A second look Rep. Tom’s plans for a border wall

gaza-border-wall.jpg Leading Presidential Candidate, Republican Rep. Tom Tancredo, is the ONLY candidate who has proposed an effective and comprehensive Border Security Program that promises to stop illegal mexicans from invading our Dominion on the southern border, and to stop them from destroying our Christian Values-based country.

All of the other candidates endorse the Congressional Law to build a simple fence and stop there.

Rep. Tom Tancredo understands that this solution alone will fail and is on record on this.  As proof that Rep. Tom Tancredo is a Visionary, one needs only to look at the current problem in the Gaza border with Egypt, where bands of Palestinian Islamofascists and their terrorist leaders have demolished an extremely strong border wall built by the Israeli government, and spilled out of the Gaza into Egypt, to join forces with Egyptian Arab Islamofascists and terrorists.

This incident proves a border wall alone will not and can not work to keep mongrel hoards in their place.  The Israeli Jews aren’t good for much, but what they can do very, very well is build strong walls.  And even that wasn’t good enough.  And I need not remind you that mexicans are a heck of a lot better at both building and destroying things than are muslims.

One look at Rep. Tom Tancredo multifaceted proposal for securing our borders should convince you that he has the vision needed to end our illegal immigration problem:

Rep. Tom Tancredo’s border program includes:

  1. A high border wall made from titanium that stretches the length of our border with mexico, using illegal aliens captured in the United States of America Under God.
  2. 1 mile wild mine fields planted on both the northern and southern sides of the wall, including mines that are attractively manufactured to look like various cactus plants in order to beautify the region.
  3. In conjunction with his Breaking the Cycle of Welfare for Vicious Negroes initiative, Patrols along the border will deploy vicious border dogs bred by Micheal Vick Enterprises, Inc.
  4. 100% end to end coverage of the border using volunteer snipers, in collaboration with the National Rifle Association.
  5. Stocking the Rio Grande River with flesh eating Piranha fish.

God wants His Dominion saved, and only President Rep. Tom Tancredo has what it takes to be an Instrument of His justice.


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