Rep. Tom Tancredo’s will stop evolution and the teaching of evolution

dinosaur.jpgWhen asked if they believe in evolution, most republican presidential candidates–at least the ones any smart Christian person would even consider voting for– Correctly answer, “No!”

But when asked what they intend to do about this evolution they don’t believe in, not a one of them Presidential Candidates–excepting Rep. Tom Tancredo–has any concrete plans.

Pastor Gov. Mike Huckabee talks a good game against evolution, appropriately stating that, “I didn’t come from no monkey,” or “it’s just a theory and not a very good one at that.” But he’s Preaching to the Choir with that stuff.

What are his plans to put an end to the pervasive errosion of our Christian Culture by European darwinist cults and the dangerous ideas that they espouse?

Indeed, as a Campaigner, we see that Pastor Gov. Mike Huckabee is persistently pandering to earn the votes of the liberal elite secular humanists.

For example, as Governor of Arkansas, Pastor Gov. Mike Huckabee was soft on evolution, and failed to act to roll back teaching standards to Christian levels by removing evolution from the curriculum. On the campaign trail today, Pastor Gov. Mike Huckabee exhibits deception and treachery to the Cause of Christian Values by saying, “we can teach evolution but why not teach all the other ideas, too, and let the students make up their own minds.”

Teach evolution right along side of The Truth!? What a waste of time!  Make up their own minds!? Has his extreme diet of tofu made him crazy?! These students can’t properly decide what clothes to wear to school, so how could they possibly be expected to make a rational choice on one of the most Dark-sided, deceptive and dangerous ideas to ever come from a Demon-inspired human?

It is despicable that after 4 terms in the Governors office, that it is still legal in Arkansas to even say out loud the word, “evolution.”  Let’s be honest; if you can’t outlaw evolution in Arkansas, you probably don’t have what it takes to outlaw it anywhere else. He was a weak Governor, and Pastor Gov. Mike Huckabee would be a weak President.

In contrast, Rep. Tom Tancredo will provide real leadership on this issue. He has a multipoint solution to the evolution crisis that will allow Our Christian Dominion to step down the road to healing and end this divisive issue, which causes great sorrow to those Christians who pray so heard for their neighbors to see The Way, but who’s prayers don’t seem to be answered. Such is the strength of the Dark-Side.

Fundamentally, Rep. Tom Tancredo proposes to not only end all discussion of evolution in schools, he will also enact legislation to strike it from the American language and outlaw the use of the word anywhere, publicly or privately.

But none of that will be an effective deterrent to evolution unless he also enacts legislation that can stop evolution in its tracks and wipe it out completely.

Here is Rep. Tom Tancredo’s 5 point plan to restore Truth in Science:

  1. Completely outlaw the teaching of evolution and all other unprovable scientific theories in schools.
  2. Rigidify secondary school science standards by basing them on firm Truthful, Christian, Bible-based principles.
  3. In conjunction with his “Build a Better Border” program modeled on the New Deal public works program and to deal with the economic dislocation, retrain former darwinists as volunteer border wall construction/mine field specialists (don’t worry, they will NOT be allowed air conditioning in their work detail shacks).
  4. Pass a constitutional amendment to outlaw the word “Evolution” or “Darwinism”-spoken or thought- and all books written about evolution or darwinism by darwinists or even Darwin himself.
  5. Round up and eradicate any animal, plant or bug species suspected of attempting to or thinking about undergoing evolution.
  6. Since all islands are suspected to be hot spots of evolution, in conjunction with his “Peaceful Uses for Nuclear Explosions” program, Rep. Tom Tancredo will direct the military to destroy all islands in the United States and Her territories, or the islands of other countries, especially those countries that might contain suspected evolving species hostile to U.S. National interests.   This program will focus on such islands that are being used for species sanctuary purposes or which otherwise protect and support species that are attempting to evolve and destroy our sacred way of life.
  7. Reverse the very few policies of President Gov. George W. Bush that have been otherwise regarded as setbacks on the Global War on Evolution.

