Proof that Dr. Rep. Ron Paul is actually a HOLOGRAPHIC image: His Virtual Campaign is Beholden to Interweb Special Interest

Dr. Rep. Ron Paul has had a remarkable and unexpected impact on the 2008 precampaign campaign.

He’s raised billions of dollars from every state in the Dominion (except from God-fearing Christian (Republican) states whose people are wise to his deceptions and trickery) which our Sources tell us will be used to purchase Manitoba from the Central Canadian Government.

A remarkable feature of the Dr. Rep. Ron Paul campaign that continues to confound Political Experts is that it is almost Entirely Internet-based–the First Exclusively Virtual Campaigner ever. For in point of fact, Nobody has ever seen Dr. Rep. Ron Paul in real life. His only appearances Ever have been on the Interwebs, except for this one purported image of him taken as a young school boy.

Purported Image of Dr. Rep. Ron Paul as a school boy

In recent news today, Dr. Rep. Ron Paul proves he is not only a Creation of the Interwebs, but also their pawn when he was overheard saying, “We will NOT tax the internets. I have no plans of doing that, and I will instead work tirelessly to continue to impose burdensome taxes on the middle class, the rich and the poor except for illegal aliens–especially mexicans–who will be the recipients of tax revenue under my administration.” quote sources
Political analysts are harmonious in their agreement that these words indicate Dr. Rep. Ron Paul is being carefully manipulated by Interweb-based special interest groups, most likely foreign in nature including, but not limited to

I got to thinking about these issues before praying to Our Lord during noontime supper. I proceeded to fall off the chair, and I am told, “flop around on the floor like a noodled catfish.”

The Lord then came to me in my first ever noon time Vision to Reveal that Dr. Rep. Ron Paul is NOT real, but is actually EXACTLY virtual in every way: He is in fact an Internet-based Holographic Image.

Incredulous, I asked God if Dr. Rep. Ron Paul was a Spirit but he said, “Nope, just a damned computer image. That’s all. The Interweb created him for one reason only: It is a scared of being taxed. Especially if a Demoncrat like Hellary is elected.”

And here we thought only the Lord worked in mysterious ways….


24 Responses to “Proof that Dr. Rep. Ron Paul is actually a HOLOGRAPHIC image: His Virtual Campaign is Beholden to Interweb Special Interest”

  1. suspected Paulbot Curtis Says:

    Are you sure that you are real? Am I real?
    I’d rather vote for a hologram than a shape-shifting reptilian or a turd-burglar Socialist, any day of the week.

    Thanks for the links to the different country blogs.

  2. Paulbot Rich Moran Says:

    I would like to know where the quote from Ron Paul about “… impose burdensome taxes on the middle class…”. This could definitely change my mind about the man. Please send me the source, and any other valid information you have, as I am sure anyone trying to help Tom Tancredo would not post slanderous statements such as these without the source of the quote.

    MOD: Thank you for your Excellent suggestion Brother Moran! We’ve modified our commentary above to provide a link that indicates our source material. It certainly improves ‘gravitas’ of the message, don’t you agree?

  3. Hipple, Rev. Paul T. Says:

    Brother Moran-

    I will reveal my sources on that quote just as soon as you provide a rational explanation for why you so fervently support a Interweb-generated Holographic Image to be the next President of our Dominion.


  4. hotoffthepress Says:

    Early this afternoon, I found Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul sandwiched between Ellen Degeneres and Fred Thompson’s wife, and I’m guessing the experience made the 72-year-old congressman from Texas a bit uncomfortable.

    My chance encounter with Ron Paul came after reading a Reuter’s story, Sex, Nazi, burrito and Viagra: Who Googles What?, which highlighted how Google Trends tracks popular keywords and the countries from which searches for those words were initiated most often. After reading the article, I decided to visit Google Trends and found the following search terms described as “Today’s Hot Trends“:

    jessica mcclure

    moms and mutts
    bree tierney

    lisa g

    staph infection
    actor pickens
    colbert for president

    stephen colbert

    Below the list above was another entry — More Hot Trends » — which I clicked upon to see if I would find “Ron Paul” in the 11th spot.

