Thank You WebBlog Awards Colleagues!!!

It is sometimes amazing to remember that God, through the vehicle of Precious Night Time Visions,  called me to the Interwebs just a few months ago to Witness for His Presidential Candidate and future leader of our Dominion, Rep. Tom Tancredo.

But my, oh my, what an impact we have had in such a short time!!!  We have, for example, exposed former candidate Sen. Sam Brownback as the cross-dressing mexican loving misogynist that he is, chasing him all the way back to Wichita.

On behalf of future President Rep. Tom Tancredo, it is my Gracious pleasure to thank everyone on the Interwebs, including all interbloggers, for recognizing the Dominionists for Tancredo 2008 Interblog as one of the all time best Interblogs ever.

We have been nominated in several categories and need all of our readers to Serve the Lord and God and Vote, Vote, Vote for His Glory:

Best Conservative Interblog

Best Christian Interblog

Best Republican Interblog

Best Conservative Christian Interblog

Best Conservative Christian Republican Interblog

Best One, True Religion Interblog

Best Interblog for Crucial Information and Updates on Roaming Packs of Mexican Rape Squads in Our Sanctuary Cities

Best Interblog for Revelations of Grace (Realtime category)

Best Interblog for Revelations of Grace (Night Time Visions category)

Best Political (conservative) Interblog (Not Bill O’Reilly’s Interblog category)

Best “Must Read” Interblog

Best Ever Creationism/Intelligent Design Interblog

Best Bible Interblog (Non-Bible category)

Best Interblog Written in other than a Sanctuary City

Best English-Only Interblog

Best Exposing the Mindless Atheism of Dr. Rep. Ron Paul Interblog

Best Defender of the North Dakota Border Interblog

Best White, Christian, Male, Republican Interblog (Not Gay or Gay Homosexual category)


7 Responses to “Thank You WebBlog Awards Colleagues!!!”

  1. Maiingan Says:

    Weirdly enough, I cant find any of those categories

  2. Brother Bear Says:

    Congratulations! Wow that’s super!

    I voted for this Interblog in all those categories!



  3. Extremely Urgent Update on the Dr. Rep. Ron Paul/Manitoba/UFO consipiracy « Dominionists for Tancredo 2008—If we build it, He will come Says:

    […] As Reveal to me by God and subsequently Revealed to the entire Intertube in my Award Winning Interblog, the Dark-Sided international forces behind Dr. Rep. Ron Paul’s Republican presidential […]

  4. cassie Says:

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  5. BreeceKnose Says:

    I could marry Shane conducting to haunt tightly my shirt.

  6. Hipple, Rev. Paul T. Says:

    Brother or Sister BreeceKnose-

    Thank you for commentating on my Award Winning Interblog! We always welcome Everyone, except mexicans and albandians, and most especially those who are as well practiced as Yourself in the Arts of Sacred Gifted Tongues.

    We hope you will continue to be a Lifelong Contributor

  7. BreeceKnose Says:

    And Jenny did come, she lifted her chunks youthful and pictures of celebrities her irritability against Tom’s succulent cock.

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