speechwriter, Economist, Actor Ben Stein went on to say:


“To put it even more starkly, the government — which is us — needs the money to keep old people alive, to pay for their dialysis, to build fighter jets and to pay our troops and pay interest on the debt. We can get it by indenturing our children, selling ourselves into peonage to foreigners, making ourselves a colony again, generating inflation — or we can have some integrity and levy taxes equal to what we spend.

I call on my fellow Christians to re-evaluate Speechwriter, Economist, Actor Ben Stein and decide for themselves whether this position gives him the authority needed to be taken seriously as a leading Christian Figure.

I’m not in the business of telling anybody how to think, but if you want my opinion, I don’t see how anybody who claims to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ can seriously contemplate increasing taxes on anybody, much less the rich.. ..and then giving that money to old people who were too lazy and stupid to save their own dern money, or not take better care of their bodies when they were younger.

It seem to me that Speechwriter, Economist, Actor Ben Stein bamboozled the people who hired him to play a role in that movie. If the movie Expelled is built on a lie like that, perhaps your entertainment dollar might be better spent on the upcoming documentary, Chronicles of Narnia IXV, which I understand will include the most dramatic re-enactment of The Fall of Humanity ever before seen on film.


The Lord has touched Mrs. T.D. Gaines-Crockett on this issue, too, and if you read her words, which generally speak to the issue of Christians and Republicans who only talk the walk, they will leave no doubt whatsoever that Speechwriter, Economist, Actor Ben Stein is nothing more than a low-life RINO-CINO.  Lower than a liberal and just a nudge above an illegal mexican alien.


19 Responses to “Is Ben Stein a traitor to Conservative (Republican) Christian values?”

  1. Scott Says:

    I would encourage you to check anything out the NY Times ever writes with mulitple resources. Check it out with and other resources before posting it. I am not stating you are wrong here, but if you are taking the NY Times as your only and main source I do not count it as creditable. The comments from the NY Times does not match up with Ben Stein. Why would Ben Stein do this movie and yet behind everyones back say and do other things? This does not make sense. He has nothing to gain by any of this. So, I would encourage you double and triple check your sources for integrity and truthfulness. I take nothing the main-stream media says seriously or true.

    Next, over the course of my 30 year Christian life whenever someone says “God told me” or “God said this to me” the hair on the back of kneck curls. So, I questions your article here on that basis as well. I do not question your Christianity necessarily, but just the way you go about ‘hearing” from God.

  2. Michael Diaz Says:

    I don’t see how this article applies to Ben Steins Christianity or lack there of. Frankly I thought it was a spoof article and was waiting for the gotcha at the end. I don’t understand where people get the notion that Republican = Christian? I myself am a Christian and a Republican, but I know many Christians who are Democrats, and non Christians who are Republicans.

    Personally I do feel that the rich have too much money. I do feel that one of Christ’s commandments to the church was to look out for and care for those who could not care for themselves. I do feel that as Christians we are not doing our jobs to both spread the Gospel or help the poor. As Republicans we have gotten way too greedy, and our greed has caused this country to spiral downward into a recession.

    Let’s look at what greed has gotten us. Corporations seeking to make more money have taken jobs that can and should be done by Americans oversees. The U.S. no longer produces anything of value except software, and even those jobs are now taking the trip to India, Russia and China. We are fast becoming a service industry with nothing to sell that can’t be duplicated somewhere else. If anything taking a job elsewhere is more unAmerican than anything else, but we do it so that we can keep our costs down. It scares me to think where this country will be in 50 years when we have nothing to show for ourselves except Windows 2050 and Hollywood movies.

    Personally I think we should tax the rich at a higher rate, or better yet adopt a flat tax where everyone can get hit equally. Personally I do feel we should set up laws to penalize companies who take their manufacturing needs out of the country. As Americans we need to start thinking globally, which means to keep America in a position of global power and treat everyone else as a competitor. This will never be achieve as long as we continue to sell out to the lowest bidder worldwide.

    As a Christian I do feel we need to make provisions for the poor and the elderly. We cannot turn a blind eye to the starvation and poverty in our own country and hope to make the world a better place if our very own house is not in order.

    Do I consider myself conservative? Yes I do. I am against abortion, against socialized medicine but I am for equal taxation. I am for allowing the small businesses to thrive by taxing people in proportion to their means and not allowing tax shelters for the very rich. I am for America once again becoming a great nation under God, but I also feel that God would not be too keen on the way we treat each other in His name.

    The Republican party cannot continue on it’s current path. We cannot simply sit by and watch a small percent of the population get rich while the rest simply starve or get consumed in debt. We need to open up the job market by forcing companies to stay within the country for jobs. We need to keep the job market open by securing our borders and making sure that our jobs go to those who belong here legally. That to me is conservative, that to me is what made this country great, that to me is a patriot.

    If I do not deserve the “Republican” moniker by your standards then so be it, but if all else fails I am first and foremost an American and a patriot.

  3. Cleo Says:

    You have got to be kidding me! You need to crack your bible, my friend. God has COMMANDED us to love one another; respect our parents–that’s our elder generation! We don’t need to take care of the elderly who didn’t save enough money?!? You think they could have foreseen our skyrocketing cost of living? And the statement about them not taking care of themselves when they were younger…’re a fool. I certainly hope that when you are “old” that you saved enough “dern money” to take care of yourself and the medical expenses that you will certainly have because of age or maybe they will have legalized human euthanasia by then!

    I am a Christain and thank you, God, you sir, do NOT represent me or my family!

