Extremely Urgent Update on the Dr. Rep. Ron Paul/Manitoba/UFO consipiracy

ron-paul-ufo.jpgAs Revealed to me by God and subsequently Revealed to the entire Intertube in my Award Winning Interblog, the Dark-Sided international forces behind Dr. Rep. Ron Paul’s Republican presidential campaign have no intention whatsoever of winning the Presidency.

Instead, the campaign, as Revealed by the Ultimate Truth of God, is little more than an elaborate hoax to raise funds to purchase Manitoba from collaborators in the Central Canadian Government politburo, from where they intend to conduct cross boarder raids into North Dakota.

To those few of you who remain skeptical about the evil intent of the Dr. Rep. Ron Paul Idolaters, let me simply point out that the Dr. Rep. Ron Paul campaign has begun to mint its own currency. They wouldn’t be creating their own currency if they didn’t intend to use it, now would they?

But this in and of itself doesn’t Prove a connection to Manitoba to those who lack faith in my Divine Revelations. During my night time Visions last night, the Lord told me, “Rev. Hipple, the evidence you seek will be revealed to you on the Interwebs tomorrow.”

So I asked the Google this morning for a connection between Dr. Rep. Ron Paul, and Manitoba only to find this distressing news item, about “UFO enthusiast Grant Cameron, who operates a Web site on presidential history with extraterrestrials. Cameron has several other requests pending, including one for “all files on the Kennedy assassination.”

Who is this Grant Cameron, why does he have an interest in the Presidency and UFO’s and why is he acting to paralyze the Government of the United States of America with freedom of information requests?

It turns out, Grant Cameron is an intellectual elite who works at the University of Manitoba…as in, Manitoba Canada!!! Careful analysis of Grant Cameron’s website -which is ENTIRELY devoted to the long, dark history of suppressing UFO knowledge at the level of the US White House–shows that it is a highly coded front of the Canadians for Ron Paul terror group, clearly showing that Grant Cameron, aka Grant the Jackal, is a principle agent of the Manitoba Conspiracy. In all likelihood, in the unlikely event that Dr. Rep. Ron Paul steals the Republican nomination from Rep. Tom Tancredo, Grant Cameron would serve as Dr. Rep. Ron Paul’s Vice Presidential running mate!

Connect the dots people!! What is at stake is no less the Salvation of our Dominion!! Vote for Rep. Tom Tancredo in 2008, the Clear Choice of American Dominionists!!


8 Responses to “Extremely Urgent Update on the Dr. Rep. Ron Paul/Manitoba/UFO consipiracy”

  1. paulbot jmklein Says:

    NORED, the company that made the Liberty Dollars had no affiliation with the Ron Paul campaign and did not obtain permission for minting Paul’s likeness.

    And doesn’t the raid make you think that there’s something real to the charge that gold is worth more than the dollar? I mean, if the currency was really so strong then the government would have no need to confiscate private gold FDR style. Its not a conspiracy, its open practice.

    You don’t need any secret documents to see the currency sinking, just a newspaper and an eye for a few numbers.

  2. paulbot Liz Says:

    And the SLIME continues. The biggest disappointment to me is your abuse and profanity at saying it came from God but you will have to answer to Him for that. The other is that if a Ron Paul supporter wrote such an article they would be called names and referred to as conspiracy theorists and much much worse but when it comes from a Tancredo supporter then it’s ok and must be “fact”. Uggg, what a waste of a blog!


    Mod: The actual facts posted on this Award Winning Interblog are Truths revealed to Rev. PT Hipple via acts of Visions and Revelations. There are no other truths than the Truths of God

    Actually find out what Ron Paul stands for **illegal website link deleted by moderators** and as the previous post says… Ron Paul has no affiliation (himself or his campaign) to the company who was putting out the money but as far as I can see it is perfectly legal what they were doing and this is just another attempt to SLIME Ron Paul without basis.

  3. paulbot barry broome Says:

    This is cool – I just think Ron Paul supporters (of which I’m one) aren’t used to how politics works in this country. It’s pretty dirty. Anywho interesting article!!!

  4. paulbot Darel99 Says:

    One thing is for sure the writer of this article didn’t do any homework at all. Ron didn’t produce it’s own currency….. They sure are coming out from every direction with lies and half truths….. Whats next? They will say that Bush now support Ron Paul? Boy that would surly tick his supports off wouldn’t it? Nope? Why? Becuase Ron’s supporters are informed.

    I suppose the only qustion I have for the writer is are you one of the writers who obtained part of the 1.9 billion dollars in fake news from Bush over the last few years?

  5. chukmaty Says:

    Apparently Ron Paul fanatics do not get a good spoof when they see one… this site is hilarious.

  6. Maiingan Says:

    I totally agree. Check his first article where he heard God. It’s the one where Manitoba will be sold to Ron Paul. Read the comments especially. It’s worth it.
    Especially when he passes himself as Stephen Harper.

  7. Brother O'Malley Says:

    Do not fret, Brother Hipple – It is my understanding that the “Paulbot” posts are in fact just automated robot email programs based in the Ukraine, and not real people at all.

    Perhaps there is a link here – why else would Vladimir Putin-Lenin and the rest of the Communist Conspriracy and the KGB be so solidly behind Ron Paul!

  8. Paul Michael Shishis Says:

    Now GOD knows,as Angels lose sleep over DECEPTION SP READ

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