Keeping score in the War on Arab Treachery

waterboard terrorists

When I am on the Intertube interblogging with other Interbloggers, I am often asked questions like this one from commentator and interblogger Brother or Sister mw, at The Cynic’s Party interblog:

“If this is a sport, what is the score?”

That is SUCH a great question!!

Of course, so that they can keep their focus and Sharpshooters on the real targets, the U. S. Military is not counting or keeping track of the number of islamofascists we are killing in the War Against Islamic Terror.

Besides, since we are killing so many of these Arabs, it is pretty pointless to count them anyway, since it would make it look like the game is rigged, and they might stop wanting to play us.

So we don’t use the killed ones in the Score, unless we kill them by Just Execution.

Furthermore, renegade elements in the CIA, agents who are suspected of being democrat traitors or having democrat sympathies, are destroying all evidence, video and otherwise of Great Moments in Rendition and Torture which we could otherwise be used to keep Score.

But there are many ways to know the Score without keeping score.

Right now, we are 0-0-2 in terms of islamofascist countries delivered to the Lord. But you got to remember those two ties are still being played right now. They should go to the win column once Rep. Tom Tancredo becomes Commander And Chief, but I’ll just keep them as ties right now.

Another way to keep score is to count up all the islamofascits who have been tried and convicted in Courts of Justice for their crimes. I don’t have my notes handy, but I believe we’re 4-2-1 on that one.

Then you have to add all the wins we are awarded, based on rule technicalities, for all the islamofascists who we’ve captured in 2005 or earlier, but have not faced a trial up to now. They probably won’t ever go to trial because they have been Renditioned and Tortured.

But those count as wins because a good Rendition and Torture is as close as you can get to the Gates of Hell and still come back. And because they were definitely guilty, or else why would be have had them Renditioned and Tortured.

And we get 10 bonus wins for not bringing Khaled Sheikh Mohammed to trial because Torturing him probably saved the Entire world from a nuclear holocaust that we didn’t start by shooting first.

Finally, we get points for the public execution of former Despotic Dictators of Iraq by collaborators in that now free and democratic country who we trained to carry out Just and Dignified executions of criminals, as per the American Way.

So according to my calculations, the score right now is 587-2-3. Which is not bad considering Rep. Tom Tancredo hasn’t even been put into the game yet!

And with any Divine Guidance, we could very well see all those ties go to the win column before its over.

9 Responses to “Keeping score in the War on Arab Treachery”

  1. Brother Robert L. Yates, Jr. Says:

    I personally believe that it was criminal, nay indeed sinful, that Khaled Sheikh Mohammed wasn’t tortured much worse than he was. By the simple act of chastisement, this vile heretic confessed to 9/11, to murdering that godless Jew journalist in Pakistan, and to every other action in The War Against Terrorism (TWAT). Quite simply, had he been tortured further, we surely could have cleared up many other messes as well: Who shot the godless Papist Kennedy? Khaled Sheikh Mohammed. Who murdered that sexy little Christian princess Jon-Benet? Khaled Sheikh Mohammed. Who shot Mr. Burns? Khaled Sheikh Mohammed.

    They wasted a golden opportunity to solve a myriad of mysteries by failing to make Khaled Sheikh Mohammed confess to all manner of unsolved crimes.

    Your Humble Servant in Christ,

    Brother Robert L. Yates, Jr.

  2. Chris Smith Says:

    I am appalled that you would say anything like what you just did, Mr. Yates. If it was sin not to torture Kaleidh Sheikh Mohammed further, then would you consider it to be sin if you were to be tortured? Of course you would. So, I ask you, sir, if your god loves all who he created equally, then why is it that you say that he is fine with the torture of some of us, but not others? The fact is that all of God’s creations were meant to be treated equally, whether you wish to take that seriously or not.

  3. Chris Smith Says:

    Did Hipple get another 60 day prison sentence or something? He hasn’t posted for a week…

  4. Hipple, Rev. Paul T. Says:

    Brother or Sister Chris Smith-

    They send me to jail, not prison, and no, I am not in jail again.

    I come to the intertubes infrequently, usually only after God has visited me with a Holy Vision.

    Brother Yates is absolutely right. Torture is not a Sin, and we know this because Jesus was Tortured on the Holy Cross for our Sin. How in the world can you call it a Sin if God allowed his Holy Son to be tortured?

    And it is not a sin specially if we are talking about torturing a criminal muslim. And since God commands us to treat all people equally, if we can torture muslims we should not spare the rod on mexicans.

    And as Brother Justice Antoine Scalia has just Revealed, torture is constitutional, and how in the world could something that is constitutional be a Sin since the Constitution is the Word of God?


  5. Brother Bob L. Yates, Jr. Says:

    “Now no chastening for the present seemeth to be joyous, but grievous: nevertheless afterward it yieldeth the peaceable fruit of righteousness unto them which are exercised thereby.” (Hebrews 12:11)

    Torture/chastisement is merely the surest way to the “peaceable fruit of righteousness.” Indeed, so long as Khaled Sheikh Mohammed was tortured by Christian patriots with the spirit of the Lord in the hearts, he too may be redeemed. As long as we torture in love, surely no fault can be found among our patriotic soldiers of Christ.

    And if you disagree, you hate God, you hate the troops, and you hate America! Go read the Holy Bible before you condemn torture/chastisement!

    Praise Jesus!

  6. Hipple, Rev. Paul T. Says:

    May the Lord Praise Brother Yates! The Holy Spirit is Strong in that gentleman!

    • Atheist Says:

      No wonder Hitler wanted to exterminate you guys.
      I know, I know; He didn’t, but it is SO what you deserve.

  7. Taku Says:

    What I love about the New Testament is that, unlike the Old Testament, you cannot twist its message

  8. Atheist Says:

    I know exactly what the score is.
    It is posted at
    And no, you morons. This guy is not a Christian, nor is he under any psychotic delusion that he is a Christian.
    He is getting his laughs which is clearly as easy as shooting fish in a barrel with this crowd.
    No wonder you’re all dying off for slaughterhouse Israel.

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