Rep. Tom Tancredo will put the Jay back in Jesus

jesus.jpgIt is no secret that our Dominion is being overwhelmed by illegal mexican immigrants and by roaming packs of mexican rape squads and the Islamic terrorists who hide among them, all of whom democrat liberals coddle in our Sanctuary Cities, which have become too dangerous for Christian Women and children to visit.

Liberal “Pundits” like to ask, “So what? Why does it matter if a larger and larger percentage of our population becomes hispanic?”

I have a one word answer for that one:

Preserving the Sanctity of Jesus!!

Most people don’t realize that many mexicans Fornicate the Name of God with all manner of blaspheme by naming their children Jesus. Is that wrong? Of course it is wrong. Because I’ll tell you that the last time you saw a White Christian (Republican) Male named Jesus was never!

Even Worse, do you know how mexicans pronounce Jesus? They mispronounce Jesus as ‘Hey, Zoos!”

They can’t even say the Lord’s name right, which is “Jays Us”, as in “Jays Us, Lord and God! Please forgive our former democrat politicians for their past transgressions of water resource mismanagement and make it rain in Georgia, again. It will take some time for our Republican (Christian) politicians that we are already electing in your name Jays Us to repair the resource mismanagement damage that has been done by Liberal Democrats going all the way back since the War of Northern Aggression.”


3 Responses to “Rep. Tom Tancredo will put the Jay back in Jesus”

  1. Peter Says:

    The victims of crimes perpetrated by illegal aliens aren’t laughing. 95% of the warrents out for homocide in LA are for illegal immigrants. I think our county is much nicer than Latin American countries and I don’t want ours to become one!

  2. Hipple, Rev. Paul T. Says:

    Brother Peter-

    Thankyou for contributing to my award winning weblog. I’m sure as President, Rep. Tom Tancredo will do what he can to preserve LA for our Dominion. But, as you point out, as Sanctuary Cities go, it is far down the road.

    Rep. Tom Tancredo is an answer to God’s Miracle, but he can’t work miracles.

    2007 Weblog Awards Finalist
    (multiple categories)

  3. Brett Nelms Says:

    Wow man I think this should be on Saturday night live. Good slap-stick humor.

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