  4. Joshua Says:

    I can’t believe this article… I agree with Cleo and the other above commenters. Are you really a reverend? You are completely going against Biblical commandments and the precedents found in the early Church that show the value of humanity and the correct ways to help each other. If you read Acts 2, you’ll find the church sold “everything they had” to give to one another as they needed”. Not “as they deserved”. Not “as they prepared for”. Sounds like the distribution you so passionately disagree with, huh?
    I admonish you not to let your political associations be the lamp to your feet rather than the Word of God. It’s one thing to have commonalities with a people group, but another to let them replace or distort your moral judgment by constantly peering through an economic lens.

  5. Hipple, Rev. Paul T. Says:

    Thank you Brothers and Sister for commentating on my award winning interblog.

    I checked the sources, and what the NYTimes was reporting was actually a letter written to and published in the NYTimes by one Ben Stein.

    So, these are truly the traitorous words of Ben Stein, and not the traitorous words of some lib reporter falsely quoting Ben Stein.

    I have done some additional checking using the Intergoogle and discovered something even more profoundly shocking than you or I would have ever imagined: Ben Stein is not a Christian who is bathed in the Blood of Christ, but rather, is a Jew. No wonder he sounds like a traitor to Christian Values.


    • Atheist Says:

      I actually did not read all of the comments. I didn’t realize just how obvious this was.
      Please, please, PLEASE just go to Israel and DIE. America can’t afford to lose any more lives on your lying deceitful selfish and racist behalf.

  6. ag2ward Says:

    Jesus was also a Jew. If I were a Jew, I would be proud to be a Jew.

    Let’s consider for a moment that perhaps, Ben Stein has not yet decided to accept Christ as his Savior, but is close to making that life-changing decision. Would you want him to read this blog? By no means! We are commanded to love one another. And if you think about it, that is a tough commandment. If Ben was teetering on a decision, would he find your words encouraging, loving and Christ-like? Realize that if you claim to be a Christian, you are constantly in a spotlight and held to a higher standard, whether just or unjust, by all. Your words are powerful. Choose them wisely.

  7. Tim Says:

    So, greed is now an important Christian value? Either this whole article is a joke, or you are a closed-minded, greedy, racist bastard who needs to read the bible before preaching about it.

    Love your neighbor as yourself.

    It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven.

    What would Jesus do? I’ll tell you what he would do. He would help those old people and those people in need. You, on the other hand would just kick them while they’re down.

    Stop making God look bad with your blasphemous speech.

  8. Lianne Says:

    Wow! The only thing powerful and disturbing here is the fact that you “Rev. Hippie ” or whatever it is you’ve “deemed” yourself, not only think that you were “commanded to go to the intertubes and google ” information regarding an extremely talented, well educated, successful human being such as Ben Stein ( with by the way absolutely no credibility or credentials that you’ve provided for yourself) but that you have the audacity to say, I quote, “Now I don’t want to sound like a bragger, but I derive a great deal of comfort knowing that God can trust me like that when He needs some help.”

    Uh, if you’re truly a Christian and you’ve honestly ever studied anything about God, you’d know that GOD absolutely does NOT need your help!!!! He’s GOD…..He’s in control….He’s the Author and Perfector of Heaven and earth and all things therein. And yes, HE asks things of His children such as obedience and the greatest commandment of all..”Love God and Love people” but NEVER for help as you arogantly suggest. NEVER have I read in THE HOLY BIBLE in any version where Gpd asks a human for their help……….least of all one that sounds a delusional and lost as yourself.

    P.S. If you have to say, “I don’t want to sound like a bragger”……you’re probably a “bragger” God have mercy on your soul!!!!!!!

  9. Renate Says:

    Hi guys, I’m from Belgium!

    Hahaha, of course this guy isn’t a christian! He just wants to make us look stupid, hahaha! I can laugh about it though. All true christians love to give their money to the weak and poor, but obviously people who dont know God, dont feel the same. Of course not! God is so totally different.

    So, lets leave it with this joke. Nice try, didnt work though 😉

  10. Corey J Says:

    Wake up people. This is what Christianity is turning into with the Republican Party in America. As absolutely insane as the jackass who wrote this article sounds I doubt that he wasn’t serious about the garbage in this article.

    This is the direction Christianity is going in America and it will without a doubt be its downfall. Get used to it. There is more to come.

    • Atheist Says:

      RELAX. This absolutely insane jackass is a JEW. He considers Ben Stein to be a traitor for suggesting Social Darwism played a role in the Holocaust. He learned in Protocols Primary school to hate Christians blindly without giving any thought to how many of them shed blood over his stupid war-mongering relatives in Israel.
      He’s too comfy and rich to consider fighting for them himself so the rest of us get sacrificed.

  11. Wayne S Says:

    You all need to give the Rev. Hipple a break. He was doing Gods work! I mean really, he said that God needed his help…so he was just helping God, cause God needed it.

    Since this is an AWAR-WINNING INTERBLOG I think we can all safely believe everything the good Rev has to say.

  12. Jim P Says:

    The most delicious sort of satire is the kind that sucks in a bunch of earnest and literal-minded folk with malfunctioning “I-been-had” detectors. Beautiful job.

  13. Atheist Says:

    Jesus constantly said “Give to the poor”.
    I advocate you mega rich elitist fat cat Jews start doing that (sheesh! No wonder you hate Jesus so much!) You’re just mad because Stein means to include YOU in that tax plan.
    And while you’re at it; join the army. We Christians are sick of fighting your wars for Israel -“God’s Chosen”.

  14. Atheist Says:

    Oh, oops. I admitted I’m an atheist. I am speaking on behalf of Christians because I used to be a Christian and I feel sorry for them. Especially the US Soldiers you guys spit on for fighting your wars.

  15. Shower Cubicle Says:

    well of course, everyone loves to get rich but not everyone would love to do hard work ;.-

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