    Unfortunately for his followers and members of the news media who thrive on painting Ron Paul as the darling of the internet, I didn’t find his name there. Instead, I had to wade through 17 more entries before finding the only Ron Paul-related entry among the Top 100 Hot Trends.

    In the 26th spot, I found Ron Paul — specifically, ron paul press conference — wedged between ellen degeneres on his left and fred thompson wife on his right.

  5. Hipple, Rev. Paul T. Says:

    Brother hotoffthepress-

    Thank you for that insightful analysis.

    It would appear that Ron Paul doesn’t ‘turn up’ on the Top 100 Hot Interweb Trends because he IS the Interweb, which has merely created a holographic self-image of Himself!!!

    Therefore, his promise today not to tax the Interweb is probably the most extreme case of a Politician acting in his/its own Political Self-Interest that we have ever witnessed.


  6. BurgerMeister Says:

    Rev. Hipple –

    I must say I was skeptical when reading your “scientific” explanation for Ron Paul. But I must admit I have never seen him in person. And I live in Iowa, where you can’t swing a dead cat without hitting a presidential candidate. I should know too, because I’ve swung dead cats at many of them.

  7. Suspected Paulbot Curtis Says:

    I attended the last-minute rally that Ron Paul threw right after the Iowa Tax Forum in Des Moines. I saw him speak. I also saw him in the parking lot speaking to the crowd beforehand, but unfortunately I was about 100 yards away because I didn’t want to pay to park in that lot so I parked across the street in the hotel parking lot.

    What can I say, I bought 5 Ron Paul signs with the money I saved. Then a half-hour later some dude from Minnesota showed up with hundreds of free yard signs, metal frame and all.

    I’ve seen a purple and yellow paisley flying elephant before so I can’t really say for sure that Ron Paul wasn’t a holographic image when I saw him speak in Des Moines. When I pinch myself it doesn’t hurt so I’m still trying to figure out if I’m real.

    I am all for freedom on the Interwebs. There are honey pots galore for the bad bees so that works itself out. I cannot wait until I can bet on college basketball while trying to find that purple and yellow flying elephant again. Flippin A, Hipple. Long live the hair of Tom Tancredo. He’s like a little terrier. He should go guard the border. Terriers are little dogs who think and act like they are big dogs. They are great at protecting a house, or border. It’s a very respectable trait actually. Thing is, ya only let the terrier think they run the house, never actually let them run the house. Don’t break the terrier, just let them be and enjoy them for what they are. Their bark is louder than their bite.

  8. Paulbot Ron Paul Says:

    Dear Moderator,

    I would normally be offended to be called a holographic simulacrum, if it were in fact not true. But it is. You caught me. And now you can rest easy that there is no threat in the form of assualts on our constititution, attacks and ensalvement from a central bank or the degradation of the liberties of American. Go back to sleep, but stay away from holograms.

    Yours in Peace,

    Dr. Ron Paul.

  9. Paulbot Ron Paul Says:

    Dear Moderator,

    I would normally be offended to be called a holographic simulacrum, if it were in fact not true. But it is. You caught me. And now you can rest easy that there is no threat in the form of assualts on our constititution, attacks and ensalvement from a central bank or the degradation of the liberties of American. Go back to sleep, but stay away from holograms.

    Yours in Peace,

    Dr. Ron Paul.

  10. suspected Paulbot Mai'ingan Says:

    Yessss, “Moderator”,
    I’m sure Ron Paul and Stephen harper would lose some time writing on your blog to answer to your blogs. Especially Ron Paul, since you’ve been bashing him for the last months, showing and showing all the awful truths about him.

  11. Paulbot TxPatriot Says:

    Do you people actually believe this crap?. Ron Paul is real. I have met met on many occasions, in Iowa and Texas. I have also met his wife, Carol, most of his kids and Grandkids. If you people actually believe these lied about Ron Paul without actually researching the facts yourself, you are sheeple. Ron Paul DOES NOT want to tax anyone. He wants to eliminate the IRS and replace it with NOTHING. No personal income tax. Look it up yourself, www dot ronpaul2008 dot com. He does get money from Conservative Christians, me. Also, my God, does not swear to me in visions. You are a nut.

