Great moments in Christian Persecution: Google Translators

tongues.jpgI’m going to start an occasional series entitled “Great Moments in Christian Persecution” to detail in brief snips various examples of how the Godless modern day culture actively conspires to marginalize Good Christian Citizens.

Todays topic is Google Translators

These intertube tools allow you to type words and entire paragraphs in one language, and have them translated to a 2nd language. It’s a miracle! Or, imagine you receive a threatening email or interblog post from a suspected muslim terrorist seeking to destroy your family and your Christian way of life. You can have it translate back to a language that everybody else in the world uses, like English, so you can know the nature of the threat and alert the appropriate authorities.

The Google Translator works in just about every language…even including completely useless ones, like arabic.

Except, notably, one language is not represented: Glossolalia, the most rapidly growing language in the world, which just so happens to be a language used ONLY by Select Christians to communicate with other Select Christians, and with God.

What does Google have against Christians?

Coincidence or Conspiracy?


2 Responses to “Great moments in Christian Persecution: Google Translators”

  1. Gilberto Saulpaugh Says:

    Google translator is very useful. i always use it when i want to have some instant translation of some of the stuffs that i have. ;”:`*

    With appreciation

  2. Laquita Taggart Says:

    google translator can be quite useful.`

    My own internet page

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