Sappy, stupid, liberal propaganda on US rendition and torture program

One of the ministries that we offer at 1st Dominion Ministries is a series of ‘How to Spot the Demon’ forums, to educate the Good and Faithful Christians (Republicans) on the wily ways of the Dark-sided world in which we live.

Having lassoed the Mainstream Media since media was first discovered, Liberals are experts at using mass media as a vehicle for propaganda to spread their traitorous lies, a Godless Way of Life, and Gay Homosexual perversity.

Below I’ve posted a brief video that is replete with typical Liberal Treachery and Perversity and Perversions of all sorts, and so it is a good tool for instruction. At first it looks like an entertaining piece of work on how successfully President Gov. George W. Bush has been at extracting information from Known Muslim Terrorists, saving countless millions of American Lives from Acts of Islamic Horror.

But as it continues, watch how it degrades very subtly into tear jerking liberal bellyaching. The big tipoff that this is little more than a Leftist communist work of propaganda is that it “stars” two very well known al-Qaeda terrorists they want you to sympathize with. But you can tell these are really actors because One is unbelievably well-spoken in American English, to the point he is actually understandable, whereas the other is far too well groomed and thoughtful to be a Muslim.

Notice also how he has blue eyes!!! LOL!! Ha! A blue-eyed Muslim!! They must think we are stupid. ROFL!!!

warnings: extremely long and boring, not safe for children or women, use of foreign languages–possibly including muslim


4 Responses to “Sappy, stupid, liberal propaganda on US rendition and torture program”

  1. Brother Yancy, USN Ret. Says:

    Sorry for the off topic comment. But thanks for your suggestion regarding EMO bands possible stealth campaign to hijack Christian rock! Never even crossed my mind. Brother Bear and I will look into it.


  2. Brother Yancy, USN Ret. Says:

    Dear Rev. Hipple

    I am writing to apoligize for the fact that one of your comments was placed in the moderation cue on Republican Faith MInistries I don’t know how it happened. We are speculating that it was because you comment included the words “rape” and “brests” but our investigation continues.

    Brother Yancy

  3. Hipple, Rev. Paul T. Says:

    Brother Yancy-

    No need, at all. I put all my trust in the Lord and know you will do Right by Him.


  4. Brother O'Malley Says:

    Forgive me please, but in the one hand the tape refers to torture and in the next, the discussion is waterboarding…

    I don’t understand, are these men talking about a time in a prison or are they describing their vacation at a beach resort?

    Americans should have none of the concerns about torturing known terrorists or muslims. We do it all the time here and besides if you’re not a terrorist then what do you have to worry about?

    Brother O’Malley

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