    Ron Paul 2008!!!!!!
    Hope for America

  12. suspected Paulbot The Jingle Worm Says:

    I know why they say. I’ve known it a long time. Ron Paul is in fact a hologram. He is simulated with perfect human motions. He can even talk and walk like a normal human being. The elitists built him to take over the world but he needs to first take the whitehouse. Some say that his arm can come off and turn into a huge missile launcher to launch our atomic bombs on bad countries around the world. I believe it. I’ve even heard that when he gets angry he turns into a huge green man and smashes everything in his path. That’s why he has never gotten really angry during the debates. The last debate, if you slow it down and watch it, he started to turn, but quickly composed himself. It was terrifyingly awesome. I’m big on Elitists so I’m voting for him anyway, but I wanted to tell everyone all the real information on him right now. He is a hologram, he has an arm cannon and he turns into a large green Hulkish figure if made angry. And he likes cookies…

  13. Paulbot David Says:

    Please step up to the plate and donate. Don’t you want to be a part of the biggest freedom movement ever in American history? ! Open your eyes and see what is happening. Your contribution, however small WILL make a difference. ronpaul2008(dot)com

    Mod: Readers of this Interweb and other Response Leavers: Please be aware that we are beginning to receive many Response Leaves from Internet-based Web creatures such as this one, which are programmed to seek out and destroy any Interwebs and Interblogs that speak in Revealed Truth and are calculated to be a threat to the Dr. Rep. Ron Paul candidacy, Such as this Holy Ministry,

  14. Dr. Rep. Ron Paul permanently banned from Interwebs as terrorist threat « Dominionists for Tancredo 2008—If we build it, He will come Says:

    […] from Interwebs as terrorist threat In an unusual move, key but delusional supporters of the Interweb-based holographic image and Presidential dictator-aspirant Generalissimo Ronaldo Paul have been permanently banned from the […]

  15. Chris G Says:


    Thanks for the humor added to my daily paulbotspammingfortheinvisibleempireofevilanitdisestablishmentarians or whatever it is the msm is calling the Paul supporters today.

    Thanks for the smile and the originality (not to mention the info).

    Peace my brother or sister.

  16. Extremely Urgent Update on the Dr. Rep. Ron Paul/Manitoba/UFO consipiracy « Dominionists for Tancredo 2008—If we build it, He will come Says:

    […] God and subsequently Revealed to the entire Intertube in my Award Winning Interblog, the Dark-Sided international forces behind Dr. Rep. Ron Paul’s Republican presidential campaign have no intention whatsoever of winning the […]

  17. gagnonstudio Says:

    You’re just kidding about this picture right? Because this is a Diane Arbus photo, taken during the Cold War. I think Ron Paul was a little older than this kid then. Just google Diane Arbus. Otherwise, pretty funny.

  18. Chris Smith Says:

    Sadly, gagnonstudio, nothing on this site is a joke. It’s hilarious all the same, but at the same time scary when you consider that these are members of your own species.

  19. Chris Smith Says:

    I would like to point out, however, that the only thing I agree with on this site is that Ron Paul is dangerous. He is also an idiot. He is saying he is going to cut 30 billion dollars in taxes, and cut all these programs to fund it, but when you add it all up, he would only be cutting 30 million dollars in spending.

  20. Sheila Says:

    …and what’s your point? Have you forgotten to read all of your books? Is your life not worth educating yourself…enlighten yourself for the sake of your own self.

  21. Sheila Says:

    Think not to blend in…but to be unique.

  22. Chris Says:

    You now what this is a pie in the sky religious group!!! Jesus said render the things that are Ceasars to Ceasar. and the things that are God’s to God!!! You’ve got to be kidding me!!!! Where did you come from? Who do you want to win the election? Hillary? Read it takes a village!!! But then again, you apparently don’t read much. But rather fabricate things and quote absolute bologna that doesn’t even exist!!! Or a unreliable source. It’s time to take back our country. And reinstate the Constitution!!! Anybody not for that cause. Isn’t even a good American. Much less a Christian!!!

  23. suspected Paulbot Ron Paul ideas supporter Says:

    ignorant…what…a…MORON! what…a…waste of WEBSITE!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. music group war Says:

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