Rep. Tom Tancredo welcomes support from Uflarks but don’t expect any favors

Uflarkistan is a foreign country populated mostly by foreigners and; one with considerable strategic value since it is an exporter of important consumer products.

These Uflark foreigners now look like they are throwing their support behind Rep. Tom Tancredo.

Good for them.  I assume this ‘Uflark’s for Tancredo” is not someone’s idea of a sick joke–although it looks like it would be something one of those Dr. Rep. Ron Paulbots would perpetrate–what with their Affinity for Cultural Mongrelization and what not.

But if this is not some sick joke, it is important to consider this: Rep. Tom Tancredo does not discriminate on the basis of creed or race…he will close Our Borders to all brown people, irrespective of whether they are from mexico or from Uflarkistan.  When Rep. Tom Tancredo becomes President, he will hunt down foreigners regardless of race, creed or country of origin or whether or not they assisted him in becoming elected.


7 Responses to “Rep. Tom Tancredo welcomes support from Uflarks but don’t expect any favors”

  1. Brother O'Malley Says:

    Brother Hipple,

    Thank you so much for your posting and especially for the wonderful photograph of Ishmir Kladhowstokoot-Fitzsimmons, the Patriarch of Uflarkistan’s Albanian-Celtic Orthodox Church in Ukroznygrad. He is a wonderful man, however as you can see from the photograph, his church is very, very poor, forcing him to sit in front of the Urtlatz Cathedral selling keychains to tourists.

    I can assure you that Uflarks for Tancredo is quite a real and genuine effort, given our love for America and deep support for your war against Muslims. There is no actual “Ron Paul” club or group here – at least in Grigoosk. I don’t believe that someone with those type of views would be well regarded in my country. Thankfully, those with differing views from the government generally are not tolerated, much like in America today.

    So thank you again for your support – I know Uflarkistan will earn its esteemed position in the Tancredo foreign policy programmes.

    Brother O’Malley

  2. BurgerMeister Says:

    Rev. Hipple –

    Did you see Rep. Tancredo on CSPAN-2 Monday night? He shrewdly held a campaign event at a New Hampshire middle school for children not old enough to vote.

    I only saw a few minutes of it, but the highlight was his argument that global warming is caused by Chinese people having abortions. I couldn’t quite follow his complicated logic, but the concept sure makes a lot more sense than all that Al Gore foolishness.

  3. Hipple, Rev. Paul T. Says:

    Brother O’Malley-
    Your not requires a more substantial response than I’m currently able to yield.
    More later

  4. Hipple, Rev. Paul T. Says:

    Brother Burgermeister-


    My understanding, and that of Rep. Tom Tancredo, is that the Chinese are using aborted little baby boys and girls as a cow dung fuel substitute, because they produce much more CO2 per measure weight than cow dung.

    They’ve moved to aborted little baby boys and girls as a fuel source for the simple reason that they now produce far more aborted little baby boys and girls than they produce piles of cow dung.

    It is that bad over in that Godless, God-foresaken part of the world.

  5. BurgerMeister Says:

    Rev. Hipple –

    My Lord! And these are the people making our socks, toys, toothpaste, dog food, etc? Ewwwwwww!

    Also, congratulations on your efforts to expose the true nature of Ron Paul. I see our friends at have banned the very mention of his name:

  6. Abdul O'Malley Says:

    As president of Uflarkistan, I would like to point out to you that we are a communist country. Seeing how conservative you are, I thought you might want to know that. Below is a link to our national seal.

    Thank you for your time,
    His Excellency the President of Uflarkistan Abdul O’Malley

  7. Abdul O'Malley Says:

    Oh, and I forgot to provide a link to our flag. Sorry.
    His Excellency the President of Uflarkistan Abdul O’Malley

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