Did Dr. Rep. Ron Paul perform a certain “gynecologic procedure” on his new bride?

rp-wedding-day1.jpgIt is widely known that the biggest threat posed to Rep. Tom Tancredo’s Divinely Endorsed presidential campaign is the campaign of his fellow maverick congressional colleague, suspected abortionist Dr. Rep. Ron Paul.

Future president Rep. Tom Tancredo does not take the Dr. Rep. Ron Paul campaign lightly. Compared to the several other Republican and democrat candidates, the Dr. Rep. Ron Paul campaign is significantly more clever.

For example, Dr. Rep. Ron Paul has recently proposed a 4 Point Economic Stimulus Plan that offers the brilliant and novel solution of forcing the Federal Reserve Bank to publicly Televise all of its meetings! Except for Rep. Tom Tancredo, no other candidate has shown such a Nimble ability to think outside the box to find REAL economic solutions for our crisis. Economists who have performed the calculations indicate that the increased advertising revenues for what are certain to be the most watched broadcasts ever conclude that this solution alone will end the recession within 2 weeks after the plan is implemented!

But don’t you think for a minute that Dr. Rep. Ron Paul is a safe alternative candidate. Don’t you forget for a minute that Dr. Rep. Ron Paul wants to give up, quit and end the War Against Arabs and, worse, he wants to open our borders to brown illegal aliens and let them do whatever they want, Sexually, with our women and children.

In my Nightly Visions last night, The Lord reminded me that later this week, Dr. Rep. Ron Paul will ‘celebrate’ his 51st wedding anniversary, when he first married Mrs. Dr. Rep. Ron Paul. In an act of Great Mercy, He pointed out to me in this Vision that paulbots and paultards everywhere have used this anniversary to organize a campaign that is designed to extort $51 billion from unsuspecting voters, money that if donated instead could find much better uses in Christian Churches. For example, when I take my youth group on field trips, with that sort of money we could afford for each of the boys to have their own personal hotel rooms, and I could comfort the homesick among them without disturbing the sleep of the other boys.

And then My Lord said, “the marriage of Dr. Rep. Ron Paul is Unholy and an Abomination. Rev. Hipple, when you awaken in the morning, The Google will complete this Revelation. Good night and have a Holy tomorrow, my good brother.”

When I awoke, I asked The Google to show me, “Dr. Rep. Ron Paul the Abominationist”

And The Google pointed me to the very, very, very interesting Picture above. It is a picture from the wedding night, when Dr. Rep. Ron Paul and Mrs. Dr. Rep. Ron Paul are about to get into their car and head out to their honeymoon.

But as I looked at that picture carefully, it was obvious it was the fulfillment of a Promised Revelation and I dropped to my knees and Praised the Lord!

First, you’ll note Dr. Rep. Ron Paul is carrying a small case that the yellow arrow points to. It is too small to be their luggage. But it is EXACTLY and PRECISELY large enough to be a medical instrument bag commonly used in that day.

Second. Look at Mrs. Dr. Rep. Ron Paul. Most especially, take advantage of the helpful pink arrow and look at her large, unexplained abdominal mass. It is pooching out quite a bit, isn’t it? Do you know what causes that pooching? Of course you do. Only the presence of a precious little unborn baby boy or girl causes that sort of pooching.

So, to summarize, we have unequivocal photographic evidence that Mrs. Dr. Rep. Ron Paul was EXTREMELY pregnant with an innocent human baby on her wedding night, and that Dr. Rep. Ron Paul–who was a practicing gynecologist at the time–and gynecologists are abortionists–which was illegal at the time–was carrying his bag of medical instruments on his wedding night.

Furthermore, it is an Intertube Fact that upon returning from her honeymoon, Mrs. Dr. Rep. Ron Paul was not pregnant and did not sire a Child for quite some time later.

I will now allow the reader to draw their own conclusions about this despicable Act of Apparent Depravity.


22 Responses to “Did Dr. Rep. Ron Paul perform a certain “gynecologic procedure” on his new bride?”

  1. paulbot badmedia Says:

    Wow, and they say Ron Paul people are conspiracy theorist? First off, what you point at is part of the wedding dress and completely normal.

    But if you think that was such a big concern, don’t you think they would have done it before the wedding, before all those people would see her as such? Do you lack any common sense? This is one of the dumbest and senseless attacks I’ve ever seen.

    Get a brain.

    Jesus suffered so much worse for your soul than the pain in my brain you have caused, would you please accept Him into your heart and for a Personal Relationship with Him?

  2. JesusChrist Says:

    You are completely out of your mind.

    nice try, buster. I just spoke to Jesus and He said He didn’t write that on my interblog. You forgot I can check on these Deceptions and Treachery

  3. Johnnyb Says:

    Are you a member of Westboro Baptist Church by any chance? You sound just like those nuts.

  4. George Says:

    i think you’re mad that your candidate blows balls and had no chance to begin with.

  5. David Says:

    who the hell wrote this shit? Please hang yourself immediately..god doesn’t want smearers in his house.

