Interwebs abuzz!!! Rep. Tom Tancredo “the real deal.”

During my night time visions last night, the Lord appeared unto Me to Reveal that Rep. Tom Tancredo will pass on an opportunity to run again for the U.S. House of Representatives, so that he can throw all of his God-Given energy into his Presidential campaign.

Today, the Interwebs are discussing nothing else, because the announcement Proves Rep. Tom Tancredo’s invinsibility!!!

Rep. Tom Tancredo should easily win the Presidency, because he is the ONLY candidate remaining in the field who is both Tough on Illegal Alien Immigrants, and a Proper Christian, and who will Fight the Terrorists over there so we won’t have to fight them Here.

Praise the Lord for giving us Rep. Tom Tancredo!!  Let’s hope that we can properly thank him for his years of dedicated professional service, perhaps by giving him a Congressional Medal of Honor!!


One Response to “Interwebs abuzz!!! Rep. Tom Tancredo “the real deal.””

  1. Interwebs abuzz!!! Rep. Tom Tancredo “the real deal.” Says:

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