unChristian Christian Persecution on the YouTube interblog

warning: before watching the following video, which contains the Demon’s deceptions and treachery,  please repeat the following prayer after me:

Lord, I am about to watch this unChristian video on the YouTube for instructional purposes only. I am fully aware that it contains atheistic lies and distortions of unspeakable Dimension, and am only comforted by the Prayerful Knowledge that My Jesus suffered far worse Rendition and Persecution at the hands of the Jews in order that my Soul be saved. Lord, Forgive me if you think watching this filth and persecution is Sinful, but I know that at times You test me by forcing me to face evil just as You commanded your Son, Jesus Christ to go to the Desert to meet Satan.

I was searching the intertubes this morning when I asked The Google for interblog sites that contain Wholesome Christian Examinations that test ones Knowledge of God and strength of faith.  That is when I stumbled upon this video.  At first I thought it was going to be very interesting and Prove how strong was my faith, but it turns out that it persecutes Christians in horrible ways, especially at the very end, which is quite shocking:

In Worship services this weekend, I intend to warn all Congregents at the 2nd Dominion Church of Georgia to avoid the YouTube and to boycott the YouTube, just as I warn you here. All of the YouTube is an extremely dark-sided interblog, that is not safe for Christian men, Christian woman, Christian youth, Christian elders or little unborn baby Christian boys and girls.

This is an example of the sort of unChristian filth and decadation that is allowed on the YouTube. The YouTube is EXTREMELY unChristian and NOT SAFE FOR Christians!

2 Responses to “unChristian Christian Persecution on the YouTube interblog”

  1. Verna Walker Says:

    Why would you even post such a thing? You are playing right into the hands of the publisher of that video by sharing it’s hateful message. As a proud, African-American woman I am deeply offended by your underhanded way to promote your racism by linking to that.

  2. Hipple, Rev. Paul T. Says:

    Sister Verna-

    This here is an EDUCATIONAL interblog. God has called me to EDUCATE His sheep about not only Rep. Tom Tancredo, but also the many Dark-sided forces of secular mainstream culture and media who are aligned against him, such as the abortionist Dr. Rep. Ron Paul.

    And I don’t know what you mean about Racism. I did not detect the idiom of a Negro in the voice of the narrator. But I suppose, as a Negro yourself, you’d be a might better at detecting Negro inflections and whatnot.


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