Dr. Rep. Ron Paul is the Republican candidate of choice for three of the 10 known Negro Republican Voters!!!!!

Dr. Rep. Generalissimo Ronaldo Paul continues to make great strides in his campaign (official slogan: “If we don’t win the White House, we’ll attack the Dakota’s from our Manitoba sanctuary!”) for President and Fearless Leader of Our Dominion.


A recent extremely careful analysis of polling data by an eager Paulbot with exceptional expertise at plotting probability density functions has yielded the stunning insight that Dr. Rep. Generalissimo Ronaldo Paul is the preferred candidate for the 10 known Negroes in the United States who actually vote Republican.

Rep. Tom Tancredo, the leading Republican Candidate of legal, unbrown, American Citizen Voters was so concerned by this Revelation that he issued a Press Release which said, in part, “I’m sorry, but who is Ron Paul?”

And that is EXACTLY what the 10 Republican Negro voters also appear to be asking, because the analysis indicates that the three Negro voters who plan to vote for Dr. Rep. Generalissimo Ronaldo Paul  don’t appear to have ever heard of him either.


5 Responses to “Dr. Rep. Ron Paul is the Republican candidate of choice for three of the 10 known Negro Republican Voters!!!!!”

  1. Paulbot Alex Hammer Says:

    See also:
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  2. Paulbot disinter Says:

    You forgot one:

    http://www.youtube.com/**unapproved content not safe for women or children Interbloggers**

  3. miranda Says:



  4. NH Says:

    Tancredo is one of Paul’s best friends.

    Tancredo himself is Latino.

    Ron does best in the polls in NH of blacks who vote republican….

  5. BurgerMeister Says:

    Rev. Hipple –

    Who are the other 7 Republican Negros planning to vote for? Rep. Tancredo probably doesn’t get them too excited, does he?

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