11 Responses to “Rep. Tom Tancredo’s will stop evolution and the teaching of evolution”

  1. Shannon Says:

    Oh, I’m quite well aware that Mike Huckabee did NOT evolve from a monkey, because monkeys in no way share any of Huckabee’s highly repugnant features. I do suspect, however, that he may be the unfortunate victim of possible devolution. Plus, he is from Arkansas. I’m just saying…

  2. Hipple, Rev. Paul T. Says:

    Brother or Sister Shannon

    -Thank you for commentating on my Award Winning Interblog.

    As to your point, I don’t believe in devolution any more than I believe in evolution.

    I think we can agree that Pastor Gov. Mike Huckabee is a deeply flawed human being, and we can only Wonder in Amazement as to what purposes the Good Lord had when he miscreated him that way.


  3. jhon doe Says:

    ok… first of all nobody “came” from monkeys, we just share a very close common ancestor, evolution is a tree not a line… second the word “theory” has a different meaning in the science community, it is an accepted fact that has not been dis proven, it is 1 step under a law. if you call evolution “just a theory” than you have to call the Pythagorean theorem “just a theory”, and Einstein’s theory of relativity “just a theory”, which they are not… they are facts. and on top of that teaching intelligent design is a violation of the separation of church and state, and has been ruled so many times.

  4. Brother Bear Says:

    Dearest Asian Jhon Doe:

    All you non-sense claptrap garbage is just plain silly. Jesus was never part monkey and he sure as hell isn’t a theory.

    All you yellows just think you are something yet you all look like some crazy cloning experiment gone wrong, and you know what Jesus thinks about cloning.


    p.s. Dearest Rev. Hipple forgive me for posting on your most reverent internets, but sometimes silly posts make my blood boil.

    And congratulations on all your very highly deserved interblogery awards!

  5. Agent Sparks Says:

    That picture of Jesus on a dinosaur should automatically qualify you for another blog award…

  6. Hipple, Rev. Paul T. Says:

    Brother Bear-

    Thank you for your help with that evilutionist. Not a one of them I ever met knew the difference between a Theory and The Truth. I wasn’t able to respond as quickly as I’d like since I ran into a little ruckess Campaigning at the polls for Rep. Tom Tancredo on Super Tuesday.

    It seems that the Colquitt Co. sheriff, who was called to the school by some crybaby working for the Pastor Gov. Mike Huckabee campaign, and I have a completely different interpretation of the how the law reads, the one that prevents campaigning within 150 feet of the Polling Station.

    Still, I get by knowing that Jesus welcomed being handcuffed and jailed overnight and released on his own recognizance for the Sake of our Eternal Souls.


  7. Dwayne Rudder Says:

    Dear Revrend Hipple, first of all, blesseed be him whose name name cannot be pronounced, and blessed be the wrath of his electrons called down upon his rightousnous, Amen. Now, down to brass tax. Rev. Hipple, I come to your electrical outlet a deeply sad man on his knees. I know not where to turn. I fear the devil has his hooks on my immoral sole and I’m powerless to stop him or her. See, the thing is, I’ve always been a Copenhagen man, then I tried this Kodiak menthol, and man, one dab and I was hooked! I know it was the devil trying to tempt me, but I couldn’t help myself. I don’t even look at the Copenhagen anymore. I just go right for the Kodiak. My friends refuse to go jacklighting or mud dogging as they think I’m possessed or something. But I know in my heart it’s something worse — I think its something to do with evolution! Lord, I do NOT want to turn into a monkey. I don’t even like nanners. Not even nanner pudding. Help me!

    –Yours in the fire of torment, Dwane

  8. Heartburn Home Remedy Says:

    Not that I’m impressed a lot, but this is a lot more than I expected for when I stumpled upon a link on Furl telling that the info is quite decent. Thanks.

    We can’t thank you enough for your kind words, Brother or Sister Remedy.
    GIL!! PTL!!!
    -RPTH, Award Winning interblogger

  9. Drew Says:

    I hope this is a joke.

  10. candy Says:

    I hope this is a joke too. And to all the trolls and/or pastors,
    Gravity is just a theory too, but I don’t see you fucking falling off the earth

  11. Says:

    blog topic

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