Dr. Rep. Generalissimo Ronaldo Paul plans to orchestrate grass roots military-backed coup

With a heavy, heavy, heart I bring you the Darkest possible news with my burden lightened only because I know that God made His Son Jesus suffer far worse than what pain I now bear.

Just before bedtime last night, I witnessed two disturbing Interblog reports here and here, from some of the best Interbloggers in the business, reporting that the ‘military supports Rep. Ron Paul‘ and more so than any other candidate.

What is disturbing about these reports is that it turns the political ecology completely upside down, since we have been taught from the time we suckled upon our mother’s teats that we must judge our Republican (Christian) Presidential candidates by how much they support the military, not vice versa!?!?

In my night visions last night, God Appeared and Revealed to me to provide clarification.   He said that the biggest threat facing Our Dominion in the Earliest Days of the Rep. Tom Tancredo Presidency will not be Illegal Immigrants and  roaming packs of mexican rape squads, or sleeper cells of al-Qaeda operatives hiding in our closets and under our beds….although God made it abundantly clear these were still Very Big threats to our Dominion.

I was stunned by this Revelation because I can’t think of anything more horrible, other than possibly Hugo Chavez playing a significant role in United States political theater.

But God calmed me with His Peace and Love and continued saying, “Rev. Paul, the biggest threat is Dr. Rep. Ron Paul, who’s fundraising activities prove he is in the early stages of leading a consolidating grassroots support so that he can lead a military backed coup of the Tancredo Administration in its first 100 days.”

Oh, the Depravity of the Demon Serpent!!

“And, ” God continued, “Dr. Rep. Generalissimo Ronaldo Paul fully plans to invite Hugo Chavez to serve as his Vice-Generalissimo.”


2 Responses to “Dr. Rep. Generalissimo Ronaldo Paul plans to orchestrate grass roots military-backed coup”

  1. Mike Says:

    so so good.

    Viva el Hologramo!

  2. Dr. Rep. Ron Paul permanently banned from Interwebs as terrorist threat « Dominionists for Tancredo 2008—If we build it, He will come Says:

    […] delusional supporters of the Interweb-based holographic image and Presidential dictator-aspirant Generalissimo Ronaldo Paul have been permanently banned from the […]

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