  6. GodHatesSlanderers Says:

    looks like he packed a lunch for the ride back…i went to denny’s after my wedding…

    seriously, you have got the be the dumbest man on the planet to come up with this conclusion

    You’d probably have a stronger marriage had you taken her to a Waffle House

  7. JesusTolerates Says:

    This is exactly what you said it is…a DREAM in your close-minded peanut brain. You will be judged for all your lies.

  8. JesusTolerates Says:

    This is exactly what you said it is…a DREAM in your close-minded peanut brain. You will be judged for all your lies.

    No, it is a Godly Vision, and one you apparently won’t ever enjoy the privilege of enjoying. PS, people who do things backwards and in duplicate are Possessed by the Demon Satan

  9. SteveC Says:

    Tancredo will burn in hell anyway…because he aint going to the white house BITCH

    I know for a FACT that Rep. Tom Tancredo is saved. It is about time you repaired your own personal Relationship with Jesus the Lord.

  10. Satan Says:

    He who is innocent, let him cast the first stone.

    Just so ya know. You’re coming to my house when you depart this Earth.

  11. Hipple, Rev. Paul T. Says:

    Dear Brother or Sister SteveC

    (aka JesusTolerates, GodHatesSlanderers, David, George, JesusChrist)

    You appear to have a Multiple Personality Disorder.

    Like dyslexia, this condition is caused by Satanic Possession.

    As a Professional Pastor, I strongly urge you to seek Spiritual Guidance and counseling as immediately as possible.

    I apologize for the Moderator’s uncaring remarks. Clearly, I’ll need to implement tighter controls on my Youth Group when I allow them to assist with the Interblog Ministry

  12. Liz Says:

    Oh brother! In case you can’t tell, because maybe you weren’t born ,or lived during that time, ibut t is also precisely the exact size of cases that women traveled with to carry cosmetics and such when they did not wish to put them in their regular luggage. My mother is 93 and has one just like that.

    I will NOT put down your Faith as Faith is important but as a Christian myself, I would have to question the validity of your Visons. I realize you are sincere in your beliefs but I’m wondering if you might not want to ask the Lord to reveal to you ABSOLUTE proof that your Visions are from him because quite frankly, they are really suspect as coming from another source.

    Unless I’m missing something somewhere, Rep. Tom Tancredo dropped his presidential bid. Now, that being said, you have your right to vote for whomever you please, or not if you don’t wish to. If you reallly are as deluded as you sound in this article you might just wish to not vote for Dr.Rep. Ron Paul or anyone else. NONE of them are Dominionists of the variety that I can only assume you are.

    thank you for your comments. The moderators have moderated them to conform to editorial style, including proper Christian capitalization. FYI, we do NOT support Dr. Rep. Ron Paul, and have been directed through Rev. Hipple’s Nightly Visions to research Dr. Rep. Ron Paul’s record of Abominations and Treachery and Crimes against Humanity

  13. God Says:

    This is God speaking. I demand that you vote for the Green Party candidate for President in 2008!

  14. John Howard Says:

    This story is impossible because, as anyone knows who watches TV, Ron Paul does not exist.

  15. NH Says:

    This part “He wants to open our borders to brown illegal aliens and let them do whatever they want, Sexually, with our women and children.”

    YOU MUST BE OUT OF YOUR SKULL and drinking too much moonshine.

    Dr Paul is an advocate of ‘the fence’.

    This has to be a joke this blog… Paul has never done an abortion – ever.

  16. Hipple, Rev. Paul T. Says:

    Brother or Sister NH-

    It is one thing to be an advocate of ‘the fence’ and quite another thing to have a comprehensive and forward looking anti illegal mexican immigrant policy.

    Rep. Tom Tancredo has the latter. The abortionist Dr. Rep. Ron Paul does not.


  17. Homofascist Says:

    Doesn’t Ron Paul have his own chain of abortion clinics? I have a t-shirt from the one in Tampa I think.

  18. Hipple, Rev. Paul T. Says:

    Brother or sister homofascist

    His clinic chain is called ‘El Emporio de Aborto de Paul y Rebaja Tienda’ and hasn’t received much notice because most Christian Americans don’t waste their time learning a useless foreign language.


  19. Agent Sparks Says:

    Ron Paul started performing abortions in his home state of Texas to prevent all the brown babies that would’ve been born as a result of the roaming Mexican rape squads. That’s what I heard anyway…

  20. Henri Tenthorey Says:

    Who ever wrote that Ron Paul likes illegal aliens and that the above picture prooves an abortion or anything similar is smoking a large crack pipe!
    I personally know Ron Paul and he is one of, if not THE most ardent opponent of open borders.
    Also the small case he is holding in the picture was the exact type used by millions of women in in those days when traveling. Finally his brides foot is resting on the car floor board and her knee is causing the dress to bulge out. Repent immediatly for your lies!!!

  21. HAHAHA Says:

    For example, when I take my youth group on field trips, with that sort of money we could afford for each of the boys to have their own personal hotel rooms, and I could comfort the homesick among them without disturbing the sleep of the other boys.

    — You do realize what this sounds like, don’t you? Finally a little much needed privacy! Just you and that “homesick” young man. In a hotel room. Alone…

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