GA Law Expands Gun Owners Rights to Arm Themselves in Churches

guns-in-church.jpgEmboldened by the Presidential candidacy of Rep. Tom Tancredo, the Good Republican (Christian) legislature in Georgia has finally taken a bold but necessary step to stop unChristian persecution of Christians.

And not a moment too soon.

Important legislation, now on the fast track, allows for Christians to defend themselves from unChristian Persecution by removing prohibitions against Our Christian and Constitutional Right to Bear Arms in public places.

From a Christian perspective,  what is most important and welcome about this Law is that congregates and other Christian church goers can now legally bring their firearms into Church Services.  Until now, many such Holy Christians have been torn between breaking the Laws of this Great Dominion, and doing what is necessary to protect the safety of their families, who are exposed to enormous risk each and every time they enter a House of Christian Worship.

With this new Law, they can Converse with the Lord in the great Peace that comes from knowing they can defend themselves and their loved ones with lethal force if necessary from unChristian persecution that comes in the form of attacks on the premises by atheists, crazed homicidal maniacs, or roaming packs of illegal mexican immigrant rape squads desperate for a food handout and willing to do anything until they get one.

This legislation has been widely applauded throughout the State of Georgia.  Astute Political and Religious Commentators appear to understand how the persecution of Christians, and especially handcuffing them from defending themselves, erodes our Culture.

5 Responses to “GA Law Expands Gun Owners Rights to Arm Themselves in Churches”

  1. Brother Bob L. Yates, Jr. Says:

    Indeed it is about time, Praise Jesus!

    The entire idea that we the righteous should have to disarm ourselves – leaving us open to all manner attacks from the vast hordes of godless sinners, Mary-worshippers, sodomites, and drug-addled death cultists that plague every corner of our once Godly Republic – is patently absurd.

    The Holy Consitution of our Christian Republic says, quite clearly, that all white Christian men should be allowed to carry as many weapons as they desire anywhere they please. That the godless liberal heathen sodomites have opposed this God-given right is no surprise, but when it comes to the Law of God (to carry my AR-15 ANYWHERE) as opposed to the Law of Man (or Mammon, as it were); I side with the Lord. Luckily in my community no one minds me carrying my AR-15 everywhere I go, so it has never been an issue for me personally. Nevertheless, I am happy to see that my fellows among the righteous are no longer being persecuted for practicing our religion and carrying machine guns ANYWHERE.

    Praise the Lord!

  2. David Milligan Says:

    I think this is a good law, I also think that those who have gun permits should be able to carry your weapons anywhere, If you are a law biding people, God bless America and its people, For the good should not be punished for what the bad does.

  3. Darrell Says:

    Are your crazy. Letting people to bring a loaded gun into a church service where their are children? The only ones that should have a gun in church is a police officer, on or off duty. Leave the guns where they belong, in the homes of the individuals that choose to have them, and in the woods. What is next, allowing people to smoke and shoot up drugs and drink beer in church?

  4. Atheist Says:

    The very last thing the nazis did before supposedly leading the jews to their slaughter was take away their guns through strict gun laws.
    I see some plans for control are posed to be repeated.
    Nice staging in the photo, BTW.

  5. Atheist Says:

    Your photos are hilarious! Who are these guys? Are they your brothers?

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