That harlot, Florida Rep. Katherine Harris, joins the republican race

After finally dispensing with Sen. Sam Brownback, Rep. Tom Tancredo looks like he’ll need to face another stiff challenger in the form of that harlot tramp from Florida, Rep. Katherine Harris.


Wearing thin, revealing sweaters to accentuate her large bust and short skirts that highlight her trim waist won’t be sufficient, on the national stage, to distract Republican (Christian) voters from remembering that she has done next to nothing in her political career, marked only by the singular accomplishment of making sure President Gov. George W. Bush was re-elected President over the Bagel crunching hippie candidate Vice President Sen. Al Gore.

Welcome to the fight you spawn of the Harlot tramp of Sodom! Rep. Tom Tancredo will deal with you as if you are nothing more than political road kill: Deep fried with mayo on the side.


9 Responses to “That harlot, Florida Rep. Katherine Harris, joins the republican race”

  1. Brother Yancy, USN Ret. Says:

    Dear Rev
    While I’m a little more open to the idea of a Harris candidacy, I must say you’re observations vis vis for feminine whiles on the campaign trail hold true.


    Bro. Yancy

  2. BurgerMeister Says:

    Rev. Hipple –

    As an undecided voter, I started checking out your interweb to see if Rep. Tancredo was the right candidate for me to support. Your writings have made a good case and I was open to being a Tancredo supporter. But this news about Katherine Harris is vexing me.

    What if a busty Harlot is the only thing able to de-rail the candidacy of Ron Paul? Nothing else has stopped him yet, even your revelations of his true nature. Perhaps demonic Harlots are his Achilles heal.

    And if the Democrats nominate their Harlot, does Leviticus not teach us “an eye for an eye, a bust for a bust . . . “? And so Katherine Harris could be Divinely sent in to battle on behalf of Republican Christians to dish out some Old-Testament-style justice.

  3. Brother O'Malley Says:

    Brother Hipple:

    Your wonderful inter-blog has prompted the congregation here to urge some of the young folk (the ones who know how to type things into the internet and not just use the moose-thing) to create a web-sight of our own.

    I hope that you will find it in your heart to check into it or log it or whatever it is they say.

    Thank you again for your good work,

    Brother O’Malley

  4. Mrs. T.D. Gaines-Crockett Says:

    Dear Brother Rev. Hipple,

    I had the pleasure of meeting Mrs. Harris at a NRA dinner a few months ago and she is a delightful woman and brilliant conversationlist. Certainly she is far more qualified a politician than Hillary Clinton (who isn’t) but I have my reservations as to whether or not she is Presidential material. She has this tick of sorts. At first I thought she had something in her eye or day say she was winking at someone at our table but I soon realized that she has an uncontrolable twitch. All that blinking in her left eye is not only annoying it is distracting. I gently asked her about it and suggested that she try Botox to freeze the nerve but she simply stared ahead and blink/twitched. I believe it’s medication.

    Might I suggest that we pray long and hard before endorsing her at this stage? Lord only knows the last thing we need is someone with an affliction leading our country.

    I pray all is well with you, your family, and the congregation.


    Mrs. T.D. Gaines-Crockett
    Political and Biblical Authoritarian

  5. Hipple, Rev. Paul T. Says:

    Sister TDG-C,

    It is so good to see you back on your feet and back on the Interwebs doing the Lord’s Deed!!

    All is great, for sure. Perhaps the biggest news is that my step-Brother Ray is a going to get early parole!! It will be good to have him back.

    About this Katherine Harris, I’ve seen her type ruin many a good man–who get all a dazzled by the combination of beauty shop hair, busty chest and thin waist. And let me tell you, a woman who has those features and knows how to use them is the Demon’s Handmaiden. Before you know it, a man is trapped in her sticky web of treachery and sometimes even outright perversity.

    Wishing that your health continues to improve.

  6. fairlane Says:

    Are you sure that’s not the lead singer of Aerosmith with a possum down his shirt?

  7. Hipple, Rev. Paul T. Says:

    Brother fairlane-

    I’m quite certain that is Katherine Harris. The easy way to tell the difference is Steve Tyler has a much smaller mouth.

    2007 Weblog Award Finalist
    (multiple categories)

  8. Florida Hate Week in Photos | A Free Man Says:

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  9. fuzz-e Says:

    jealousy will get you no where. go for it katherine!

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