Dr. Rep. Ron Paul reconnoits North Dakoda in preparation for post-election invasion


As God has Revealed previously, if elected-and there is a very real possibility that can happen given the incredible possibility that his campaign will build momentum before the primaries are over– it turns out that Dr. Rep. Ron Paul has no intention whatsoever to serve a single day as President of Our Dominion, the United States of America Under God.

So Conservative Christian (Republican) Patriots, instead of wasting your vote on Dr. Rep. Ron Paul, waste it on Rep. Tom Tancredo, who fully intends to serve not one, but two or more complete terms as President when elected.

Dr. Rep. Ron Paul is trying to keep the real plans underlying his campaign top secret. God sees everything, even secrets, and personally tells me, through the Medium of Night Time Visions, a LOT about what He sees.

God has revealed to me that the Dr. Rep. Ron Paul campaign is little more than a deceptive front for a dark and treacherous plan. The campaign is designed for the single purpose of raising money that will be used to buy Manitoba from Canada, where they will start up their own Godless Government, with their own Constitution, and televised Federal Reserve meetings. Perhaps most shockingly, they won’t even get involved in any of our global Wars against Arabs!

Believe you me, Manitobians welcome him with open arms, and are even communicating with the Dr. Rep. Ron Paul campaign using encryted interblog messages. For example, this interblog is actually sending a message that says:

begin message
Dear Dr. Rep. Ron Paul. stop We have finished implanting the tracking devices in all our sheep and alpacas as per your instructions stop We can’t wait until you are our leader stop still waiting on that truck load of popsicles you promised stop good luck on super Tuesday stop our calculations show you will win every state but New Mexico stop Are we still safe? stop
end of message

Once comfortably settled in Manitoba, Dr. Rep. Ron Paul intends, presumably by using an all volunteer army, to conduct cross border raids into North and South Dakota, ultimately taking the land from Our Blessed union of States, thereby weakening Our Dominion on Earth.

Once in control of the Dakotas, Dr. Rep. Ron Paul will rename them North Bavaristan and South Bavaristan, and at that point invite all of his Bavarian followers to settle, giving away free to each settler a 100,000 acre homestead complete with sewer and cable hookups, as reparations for American atrocities in Germany, and particularly in Bavaria, during World War II.

All Dr. Rep. Ron Paul followers currently living in the United States of American under God will either move to Manitoba, to operate dairy farms as a collective proletariat based upon Marxist Principles, in particular, endeavoring to abstain from commodity fetishims excepting such fetishims pertaining to personal electronic devices/video games.

All the others will move to Fargo, North Bavaristan to operate the network servers and to build and protect a Shrine to Paulistan’s completely unamended Constitution.

The Elks Club Conspiracy

Dr. Rep Ron Paul sited at North Dakota Elks Club. Additional Elks Club Conspiracy evidence.

14 Responses to “Dr. Rep. Ron Paul reconnoits North Dakoda in preparation for post-election invasion”

  1. Liz Says:

    WoW… must be some good drugs you got ahold of… BTW..Tom’s no longer in the race… catch up once you get off the Yellow Brick Road.

  2. Beau Says:

    I have to agree with Liz on this one. By the way I’m from North Dakota and that picture you have looks like it’s from Antarctica. Have you even been to North Dakota before?

  3. Hipple, Rev. Paul T. Says:

    Brother Beau-

    Your border is unsafe and your State is at grave risk. You still have time to stop them. Just not a lot.


  4. Fielding Hurst Says:

    What are you smoking and where can I get some?


  5. seriously Says:

    Thanks for the laugh. We’ll see how hard you are laughing when they hold you down and insert a chip in your arm.

  6. Hipple, Rev. Paul T. Says:

    Brother or Sister seriously-

    That is not going to happen, now.

    Perhaps you haven’t been paying attention and didn’t hear that cultist and Rudolf Hess look-a-like CEO Gov. Mitt Romney dropped out of the campaign today.

    Neener neener.


  7. Darel Says:

    Oh my…. Even Dr. Paul would support your right to free speach even though you are a nut.

  8. Corinna Says:

    It’s too bad for these people can’t find anything real to knock Dr.Paul for so they let their paranoid minds run amok. Maybe it’s time they alternate the drugs they’re taking?

  9. Weblog Awards Winner - Dominionists for Tancredo 2008 « Wordpress.com Weblog Awards Says:

    […] To get an idea of the kind of political commentarty going on here visit this insightful post. […]

  10. deralaand Says:

    now, is the chip so you can get soup in the Federal soup lines?

  11. Gil Jones Says:

    Duh, did he just say sump’in bad about Dr. Paul?

  12. starbirdcanada Says:

    Brother Rev P Hipple, could you please tell St. Paul, Ron that is, to take Saskatchewan as well. We’ll throw it in as a 2 fer 1 deal, since we Canadians have no use for it.

  13. Chris Smith Says:

    I wish these idiots would shut up… “Rev.” Hipple, I would like to point out that during your 60 day prison sentence, Rep. Tancredo removed himself from the race. Now, I kno that no matter how many times people tell you this, you won’t listen, however, I still believe it is our duty to inform you, nonetheless. On the comments of what’s he smoking and where can I get some, It is obviously something far more powerful than the government is willing to admit exists. Also, Rev., I would like to inform you that the government is not trying to tap into your thoughts, as they are incoherent and wouldn’t make any sense anyway, that Dr. Rep. Ron Paul is not an alien as you said in earlier posts, and that Santa Claus is in fact not real. If there are any more questions you wish to ask me, let me know on the email address provided. p.s.- If a small child told you they were speaking to someone you couldn’t see, you woud call it an imaginary friend. This is how I envision your relationship with the empty void where you seem to think there is a god.

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